Cities for Beginners and Veterans - Starting Out + Avoiding Traffic - PC and Console Tips

Cities for Beginners and Veterans – Starting Out + Avoiding Traffic – PC and Console Tips

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In “Cities for Beginners and Veterans – Starting Out and Avoiding Traffic – PC and Console Tips” Ezilii discusses how she starts a city when she’s playing on Console or PC. During this episode you’ll learn how to get traffic to use all the lanes of the highway and how to avoid and plan for increased traffic and congestion.

Murrayfield – A Vanilla Cities: Skylines Let’s Play:

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hello and welcome to City skylines for beginners and veterans from the beginning my name is Neely thanks for watching I'm often asked a few questions when I'm streaming live over on Twitch how do I start how do I do this how do you know how to do this what's going on I hope to answer a whole lot of that today we're gonna talk about getting your first roads in your city and how to prepare for the future I know that's kind of very abstract and vague but I will talk to you why I make the plans or the roads in which I make why I've made these decisions and how they can impact further gameplay so in full disclosure I'm currently playing with unlimited money just for this tutorial if you'd like to see my vanilla playthrough I do have a video series called Murrayfield City skylines vanilla playthrough it'll be linked below and there might be a pop up right about now ish anyway back to the task at hand one of the biggest things that's going to stop a new player or even a veteran player right in their tracks is traffic when you play with the constrictions of the game without mods you have a lot of things at your disposal to help you with traffic however we often get caught up in the oh crap I need to zone I need more of this I need more of that and we don't quite think through the problem when you start you're very limited with your roads in fact I believe we only have two we only have one road until I place it and then I unlock another road and then our gravel road so right away the game is telling you to do something very bad now you don't really have to place this road connected to that road to unlock this road I could have just placed it over here and then unlocked this but if you didn't know any better you would probably connect it and you would probably do something like this this is kind of bad as you could see I have highway I don't actually have the ability to make highway right now but I have a highway that comes into my city and it is an exit and in this case it is a t exit and then we have a cloverleaf over here on the map Riverrun everybody should have this map console or desktop but if I take three lanes and push them into one lane it doesn't work so once I've unlocked this I can then make three lanes go into two but I'm gonna offer a solution here in a second so I like to keep things measured that should be 12 units 12 units 12 so that's 12 I'm gonna run this all the way across and I'm gonna run this to here now it's crooked here but here on out it's gonna be even until I unlock this zone I can't fix this but I could still use this now what this is gonna do is it's gonna allow traffic to loop in and loop out but we're gonna use this to get traffic into our city we could do a couple of other things you could make one giant roundabout here but that may also cause other problems until you can get either access to this or you've built over here eventually with this map we might actually have a highway that goes all the way through and we'll have a nice exit here and probably nice exit here probably even an exit here and probably an exit here and then maybe something over here so we'll have a lot of points of access in the future which we could kind of plan out yeah maybe we'll put one here we'll definitely have one here here right so taking a look at this particular map it's kind of – already have kind of a highway loop system like major US cities do typically and I'm sure other cities do but now do the meat and potatoes of this quick tutorial I'm gonna put industry here I'm gonna put commercial here and I'm gonna put residential here and this is exactly what I do in Murray field and you can watch that entire series and see how it kind of develops this won't get nearly as developed this will just be used for tutorials and starting this is what we're gonna do okay so I measured these so one two three I'm gonna run this here this is effectively our kind of cross street and I'm gonna switch this notice how this is a one direction one way not to be confused with the band if I click the exclamation point and I right-click on that and then left-click actually just left-click I don't know why I right-click but just left-click it will upgrade it now it's two ways if I wanted to change the direction I could right click and it's gonna change the direction on console you hold down the usually the right joystick and then it gives you the option it's been a while since I played on my ps4 and I just got the switch version as well so traffic is our menace it is our menace to society that's okay we can allow it to be our menace to society just for the time being I'm gonna give myself space and I'm probably gonna go about yeah we'll go here we'll keep it we'll keep it on that grid this is my industrial section or what will soon to be my industrial section I'm just gonna put in a little bit of these erodes but I'm gonna take a one-way road and I'm gonna run it here now what this is going to do is it's going to allow my traffic to use all three lanes from this highway so we'll we will no longer have one lane that's not used we're gonna have all three lanes used this is important I have three lanes going into four what shut the front door so I'm splitting three lanes of traffic into four lanes I have two that go off to industry which they can go off into different directions and then I have two that go into our city at the moment I have two lanes going out of the city which we might do this on this side just to make this traffic a little easier to get here otherwise they have to come here which will cause trouble but then that'll be four lanes into three which can work it's just that could potentially be a bottleneck so now that I've done that I'm gonna actually zone my industry industry needs access to your highway nine times out of ten if you have a traffic problem it's because you have some industry that needs to get through your city and it doesn't quite have an effective way to get there here I've given highway off to industry industry back to highway now in the future we might expand and have a connection for industry like right here so they can get in and out here but for now this will be okay let's do our commercial so with our commercial I'm gonna do the same thing I'm gonna give it buffer space because if we're gonna turn this into a highway we might as well we may as well just have that buffer space so we have less deleting of things so I'm placing this road I'm gonna keep keep this to be right on thing perfect so I'm I'm trying to keep my space pretty similar and I'm gonna go I'm gonna go a little further because we're gonna also have we're also gonna have some residential here now I'm just using these to do that and I totally did it with one-way streets but again grab your exclamation point and left-click and they'll all upgrade to change there we go now this could drive you crazy so if I wanted to I could do this since I marked it give them a little bit of extra space here on the side to cram more people in I could do this but I would recommend against it you could destroy this you don't necessarily need this but they can turn and get on the highway and in this case it's gonna be residential so I mean will they need to go there maybe but you know who knows I'm gonna do 4 and then I'm gonna fill this now I'm using the square tool here your marquee tool and I like to do this you can use the paint bucket which will fill in sections that are complete right and I'm right-clicking to remove it on your controller I believe you have to do the right joystick down and then you get the selection to d-zone is what they refer to so I'm just gonna paint this back in I'm leaving space I'm leaving space between my commercial and my residential these might be some Civic buildings here could be a park when we unlock it what not we could we could zone this if we need to but I have further plans to kind of maybe go this way with some commercial out there I am NOT zoning anything here at the moment if I do it might be commercial if I really really need it or industry if I need it so at this point in time we have a fair decent mix we have our industry we have a residential and we have our commercial now let's talk about performance factors if you're running a computer with a older graphics card or if you're on a console one thing to do would be to bulldoze your trees ahead of time if I were to place a road on top of trees they disappear right cool however they're still there so if you were to take the time to remove them when you're gonna build in that space you do save the processing power for the calculation of their movement and the fact that they're there I'm pretty sure the shadows are still probably rendered even though you can't see them who knows anyway until next time my name is Susie Lee I hope you have fun with this game it's one of my favorites if you play on console or desktop either is amazing until next time be good to each other have fun if this or any of the videos have been helpful for you please like and subscribe and feel free to share we love to meet new friends be good to each other you can find me here on youtube or over on Twitch all the links are below the video have a good one

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  1. BeyondDrewTV

    Great tutorial! It’s been a while since I’ve played cities so this was great to watch! Keep up the great work 🙂

    Ps. You shut the front door!! :p

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