CHANGING the FILES to turn them ALL YANDERE | Doki Doki Literature Club (Doki Doki Yandere Club)

CHANGING the FILES to turn them ALL YANDERE | Doki Doki Literature Club (Doki Doki Yandere Club)

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So I was messing around with the Doki Doki Literature Club character files, and I thought changing all the girls into the Yandere personality type would be kinda funny and… well.. huge regrets!


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About: This is a Doki Doki Literature Club mod called “Doki Doki Yandere Club!”. In this mod the girls have been changed into the Yandere personailty by us messing around with the character files.

cool right there guys what could honestly and possibly go wrong if I decide to do something like this I mean having more than one Yan dairy or making things fun so that's what we're gonna do here guys we're gonna change all the girls into y and eres suave guys buyers here welcome to lifter Club but because we changed the files doki-doki ya and dairy club so as you could tell from what the heck this tokidoki game is cooled yeah I think all the girls not just Yuri it's gonna be yeah and dairy so very interesting stuff here that the personalities will be changed because of our actions changing the files and whatnot so yeah we're gonna get straight into this here apparently the beginning is kind of the same until we get nearer to the end of the day so we're just gonna skip all that boring you know repetitive trash that we see before and see the girls turn Y and Eric I follow Monica outside of the classroom and into the hallway she looks back and smiles at me before continuing towards the teachers offices because we continued for a while – Monica suddenly stops and attracts regrets that's my name by the way because that's what I'm totally feeling right now Monica you need to quit the literature Club she never told us that before she wanted our bumbum to stay there forever and always guys she did but now she doesn't I wonder why quit the literature club right after I had joined she and the other girls had been so annoying what gives it's dangerous for you to be here something something is wrong Monica what do you mean I don't and I don't think you were understand but something a virus has infected this game this game looks mu weird things are going to start happening you need to be safe and stay away from the club I don't know what Monica is talking about a virus again it's okay we're probably close to the nurse's office everything you need to go there are you feeling where I just be careful regrets and don't come to the club tomorrow it's for your own safety Monica side and walk past in the direction we came from you might I don't understand Monica's words did give me the chills I'm actually a little shaken or anything I think I want to go to the literature club even more now maybe she used reverse psychology on me regardless stories waiting at the front of the school I better go meet up with you should probably listen to her man I mean why did with the files there phonce Yuri patiently waiting from the outside of the school with that the two of us depart the club room and make our way home the whole way my mind wanders about what Monica said earlier regrets are you feeling okay loving that name bata we huh oh yeah I just zoomed out for a bit but that's supposed to be my job at least I had C or E to lift my spirits still though I'm interested to know what's going to happen at the club tomorrow what have I done guys what I done I should have changed all those files back there hi again regrets you should have run no you should have run away on us Monica Monica turned and left to the other side of the room well I'm back at the literature Club to a parent dismay I was the last to come in so everyone else's are already hanging out thanks for keeping your promise regrets I hope this isn't too overwhelming of a commitment for you that being said and very happy you decided to join us I'm happy regrets joined us too I think he's really going to liven up the club hey regrets maybe you want to don't worry guys regrets always good it is best as long as he's having ban he helps me with busy work but me even asking like cooking cleaning my room how dependable can i what oh I'm sorry I I misspoke what was that bowel oh yeah it's just kind of weird sometimes which is why which is which I was I think you should focus more on me than her which I was I think you should focus more on me than her sir are you feeling okay there as well actually I think he should spend more time with me we'd both like manga and this is a literature club after all sir Onizuka seemed to be staring each other down and Yuri's staring at all of us from the corner of the glancing at Manik I see she's looking out the window but I'm sure she can hear our conversation looks like it's up to me to remedy this situation hey hey some type of F word today you're included you're his head perked up but she heard that all right that uribe gasps she's so so excited to hear that she never story nor Natsuki seemed truly happy with the compromise but this is the best I could do from across the room Monica stared at me and shook her head disapprovingly Monica knows what's up guys she knows what I did okay fine but I get to go first no way I would spend time with him best and we are back to square one Monica finally decides to walk towards us I can only hope she's going to try and help me hey guys how about we give our new club member a bit of a split space this is his first time meeting after all it was accident precedent just how quickly Monica changed our expression in tone now you're just trying to still regrets away from me hey he was oh the music right now oh hey he was my friend first and I was the one who brought him to this club so he's mine if I may you all ready to come down buckets are these girls intimidating you just come with me Monica got close and whispered to me this music though no Turney guys they're all turning I told you regrets you never should have come here you know I'm starting to think she was right everybody sort of headed heeded her advice from yesterday Monica you're awfully close to regrets right now oh okay I think you're jealous that he never said you want to spend time with you yeah don't butt into this Monica I don't care if you're a club president Monica Monica give me a glance as if to say gal here and even if I was misinterpreting what she was trying to say I think I'd better leave the girls were distracted yelling at Monica's so I quietly left the room and mouthed the words thank you to Monica on my way out despite school rules I run down the hallway as fast as I could always worrying that if I look back I'd see one of the girls swallowing me holy heck that got insane after leaving school I ran back to my house and stayed there for the for the rest of the day Monica was clearly right about what she had said before I shouldn't have gone back to the club but why is all this happening I've known story for years and she's never had to like that you're a NAT Sookie seem to be behaving strangely as well in the midst of my thoughts the doorbell rang who could have you guys moniker CRE Natsuki URIs gotta be one of them I'm not expecting a know anybody which means it can only be one thing one of the girls are here thinking it over seriously anyone who knows where I live so it must it must be her I got a feeling it probably isn't serious probably Monica let's have a look here I could on stairs what I'm still not sure if I should open the door or not I don't think I'm comfortable being alone with story after today Oh actually it's sir apparently I know your day regrets open the door I thought it'd be a little twist and it would actually end up being Monica but I guess not oh god what do I do please I've decided that the door is staying closed locked and sealed at least I thought it was until the door started over I thought the door was locked sealed and closed I guess it wasn't logged sealed and closed I know where you keep your key regrets and be the doormat I forgot childhood best friends you know I took that out naturally takes a couple of steps into the house oh hello sorry what is that brings you here at this hour I don't think I did a very good job I just really wanted to see II regrets I felt really bad after we scared you away from the club earlier don't worry about I just wasn't feeling right but you seemed buying this morning yeah I must look cool is something during classes I think a cough but I don't think she buys here regrets are you lying to me I'll be really upset if you're lying to me I don't like the sound of that oh the tone of her voice froze me off too of course nice just a little colder so what story could choose to look at me of Dowell well let me nurse you back to health then okay I think quite see what you said there but nevermind no regrets let me help you okay probably said no or something on those lines I see always the first to recover yeah dari that is a face I've never seen sorry making my life creep me out sorry please leave I have to get to bed but you're sick a gets you need someone at your side someone like me I'll be by your side forever words weren't working she was far too insistent I didn't want to do this but I felt like I had no other choice I quickly pushed her way back out the door that's not good thing to do – yeah dear a bit I closed the instantly she drops a key oh she fell back so it was on my side of the door I looked it quickly and picked up the spare key to hide someone to hide it somewhere else later regrets sorry sir I just really don't want to pry something surprised Mike hold on to you I don't care about get the sacred Gretz I just like to be near you I didn't say another word I just walked back upstairs and prayed that she nor anyone else would tried to get to my house again holy heck man that is creepy oh now you know why I don't like Y and dairy base guys you know I've always really gates to my hair because yeah they get creepy and fast no let me explain I don't want to be here but I need to learn about what's going on and the only person who knows why it's is Monica so replies to end at the club room quickly convinced one at her Monica to go somewhere else to meet and have her informed me of what the heck is happening I took a couple of deep breaths currently down from three and opened the classroom door Oh miss Anissa welcoming lovely surprise right here we got our first gender eBay our second yonder eBay and our third gender based airing us the heck down really wanted in our balls regrets that's exactly how I'm feeling right now as I stated many times thank you I'm Monica's not even here that's just great I was waiting for you regrets don't worry about last night regrets I forgive you it's impossible to stay mad at you after all I skip class to get to the club room early just to make sure you didn't get before me I would just put every second I can review girls girls go it's one out I've they kept fighting and pushing each other to get closer to me I backed away but they were adamant regrets I need to tell you that I love you I always have I want to always be close to you focus your attention on me and only me regrets your body is so nice so toned well bill and your skin is marvelous I'd love to just open you up and go around in it that's just gone a little bit too far don't you think regrets love me regrets the girls continue to mindlessly shout at this point my back was against the door that I had went through moments before this isn't just like what happened yesterday this is worse than yesterday far worse wait a minute everyone you will quiet down where's Monica they remain quiet you I really concern for someone like her she could never love you as much as I do I begin to fear the worst weapon – Monica these three they wouldn't have their obviously crazy but there's no way suddenly the door I was leaning on open and causing me to stumble backwards into the hallway hi Monica you're not gonna turn into a yandere Bay – although yeah I kind of added your file as well so maybe eventually she will yeah we're about to find out I'm here for you regrets now let's go here Monica grad sorry wrists and runs down the hall pulling me with her we need to hide Monica I found a class room on a different floor to hide in they wouldn't find us here we both worked up a sweat running here but I have plenty of energy left from sheer adrenaline Monica please to it what the heck's going on Monica was pan in but she looked up at me keep your voice down I don't want them to hear you what is it that's wrong with them it's hard to explain I don't even fully understand just know that's some evil person infected our world I'd changed their behavior but regrets don't worry about them right now what do you mean don't you think we have a bigger we have bigger concerns what could possibly a better answer than this right now well I think us being alone right this is kind of nice okay she's she's turned guys she's completely turned right now Monica why are you no Oh Monica as well come on Rick your head steak just what you enjoy the moment we have right now after all I feel like I haven't really gotten to know each other think you joined the club why don't we talk for a while this day cannot get any worse Monica's been infected just let the upper is that truly I have no one to turn to this place isn't safe I have to run again this time stopping for nothing I quickly dash through the doorway and went into the hole in the hole who do I meet up with then who I went to avoid more than anything Daria's suri Natsuki Newry all in the hallway right outside the door I just have the worst luck you don't have to run regrets I just want to nurture you I heard the door behind me open and out came Annika joining her look all right there guys the four girls quickly had me surrounded this wasn't good we're also supposed to go Monica not Sookie were on one side of me sir Orion Yuri on the other to me left was a wall and to my right my right was a window if I was fast enough daring enough I could escape through the window Monica and I had ran down a set of stairs when we were running but it would still be a 1-story drop I might be scared but something tells me this is my best chance of survival I could lean from the window and hop to the late looking down I see some boost bushes that I can potentially land in not the best plan I admit but this is a dire situation regrets know without any program has a tation I did there I jumped out the window into the bushes her I mean her like a lob was still able to stand up and more importantly I was able to run when I did here not in the direction of the school not towards my house not to anywhere I knew I just ran and ran and never stopped whoever was responsible for changing the girls like they did whoever the evil person that Moloch was talking about honey to them to undo their actions I need them to take back what they did and stop this I need you to take back what you did how did you know it was me I'm sorry get rid of this mod delete it no I'm sorry I did this to the girls I am but I was just wondering what they'd all be like if they were Yan dairy you know similar to URI there and now I know when now I never want to ever do it again guys but anyway yeah we're gonna end it here this is a pretty cool thing to be had seeing all the girls to turn you and dairy but at the same time like I said huge regrets guys but yeah guys if you enjoyed this would definitely smack that like button each appreciated if you're new around here we check out all the wacky d DLC stuff fan games mods you name it and we'll check out other amazing stuff as well as to definitely stick around for that but most importantly guys thank you for watching today you know I'll see you in the next one

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  1. -TicTac animates-

    Yuri, when she speaks quickly she says “Can I…. Um….” “Have you?” Hope that clears some wonderous minds…

  2. Pīchirabuピーチラブ

    Yuri in the original game isn't a yandere, she didn't kill anyone for love (except herself but let's be honest asdfdasfsfeadhd)

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