Coding Bootcamps | My Interview with Fullstack Academy

Coding Bootcamps | My Interview with Fullstack Academy

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Things not mentioned in this video:
1. You do not need to know JS in order to apply to most (perhaps all) bootcamps, you just need to know SOME programming language
2. You do not need to have a personal website to apply
3. You do not need to get a 100% on the coding assessment to get accepted (I technically only got 5/6 correct because I forgot to submit one of my answers)
4. Application process took about 2 weeks to complete before getting a final answer
5. Fullstack Academy/Grace Hopper Academy were very response and easy to get a hold of when I had questions
6. You don’t have to be a developer/software engineer when you graduate from most bootcamps unless you have a payment contract that requires you to
7. You have to take the coding assessment in fullscreen mode, and their program will know if you exit fullscreen mode to prevent cheating

Blog post about Fullstack Academy:

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one other thing that I want to note that I think is kind of funny is that my alma mater actually offers a coding bootcamp as well but it has such a bad review and it really goes to show of that this trend of bootcamp is really starting to catch on and starting to change the way that education looks in the field of computer science and stuff hello and welcome to another video I'm really excited to be filming for you guys today because I'm going to be talking about my experience applying to a coding boot camp boo what is a coding boot camp it was surprising to me to realize that even a lot of engineers don't know what this recent trend in the coding boot cans are basically like a training school to give you the tools that you would need to become a software engineer or a programmer of some sort so in this video I broken down the process of applying to a coding boot camp into four different parts first how I chose the boot camp that I applied to second the written application that I turned in third the coding assessment that I took and fourth the Skype interview and then of course after that I tell you guys the verdict so how did I change the boot camp that I applied to now I'm not gonna get into the nitty-gritty about all the different boot camps out there and how I compare them but basically in researching the boot camp that I eventually applied to I looked at Quora which is a site where you asked a bunch of questions and I also looked at third-party websites like core support and I even read people's blogs and all in all I came to the conclusion that the best boot camp for me would be full-stack Academy because they have a this in Chicago which is where I would prefer to move to the other boot camps that I was considering with Grace Hopper Academy in New York and coding dojo which is located here in Silicon Valley so other reasons I chose full-stack Academy was that it had a really good reputation had really high ratings on core support there are blogs attesting to how great the program is and they just seem like a very authentic program or they really care about the students learning and their success and the last factor in choosing full-stack Academy was the price it was on the higher end of the price range that you'll see for boot camps and the price point indicated to me that they stand by their word and they think that their education was really gonna be worth my investment for some of these programs I think what you get really is what you paid for so that's why I decided that I would catch out a little bit more to ensure that I was getting the best education that I could possibly get okay the application process so for a lot of boot camps you can actually apply right now cold turkey without any experience in programming and get in but for some other boot camps like epic Adam II hack bright I think flat iron and full sack included you can't just apply them without having no knowledge of coding these interviews will involve pair coding they'll apply for full-stack Academy I actually had to plan a couple months in advance to actually teach myself the fundamentals of programming and the languages I chose this JavaScript JavaScript is the choice of many full-stack programs and so I created another video about how I taught myself to program in JavaScript and I'll put the link right there so you can watch that I'm not going to go into too much detail but I spend two months learning how to program in Java syrup before I actually felt ready to submit my applications so if you're interested in applying to boot camp I highly highly encourage you to look up which scholarships they have available because it's always changing and they always have some sort of funding because people want more software engineers companies are willing to fund these types of programs so the application process was fairly simple I chose which cohort I wanted to join which is basically when I wanted to start the program and then I also got to choose my second choice if that didn't work out I had to put my Linkedin URL my github URL and the other websites that I've worked on and then I had to put in undergraduate education while my SAT or a CT score was I also put in my AP scores I had to do with math or science in anyway and then I had to describe where I am in terms of learning how to program and I fit that I was making good progress and some questions that I answered were why would you be a good fit for a full-stack why would you be a good student what else should we know about you do you have feedback about our websites and that's about it it's a fairly straightforward process there's no creative essays that you have to write or super philosophical things that you have to talk about it's just you where are you at like why do you want to do this and why do you think you will fit in with our program another thing that they asked you on the written application is what are your plans after graduating and you have a couple options to choose from like working as a developer starting another company or other and I put down that I wanted to work as a developer and that's specifically because I actually applied to the grace hopper track at full-stack Academy and grace hopper track is basically an extension of Grace Hopper Academy which is in New York City but it's in Chicago instead so that means that my tuition is actually deferred until I find a job as a web developer or software engineer if I decide to scrap the idea of becoming a programmer and like join a traveling circus I basically have to fork up the entire tuition that was deferred during the program and I think Kayla wants versus paying in monthly installments which is what my agreement would have been if I worked as a developer stand I could talk more about the Grace Hopper program at the end of the video ok so I wrote my application I submitted it and then within about I think two or three business days they responded back to me and set up a time for a Skype interview so if we're the coding assessment I was super duper nervous about it and for the coding assessment is definitely not something that you can just win without any prior experience of coding so if you lie on your application about how well you knew programming fundamentals it would definitely show through the coding assessment so the coding assessment gave me 75 minutes to answer six questions I finished the first three questions in about 10 minutes it took me the rest of the entire like 60 minutes to finish the last three because nerves got the best of me and I was like freaking out I was able to answer all of them and have them all pass the unit tests another thing about the interview process is that at no point did we talk about my github portfolios or old projects that I've been working on so it really shows that there's a heavy emphasis on your work ethic and your attitude and how easy you're able to work with others oh I'm sure you guys are wondering what the verdict is and I have to tell you guys that I got it it was really funny I finished the interview and I was like really high off of this adrenaline and a couple hours later I was perusing through my email and I see an email from full-stack Academy and I thought this email was just like a general email that they would send out to you after an interview because it was only a couple hours after I got the Skype call but little did I know it was actually an acceptance letter just hours after the interview so I was like completely shocked at how quickly they they came to a decision so if you decided to go to these bootcamp make sure that you have the financial resources and the time to do it because it's going to be an intense period of your life and like I said I was accepted into the grace hopper track which is a deferred tuition program specifically for women to get more women into computer science and because I have this amazing opportunity to a 10-8 coding bootcamp without paying for this huge upfront tuition cost there are a couple extra rules that I have to follow and some agreements that have to sign extra things I'm held liable to in order for me not to pay the upfront tuition thinking about making another video talking specifically of deferred tuition programs because I think they're super important and a great way to bridge the gender disparity within computer science so let me know if you're interested in that video and like this video if you enjoyed watching it and found it informative and subscribe if you like to see more videos from us we have a lot of video ideas coming up thanks for watching and I hope you guys have a wonderful day

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  1. C.Y. Ramirez

    Hi Stephanie! Thank you for sharing. What books or apps did you use to prepare yourself for the interview/application? 🙂

  2. Henry K.

    Wow! You had to jump through all those hoops just to fork up over $10K for their program, in which you'll be banging your head against the wall for months to come up with solutions to complicated problems?

  3. Jakob Kousholt

    Proud to be subscriber 22! :D.. Thank you for the info. Very useful for someone like me who is planning to attend fullstack academy. (I just have to save up a bit more money first :))

  4. Karina Salce

    Thanks, very informative. Prepping to apply for the Grace Hopper program right now, would love to hear how your journey is currently going. 🙂

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