Blender Tutorial: How to make a grass field?

Blender Tutorial: How to make a grass field?

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– The second article from ‘grass creation’ series.
Through this tutorial we’ll create a wild grass field in Blender, using particle systems (and some tricks). Feel free to share!

If you feel like reading, the text version can be found in 3dArtist magazine, issue 67.

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hey grab Alexandra here and welcome to another blender tutorial today we are going to talk about how to create a grass field so let's get started so is creating a ground let's make a plane subdivided a few times using a fractal parameter to get an interesting displacement effect then just repeat these steps a few times to get the detailed object if you want to use a displacement modifier it's up to you it's school actually using second thing that we need to do is to create a grass clump great one we're playing rotate it add a few subdivisions activate proportional editing and try to create something like a grass clump I'm using here a 3d cursor private bond mode to rotate the geometry and to bend it using proportional editing so let's join geometry duplicated join one more time duplicated and so we can get this bigger kind of a clump if you know what I mean after that we have to create some variation in the models because we are dealing here with a natural phenomena with quite a chaotic one like a grass the particle system let's create a particle system you see the settings on the Left it's a pretty basic stuff just uniformly distributed object the point here is to make it seem random so activate pick random and join the grasslands that we've created in a group I'll just turned on the interpolated option in the children are allowed to crank up the density but still we'll do some fractal break up because we don't want it to be so uniformly spread and the way to do it is to use a particle texture for this kind of texture we use a clouds procedural noise I strongly encourage you to try the noises and see the results let's create a second particle system Oh let's actually copy the first one with one distinct feature we're gonna have the particle texture inverted using the ramp node basically what I'm moving here I'm swapping the colors so now we should have it two separate ecosystems one with a green grass and the other one with the dry grass here you can see the result of combining them together now we're going to go ahead and start creating our light sources let's make it for Sun lamps with the various sizes and brightness we'll start with the size of 0.1 to get a sharp highlights and trap shadows and gradually we'll increase the size to make a shadows softer when we combine it to get our final lighting which actually looks nice really the material here is pretty basic now texture has been used just a green pure color randomize the beat with the object info node plugged in the hue input of the hue saturation value node and plugged in the hair shade here shadow plays an important role in this setup when we mix a glossy shader and the translucent shader for the material setup that's it it's so simple yes here you can see the result without the post-processing but we need to do one last thing and it's dark magic let's make a three things to enhance the picture the glow the vignette and the color graded that's all thanks for watching leper Exelero here and can't wait to see your grass field

32 Replies to “Blender Tutorial: How to make a grass field?”

  1. Marcelo May

    Gleb this was not a very good tutorial. You are not explaining things enough, you are clicking through too quickly and assuming the viewer knows a lot. Nothing is clear and I can't learn from it.

  2. sobreaver

    Music was really nice and inspiring, if you pass by, plz leave me the song title 😛 Have a good one ! Oh and of course, absolutely great tut !

  3. Amanee Khandker

    It's so helpful. Thank you very much. But I have a question … is it going to take too much time to render? … waiting for the reply.

  4. RichVic

    Great video and i know you were going for quick but i did have to keep pausing and rewinding as you go through it SO fast i missed alot of things still a great video though!!

  5. Celestial. Sg

    Wonderful tutorial but I am struggling with the inverting ramp part. It makes sense and should be easy but it just fills up the whole thing instead when I invert it?

  6. Frodo Loop

    Great tutorial (simple & useful). Although, I tried that technique for my short film and I ended up painting the plane with grass images and faking as much Verts as I could because if I would have done it your way my render would have been much longer.

  7. Josh Stubblefield

    At :37 seconds you rotate the plane by 90 degrees really quickly. How did you do that? I watched the key strokes that it shows in the bottom left and I only saw you click R and then magically it rotated 90 degrees. Did you maybe edit a bunch of video clips together and accidentally make it look like you simply willed the plane to rotate 90?

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