Building a PC vs Buying Prebuilts - NZXT BLD Starter PC Benchmarks & Review

Building a PC vs Buying Prebuilts – NZXT BLD Starter PC Benchmarks & Review

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NZXT’s budget pre-built PC is extremely fair at the price, check them out here:
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36 Replies to “Building a PC vs Buying Prebuilts – NZXT BLD Starter PC Benchmarks & Review”

  1. randomfrankp

    Reminder that hardware prices fluctuate, which is why I said prices were current from the day I filmed this. Yes, some of the prices have changed from Labor Day weekend sales already. Put the pitchforks down 😂

  2. yourabitch

    Great vid as always and I just wanted to say people underestimate prebuilts they automatically think about some cheap Overpriced Walmart pc but thats not the case

  3. The 5th King

    I built my first two PC's, but I decided to go the NZXT BLD route this time around, mainly because I'm horrible at cable management and getting an H510 Elite, and putting it on my desk, I decided I should let the people that know what they're doing when keeping things tidy do it for me. Dumb reason, I know, but when I parted everything out on PC Part Picker, the only thing that would've saved me money by building it myself would have been the build fee. Plus, I've heard tons of good things about BLD so I decided why not

  4. ZrD_AxL

    i really wanted to start to Get into pc but My whole life i've never used a keyboard and when i Go to my friend house I SUCK AS HELL AT FPS and in console im a literal GOD. so Im afraid im spending 1k+ and will just gonna sell it again letter on due to me being Noob

  5. VybeTheGuy

    Buy this then upgrade the cpu and gpu then customize the motherboard is already good and i5 9900k with nzxt liquid cooling would be a beast

  6. BoxPressRadio

    I just wanted to throw this in the discussion, because as someone that is very capable of building my own PC, BLD is still likely the way I'll go. I have unusable credit due to student loans, but BLD offers Affirm, which allows me to get credit based on my income. This means I can get financing through them, where I cannot necessarily buy all the parts at once. If you want a PC up and running and don't want to buy a part or two a month, it's also a great option. A starter PC with a few upgrades on Black Friday or during a big sale is a great way to get what you actually want to be using. Hope this helps some of you out!

    As a side note to this, Amazon offers 5 monthly payments on a few select ibuypower and sometimes cyberpower PCs. These are generally the older, higher priced models with outdated parts and lower speed ram, as well as the cheapest versions of GPUs. While it isn't a great option, it is an option that requires no credit or financing of any kind, and can be done through your Amazon Prime account if you have one, and have the financing available. I don't recommend this option, but it is there if you have no other choices. You will likely spend $1500+ for an equivalent to the PC in this video, with sub-par parts and assembly, as well as worse warranty and service options.

  7. Bonjour Doggo

    I want to build a pc cause it looks pretty fun but it would be my first time but I don't want to make a rookie mistake and mess up one of the parts or something

  8. cj

    I know building your own PC gives you joy but you have to keep in mind buying a prebuilt from NZXT for example, it's built by professionals and have better cable management. Also they will install all softwares and test everything before shipping

  9. The Shoop

    I certainly like your videos. I am 51 learning the new systems and don't have the time for building my own, and need to upgrade how about simulation games like x-plane and will this be good for video editing ?

  10. Finn Klein Brinke

    Prebuilds are WAY more expensive in my country, i build my ryzen 7 3700x/rtx 2070 super for 1350 Euros, and those specs prebuild would be over 2000 euros, what the hell?

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