C.D. Tutorials | Beginners Guide | How To Play Creative Destruction

C.D. Tutorials | Beginners Guide | How To Play Creative Destruction

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What’s Up Guys!

Welcome back to another top quality video on the game Creative Destruction.

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Creative Destruction is a Massively Multiplayer Battle Royale game you can find on the IOS/Android store.

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12 Replies to “C.D. Tutorials | Beginners Guide | How To Play Creative Destruction”

  1. CoolGamer PRO XD

    Pls Make A Video That Guide us On the sniper traning because my Graphics is not supprted device so I cant see the enemies on the sniper traning I need 2 Enemies to kill them Pls!I need to see 2 eneimes I cant kill them because i cant see them Plslslslsllslsls I will Sub U if You Do it just do it!I will Sub u Now but if u dont make a video I will Un sub u That Video i was talking about

  2. WusPoppinJimbo 123

    … and do counterintuitive battle pass challenges such as “take 2000 damage from the storm” seriously I love this game but wtf

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