Code your BMW with your MAC apple osx ncsexpert INPA setup

Code your BMW with your MAC apple osx ncsexpert INPA setup

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in this video i show you how to setup your Apple MAC to be able to code your bmw..



and today's video I'm just gonna show you guys how to install NCIS expert so that you can use it on a Apple computer on Apple OSX you're just gonna need obviously a coding cable people always ask me what kind of coding cable could I get if you look online on eBay you can find one so you type in K plus D can USB interface this one here has a little switch where you can use it between like older models or newer models you don't have to get the one with the switch it's up to you if you're gonna work on older models there are fairly cheap now I've seen this one I think cost me like thirty five dollars and then I'm going to show you guys the installation process on getting the software set up I made a list of 14 you're gonna need the first one so parallels desktop this program will allow you to install windows within all the sects so that you can use Windows you on your Mac it's a really cool program I've been using for many years I've never had any issues always use it when I need to use a program and I have my Mac and it only runs off Windows next you're gonna have to find a Windows ISO file of the Windows version you want to use whether it's XP 7 or Windows 10 I've installed this on all three of these Windows operating systems with no problems and Mike's easy BMW tools this is an install set up that will install all the BMW programs you're gonna need to start coding your BMW it's a the easiest way you can install these programs is literally a one-click setup and last but not least a BMW coding cable on this video I'm gonna show you how to set that up with all the programs so you can get started coding BMWs all the programs I mentioned above you can find on Google it's a lot of searching to do I won't post any links because they're probably be deleted but if you google it it'll be your best friend those are available if you search you just gotta do a little searching you can find them so once you install and have parallels all set up you're gonna hit this screen when you first load it up you're gonna want to use this option right here to install windows or another OSS from my DVD or image file that's gonna be the ISO file you're going to be installing Windows as if you just bought a brand new PC or you reformatted a hard drive it's going to be the same install process of setting up Windows as if you were doing it on a regular computer and so one since I already did mine to save time you're gonna see this screen once you're all done so go ahead and load up Windows as you can see for my windows it's very bare I have no programs on there I got one that has just an essentials to load up Windows just to save space this is like a very small file and so once you have everything and windows all setup and everything and you also have the mikes easy BMW tools downloaded you're gonna want to go ahead and run that setup and here you're gonna press next and this will show you everything is gonna install all the programs it's gonna install Impa and cs2 32 everything you're gonna need to code BMWs and so you can show a little bit about the program and also which models it you can uh work for so go ahead press next and installing the C Drive that's where you want to install it at and as you can see you load up all the programs and if you click finish it's gonna load up a readme file is just gonna show you how to set up the coding cable but I'm gonna go in and show you that so you can read that but I'm gonna show you exactly what you need to do so you can just go ahead and exit it and this is gonna tell you the install a driver I actually never get this to work I'm gonna show you another way to do it so you can go ahead and cancel all right what do you want to do is you want to test some of the programs make sure everything installed correctly so we go ahead and load up Impa this is what you can use for diagnostics and see it's expert will you use for coding if the screens too small you can maximize it to a full screen that way you can a little bit easier to work with it'll be like using a PC and so you want to get your coding cable ready and plugging into the computer and you'll hear a noise when it connects and it would also pop up this screen right here and you want to choose Windows XP that way it's gonna communicate with the cable directly from parallels you don't want to connect to the Mac otherwise the programs and parallels won't read it sometimes you may have to unplug it and plug it back in so once you know it plugs in sometimes you see new hardware found go to start menu go to my computer right click properties hardware click on device manager now you're gonna see the decal cable right here but that's a question mark we're gonna have to update the driver so like yes next next it's gonna search the internet to find a driver sometimes it does it the first time it finds it sometimes you got to do it twice just let it find it searching the internet so make sure you connect to the internet okay found it this is finished but if you see I noticed that I popped up again to ask to search for a driver and you notice how up here it still says a question mark so go ahead and try it one more time all right it looks like you've found it and you can see it change on the device manager so now that says it's under port you want to double click this go to port settings click on advanced and the port you want to change it to com1 and over here the election see you want into number one instead of 16 put 1 and press ok and press ok and everything set the coding cable is ready to start using one thing I noticed before you start coding we have to fix is that it only installs to coding profiles on NCS expert as you can see right here there's only two options I like using one that's meant for coding which I see didn't include it on this install this is the file right here this is a small file so if you have I'm gonna try to put a link for it or you can email me I can email to you it's a super small file so I can send it through email so to add that to the coding profile go to C Drive and go to NCS expert and go to the PFL folder and go ahead and you drag that file into that folder that's gonna add the profile to the NCS expert while you're there go to the work folder and this is what I use the coding you can use NCS dummy but I like using a text document a notepad to do the editing so you want make sure it opens with the notepad so when you go to the properties you can change it you can put the notepad and make it so it always opens that type of file with notepad and while you're there open this file up cuz NCS extras gonna require a man file to be in that folder and there's not one in there right now so you load that up in your writing in there or any kind of strings just select all just delete everything and save it and you want to go to save as select all files for save type and put a dot ma n in the end now what we have a man file that NCS extras gonna want now let's plug in the kodi cable to the car and load up Impa and then you want make sure when you turn the ignition on not the engine on but to the second position and then you can see the two dots were shaded black that means that the car is communicating with the program so we're good to go and you're ready to start coding you can load up and see us expert you can load the profile now we can see the coding profile is now there last one I like to use and go ahead and start doing the normal steps to coding I'm here are you gonna see me load up sea-ice my CIC module for reading read ECU and perfect everything set up and you're ready to start coding okay I'm gonna show you guys are nothing you might run into if you try to load up B&W tools is gonna give you this error there is a file that that's missing that it needs it's this file right here if you need help finding this file you can go ahead and email me I can email it to you or I'll put a link below in the description you want to open up the C Drive and you want to go to Windows and then system32 and if you have a Windows 10 you're gonna put in this folder right here but since mine is Windows XP I'm only gonna do in the folder I'm showing you in this video and you want to drag that file into that folder and then you want to go to the BMW tools folder and first delete the original shortcut go to that and make a new shortcut from the one from the original folder then it should load up this is the program you're used to install like to update your data files the data files that come with this install file are pretty recent I had no problem coding my car but if you were to download the most newest ones you can use this program to update all your data files but like I said the ones that come with it more likely you're gonna be fine using it's only if you want to just be up-to-date with all the most current files and that's it everything should be set up so you should start having fun coding you're being dumb you adding features I preach everyone for always watching my videos and liking subscribing all the emails I get about how helpful my videos were I appreciate it thanks everyone once again for watching have fun

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  1. viceeighty eight

    Just boutght a 525 ,,and the radio only have cd? ☹ only option is ,fm am cd i would love some bluethooth or aux

  2. mohamed medhat

    Hi Rusk
    I am Impressed by your videos and your ideas
    I love e60 because of you
    So I hope you give me some advice about my e60 530i 2007 face-lift

  3. Sebastian Zuniga

    I was having trouble opening up BMW Coding Tool, I followed the instructions you provided and I was still not able to open it up.

    I get the message of file missing or invalid.

    All I am trying to do is Flash PPK on to my N55 E92. As well the Parallel works great!!

  4. TheGoldenAiden1

    Hi, when I try to add the coding profile in PFL folder and I open NCS Expert all I see is 2 default.pfl NCSDUMMY4.PFL and a text document that says Profile. Also when I go to the WORK Folder I only see ABLAUF.TRC, ASW1.TRC AND ASW2.TRC nothing like what you show in this video. Meet me know how I can fix this. Thanks


    Roskin I need help I unplugged my console to connect my aux cable but when I plugged everything back in my climate won’t work

  6. Cassette Walkman

    Thanks heaps for the video! Since doing this a couple of months ago on my Mac I had not been able to get it to recognize being connected to the car (could not get the 2 black dots) I had suspected the USB and Port settings so tried on an old PC laptop but still ran into the same issue. Now you have me suspecting the cable. I have same cable as yours but without that switch. You said it's for older cars, how old do you mean? Is there an earlier version of the identical looking OBD2 port? My car is a Euro market pre-lci 2005 E61 diesel. Do I actually need to have the switchable cable?

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