Borderlands 3 Review

Borderlands 3 Review

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Borderlands 3 fumbles with its bosses, but the game ultimately continues its predecessors’ tradition of fun, mayhem-filled looting and shooting.

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Borderlands 3 is a welcome return to form for the franchise it reunites fans with the core group of memorable main characters from the first two games and delivers the mayhem heavy loot shooter experience if the series is known for though there are a few stumbling blocks Borderlands 3 introduces noticeable improvements to the series formula providing additional freedom and how you want to play as one of four fledgling vault hunters you are recruited into the crimson raiders and drawn into the war against tyranny calypso and her twin brother Troy the Calypso twins are using their influence as popular video streamers to convince their cult following to help them acquire the power found in secret vaults scattered throughout the universe don't forget to like follow and obey looting and shooting are still the focus of Borderlands 3 but its campaign also delivers a fairly well-written story of sacrifice the importance of family and the responsibilities of heroes Borderlands 3 provides more flexibility than ever before to create the type of character you want for the first time in the series the vault hunters all have an active skill tied to each of their three respective skill trees using perks from all three skill trees you can evolve each of these skills in meaningful ways as a result it's pretty easy for both you and a friend to be playing as the same character but have completely different builds and roles on the battlefield this added freedom also makes it far more feasible and thus enjoyable to play Borderlands threes campaign entirely solo the freedom to build your ideal loadout extends beyond your vault hunter skill trees borderlands 3 makes clear-cut distinctions when it comes to the manufacturer of each gun before you even loot a new firearm looking at which company made it will tell you most of what you need to know about what it can do they're mostly minor changes to further differentiate each type of gun but these new manufacturer effects make it a lot easier to build specialized loadouts that can augment the perks you choose but more than anything the guns are just fun to shoot it may come as little surprise given that distinctive firearms have been the bread and butter of the franchise but Borderlands 3 has quite a few unique guns that offer a wide variety of enjoyable effects and you acquire new firepower at a gratifying pace with new loot regularly dropping from the tougher enemies and erupting from bosses you defeat Borderlands 3 never lets up on giving you new weapons to experiment with it progressively increases the explosive potential and whacky effects of the weapons you find indicative of how much stronger you're getting as entertaining and flexible as Borderlands 3 combat is the fun is occasionally interrupted by the structure of boss battles many of the bosses look cool and have incredible theme music but they all amount to the same strategy shoot the weak spots run from or jump over attacks and repeat pretty much every boss in the game has a large health pool and many of the later ones are bullet sponges so when you do encounter a boss in Borderlands 3 it typically grinds the mayhem filled action to an abrupt halt the new climbing and sliding moves do allow you to better navigate environments and thus get out of the way of certain attacks but both mechanics are better suited for weaving among the scattered firefights with normal enemies not the concentrated bombardment of the bosses thankfully boss battles only make up a small part of Borderlands 3's overall campaign most of the story sees you go up against the calypso seemingly never-ending cult of bandits or the armies of the twins corporate sponsors your journey takes you far beyond the planet of Pandora and provides opportunities for different types of combat encounters for land threes campaigns easy bouncing back and forth between planets every few hours which keeps each setting from growing stale even if Borderlands 3 takes you far beyond the scope of Pandora and seas you meet brand new allies and encounter never-before-seen threats the original cast of characters that have defined the adventures from the beginning are still at the forefront and the story is better for it whether you're a longtime fan or not it's the connection to the crimson raiders that acts as your motivation for fighting through the campaign Borderlands heroes are nothing if not personable and that trend continues in this latest installment newcomer main villains the Calypso twins are clearly bad people but the campaign story never gives you a compelling reason as to why you would what to kill them and stop them for good the clips of twins instead feel like the primary source of much of Borland Three's comic relief not true villains it's on sanctuary 3 with your crew that Borland threes well-written story delves into it's more heartfelt and emotional moments the game wastes little time reintroducing you know mainstays Lilith and Patricia Tannis and building the drama of its narrative around them as the two women grow into their new roles within the Crimson Raiders for two characters that were popular but little more than caricatures in the first game it's rewarding to see the growth that two underwent in Borderlands 2 now calm it into two leaders that you're willing to follow to the end Borderlands three is a few stumbling blocks when it comes to bosses but these fights are overshadowed by the game's rewarding gunplay and over-the-top humour the character driven narrative acts as a satisfying finale for the loot shooter franchise and the new mechanics and features give you plenty of agency and how you want to play through it if you've never been a fan of the franchise it's unlikely Borderlands 3 does enough things differently to change your mind but the game certainly excels at continuing what the series has always done best delivering a humorous tall tale of misfits looting and shooting so you're kicking ass with the Raiders guess we'll have had to replace me eventually ready for some more action that's why I'm here asses and kicking button

34 Replies to “Borderlands 3 Review”

  1. Jean-Luc Seipke

    Hey everyone! I'm Jean-Luc, the video editor who cut this review. I just want to address the clip at 3:00 where we shoot a boss with a fire weapon when he's fire resistant as that seems to be a hot topic here.

    First I would like to clarity that footage is mine, and doesn't belong to our reviewer. He did not capture that. However I 100% agree that it was a poor clip to use, as it doesn't represent the point well that our reviewer was trying to make. It sucks cause I totally switch to a different weapon in that fight but for whatever reason I used that clip. That's my mistake I have to live with. Having played the game personally I agree with Jordan that the bosses are too spongy in this game. Yes even more so then previous games. But again, I did a bad job showing that.

    So apologizes for that error on my part. I hope you all enjoyed the rest of the review. I think Borderlands 3 is a great game and I hope you all have a great time with it when it comes out.

  2. Cryptati0n

    lol i just remembered why i don’t watch gamespot. has this dude ever played borderlands? complaining about bullet sponges when he’s showing footage of him firing with the wrong weapons😂😂😂

  3. Jason Beats

    I feel like a lot of reviewers aren’t talking about the amazing skill tree in this game and instead focus on the ”somewhat underwhelming bosses”.
    I personally haven’t had any problem with any of the bosses in this game. They haven’t felt any ”spongier” than bosses in previous titles. Then again I’ve always played through these games with a friend so that might make them a bit faster to get through. This time around I feel like your skill tree is even more important than before. Especially with characters like fl4k, whose skill tree can amplify his damage by a metric fuckton. So having a proper build is essential if you wanna have good damage output. You also need a bit of luck, since the legendaries in this game tend to be ridiculously good.

  4. Maluki Mbesa

    Fire resistant enemies don't die when hit with fire weapons….8/10

    This is why some people shouldnt reproduce.

    Edit: I've seen the editors comment…Glad he picked up on his mistake… you may reproduce.

  5. Ethan Messinger

    Great Game but do NOT buy it if you intend to play split screen. The hard to read text and no vertical split screen can be worked around but the stuttering and frame drop when someone opens their echo are a deal breaker.

  6. John Kresge

    4:13 … was i the only one who played the the final act of the game…. you know, the part where they were going to destroy pandora, release the destroyer, and then destroy the universe until they were the only ones left?????!!!!!

  7. Shadow561781

    "Spoiler Alert Comment"

    4:20 I dont get it. they say they dont know what the story is but they clearly say. A cult who we have to prevent them from collecting the vault key to open the great vault. THAT IS THE STORY MISSION. WTH? Were not paying attention?

  8. Projectofpat

    I really wanted to buy this game But I'm a PC guy now and it seems from the reviews that they release an unfished game for 60 USD and up to 100$ for some shit deluxe version. It really makes me wonder what their priorities were with this one

  9. Midnight Ninja

    Where's the mention of the lag and studder? It's so frequent and annoying. This game feels rushed. Rushed by a team that failed on their last game. The graphics don't even look improved from the pre sequel

  10. Frank 42

    The extended story and cut scenes of the second game were what turned me off these games. I don't find the characters likeable at all. What you showed didn't make me want to follow any of them, especially that fem-hog from the second game.

  11. king mana

    8.5 for me, pretty great story graphically the game is beautiful and playing on pc performance is great 90 to 110 fps at 1440p.And one last thing the game is fun and i only paid 10 dollars for the game.

  12. AirDrifter

    Pretty sure Borderlands bosses in general where always bullet sponges. Terramorphous the Invincible, Vermivorous the Invincible, Voracidous the Invincible. You get where I'm going with this. Alot of bosses in general though have been sponges

  13. Lawless Xing

    In reference to the Fire Boss this is what happens when you review a game without playing it. I'm only a few hour's in and already the kickass factor is a solid 10/10.

  14. Armani Martinez

    I don’t think we should rank a game as….. it’s a 9/10 for a borderlands game it’s just like the other ones hahahah. We should get games that change and evolve and DO something !!! Look at gears 5 campaign and you can just tell by looking at it it’s different from past gears. Borderlands 3 looks like DLC and I payed $60-$100 for this…… like if a game looks identical to the others on looks alone…. that’s bad. Like if you aren’t going to change the graphics or HUD then make it online open world or 6 player co op!! Give me something new not a expansion. We let it slide with borderlands 2 !!! But now it’s lazy

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