Code alarm and chapman transmitter program learn sequence

Code alarm and chapman transmitter program learn sequence

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Quick and easy how to, Tutorial on code systems and chapman brand transmitter remotes.

get one of these coat alarm transmitters so lots of different kinds is these four buttons there's two buttons this this video is basically going to cover up all the coat alarm and Chapman brands like this one is a coat alarm so Gio hmm six 101 890 these things have been around forever just for a kajillion years okay that one I'm going to cover this one here Gio HF 4d PC 2002 these have with and without the LED that one we're going to cover and fix that one and this one here which is a Gio HP NOP a n0 v pano v okay this will work again on coat alarm and Chapman as well doesn't really matter the trick to doing this is very straightforward you get into the vehicle you open up the driver's door you find your valet switch which is going to be typically under your drivers – or if you have one of the systems with the big LED combo valley button that you could push in with the door open you press this and hold it for about 15 seconds after about 15 seconds the door looks going to chatter up and down what you do at that point get all your remotes you can program up to four and you have to do this within 15 seconds hit lock it will confirm by going check check with the locks same thing on a second remote safe or you know the sake of the video we have three hid lock on the third transmitter and that's it the program is complete you have 15 seconds to either turn the key off or it'll timeout after 15 second elapses you turn the key off you get out and just go back on turn with the key off of course test your remotes and they'll work perfectly it's very easy code alarm real simple enjoy

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  1. Jack Olivas

    first of all, thanks for the taking the time to make this video. I can get the alarm to enter learn mode (chirps 3 times) but I press the lock button (2 button remote) and nothing happens. vehicle is a 1991 GMC Sonoma. The remote is 314mhz. the alarm is Code Alarm PRO1000. remote battery is brand new. any other way of doing this?

  2. Raul Romo

    i have an older code alarm that somehow went into valet mode. there is only an override button. i believe its a elite 2000 do you know how to take it out of valet mode?? i unplugged the alarm and it seemed to reset alarm, but then after it was driven, got out of car and it went into valet mode again. i need to know the procedure. i tried holding the valet button with key on, but didn't do anything. can you help?? if i know the procedure, i can rule out if the override switch is bad, or maybe this system goes into valet mode through the remote??? all the code alarms i worked on in the past had a valet switch separately from override. on the brain there is a diagram that show pink is the valet wire, but on the harness there is no wire. think it came that way. its just werid how it goes into valet by itself. the only other time i have seen this, is with a broken override button. when they are broken, it makes connection or disconnection, when driving. any info would be great.

  3. snaphu

    you say near the end of the video (@ 1:43) to "turn the key off" but, you never said when to put the key in/on? In the beginning you say to open the door… you never mentioned putting the key in the ignition…

  4. Benton Dover

    Thanks for posting the video.  I thought my key fobs had both went bad until I reprogrammed them.  Much appreciated!

  5. tiggrdj

    I am installing a Code Alarm Pro100 that is brand new (except it is 17 years old) and I don't have an installation manual. Most of it is pretty straightforward but I have questions about the valet switch and LED. There is no marked connection points for them. I do see a place (yet unused) marked green (pin switch) and brown (disarm). Is that the two points I need to connect to or one of them and ground? Do you have access to an installation manual for this old thing?

  6. GuyFunny

    About every six months my remote decides to un program itself and every six months I forget how to program it. This is the best video that reminds me how. Thanks a lot!

  7. John Sia

    Need help.. Got ca671 with the 2-ways remote. Valet combo with led, following install instructions with ignitiion ON and press and hold for 10 sec. That just put me in valet mode with solid led light. No chirp or lock/unlock.

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