CGRundertow KINGDOMS OF AMALUR: RECKONING for PC Video Game Review

CGRundertow KINGDOMS OF AMALUR: RECKONING for PC Video Game Review

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Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning review. Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow review of Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning for PC! Developed by 38 Studios and Big Huge Games, KoA: Reckoning is a high fantasy open world action RPG. Be reborn in Amalur and play wth might, finesse, sorcery or any combination to your liking. Experience a well polished, fluid combat system unlike any action RPG to date. Explore the rich world and lure of this well crafted game and take the fate of Amalur in your own hands! This CGRundertow review features game-play and commentary from CGR’s Ashton.

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Rich fantastic stories, powerful weapons and
spells, being drawn into a world and feeling like you’re a part of it and usually a very
prominent part it. These are the things we love about our RPGs. Taking on the role of
a skilled fighter, clever rogues or mystic spell-benders. Add to that hours of quests
and exploration and a really well crafted combat system and you’re sure to garner
some attention at least… This is Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. Released the first quarter of 2012 by 38 Studios
and Big Huge Games and published by Electronic Arts, KoA: Reckoning puts you in the role
in the first success of the Well of Souls a device created to bring people back to life
in order to sway the tide of the war between the immortal race of Fae, the Tuatha, and
the younger mortal races of Amalur. Being reborn has freed you from fate and you alone
are free to make your own destiny, as well as change the fate of others. This allows your character to played however
you like taking points in skill trees of might, finesse and sorcery or any combination of
the three to play however you like. The class system is really customizable and offers something
for just about any type of play style. Any open world action rpg to come out in probably
the next year or so will have to be compared to Skyrim. There is pretty much no getting
around it. I’m having a bit of a hard time with that too. I think because I really like
both games. Each has really good things to offer and one will do one thing better while
the other excels at something else. I think most fans of the genre will fall into one
of two categories, either you’re burnt out from 100 plus hours you sunk into Skyrim and
might be a bit begrudged to start at the bottom once again and do it all over again in Reckoning.
Or, like me, you’ve had a break from Skyrim for a bit and are really strap on your adventuring
boots and have at it again. One of the greatest things about this game
is the combat system. It’s really fluid, fast paced, and is very polished even more
so than we’ve come to expect in our action RPG titles. A variety of weapons and abilities
adds a lot of fun to combat as well. Reckoning mode is really sweet too. It works similar
to a limit break system. Bash on baddies enough and enter an empowered state for lots of power
and speed and to top it all off a bonus XP to boot. Also it will be a different weapon
and finishing move for different foes with a pretty sweet cinematic effect to all. Artistically, I have enjoyed the sights and
sounds of Amalur. It’s a lot more fantasy than Skyrim, which, whichever you like more
is a preference thing obviously, but it does it well. Todd MacFarlane, most famous for
his work on the Spawn series, is the mind behind the art direction in Reckoning. It
isn’t hard to recognize after you see a few of the more creepy looking creatures in
the game too. Overall I do like it a lot. Nothing wrong with snow capped mountains,
but I really like it when I explore a high fantasy world full of cool creatures and rich
lore. Speaking of lore, the games story is by fantasy
novelist R.A. Salvatore, famous for his Forgotten Realms novels and the The DemonWars Saga.
The story is pretty interesting in my opinion. But what’s nice is the you’re being told
by some really talented voice acting. Not every character you talk to will have the
same voice and even the little sides quests have a story behind them. There are a ton
of quests in KoA too. Almost too many sometimes. But I am definitely a side quest junkie. “What’s
that? I have to find the gnome that resurrected to help fend off our inevitable doom and save
countless lives in the on going war? But this guy in town asked me to retrieve his lost
boot at bottom of lake surrounded by Boggarts…. he’ll give me gold and XP too, I gots to
help him!!” Alright it’s not that bad, but each side quest is a bit more involved
that just go right outside of town and slay 5 kobolds, they’ll usually take to you to
a small dungeon with more than a few mob you have to contend with. Overall I’m really happy with Amalur, sad
actually I don’t have more time to play it and do every single quest and find every
treasure chest and and craft every potion I would like to. I’ve already heard some
talk of Game of the Year 2012 floating around the Internet. While it’s too early to say
that, I’d agree it’s not to early to set higher standards in western RPGs especially
in the combat system. I’m looking forward to see what the world of Amalur will have
in store for us in the future. 38 Studios and Big Huge Games are certainly taking fate
into their own hands.

34 Replies to “CGRundertow KINGDOMS OF AMALUR: RECKONING for PC Video Game Review”

  1. Skrub Edits

    Jesus Christ I've been watching reviews and game plays on this game for hours while I'm waiting for it to download. I need to go the fuck to sleep before I spoil the whole game for myself.

  2. Derrick Haggard

    I own this game now and still love it I rented it back when I had 360. Despite the cartoony WOW graphics it deserves it's M rating because some of the story elements are dark and the violance is brutal ecspecally when it comes to fate-destruction finishers. Also the main protaganist is one of the most powerful characters in gaming. Cause he or she can manipulate the strands of fate and sever them to defeat his or her enemies and or protect his or her allies from a death they would've gotten.

  3. Rakiarmas

    I got this game a long time ago & just now I manage to really play it.
    It's too early for me to rate it completely, but the time I spend on playing Kingdoms of Amalur was excellent.
    I liked this game so much that I'm going to buy two DLCs for this game.
    Also I'm very happy now that I did buy Kingdoms of Amalur long time ago & kept it in my collection.
    Good reason not to throw away your old games.

  4. PixelBoss

    it seemed as if there were some frame drops from the video. i have a pretty beefy computer so i was wondering if thats just his computer or whether the game is poorly optimized. thanks in advance 🙂

  5. Timetraveler Ki

    I thought, this game was rather boring. The story was so full of clichés and tropes and the combat system didn't really fascinate me. It was good at first, but even on the hardest settings, it was just too freaking easy. The world is beautiful, I agree with that. But all in all it just reminded me too much of WoW and the likes. Gather 20 spiderlegs. Go kill 10 wolves. Wasn't involved the slightest. Oh well, it was fun for about 15hours.

  6. Zylice Liddell

    It would be very cool if there is a sequel someday!
    I play Skyrim & Amalur. I've played Skyrim for about 436+ hrs while I've only played Amalur for 60+ hrs. I'm currently playing Amalur whilst having a long break from the immersive world of Skyrim & enjoying the more action-oriented, loot-filled, side-quests of Amalur! I love both games! Best RPGs I've ever played! ^_^

  7. Andre Michael Pietroschek

    My opinion & hints for comments already made here:

    The game was quite good, yet lacking a patch on occasion. Nice that the Origin version could be played offline, too. Complete solution plus play-testing gave me 80 hours of gaming, 60 of that were quite some fun.

    Given the date of its creation I disliked that one gets hollow titles. If "I" am boss of the Mages, or Warriors, or Rogues, "Guild" then I want to delegate underlings and see them go adventure in example. Game Series like Majesty & The Guild proved it can long be done. Instead we just get a title with at  maximum a 5% bonus unlocked…

    What I found suspicious is that the game is a fine maybe antiquated action RPG, yet no modders world-wide even attempted to bring mods & conversions. Even DLC is limited to buy extra weapons & one story-quest-pack about a death-cult? Rogues decide between Hierophant (Temperance) & Upstart (Chariot) only to notice BOTH give no more missions at all??? 

    HINT: Don't complain about crappy loot – the game teaches you to SALVAGE loot and forge your own improved gear (weapons&armor) from it. My second pair of daggers already outmatched the best purchasable ones in the game. A blend of RTFM plus listen to your instructions? The trick is to salvage until you have (at minimum) improved parts for each "slot" at the forge/smithy& of course one needs the skill to unlock usage of all "slots".

    HINT2: On replay ignore the main campaign missions and just explore the map freestyle. You will find a handful of caves and persons overlooked before.

    HINT3: Especially for Cheaters. Remember what the game tells you about unlocked areas. Unlock the important areas only, when your level is optimum (as high as possible) for it to get better equipment AND more challenging adversaries? 

    HINT4: A focus on your favorite class will often be more powerful than a mix of classes. This often remains "sadly true" up to level 33. I liked Adventurer, Crusader, Warlock & Spellcloak, yet focusing on pure rogue abilities gave me the boosts to beat the game much faster. Assassin with daggers plus backstab & bow brought me easiest victories. Minor points, like the 3 to 5 points needed to snatch the extra-hitpoints only warriors may get, can make sense though. 

  8. 00spiderwolfman

    what i really like about some of the sidequests is some of them end up to be really intersting like in one i fought freaking balthazar and killed him in reckoning mode talk about a badass sidequest!!:)

  9. Ese1Pac

    i bought this game expecting a fable/skyrim type of game and was not disappointed… except i pretty much got bored of it after you free this one town in the spider forest… i might have to revisit it though because it was a pretty fun game hah

  10. 0ddLee

    Fucking iPad keyboard. Anyway, the art style is like fable mixed with Warcraft, and the skill tree looks a bit like Diablo. All which are really good things!

  11. 0ddLee

    I think it's bullshit that, like he said, it's immediately compared to Skyrim. The only things that are even remotely like Skyrim are the action rpg and open ended character customization. If anyone really feels the need to compare it, at least compare it to something that it's actually like, as in how the combat looks a lot like Fable. The AT&T

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