Complete OBS Setup Guide 2018 for Beginners

Complete OBS Setup Guide 2018 for Beginners

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Steps to Get Setup in OBS for Recording / Streaming 2018
1. Open OBS
2. Add a Scene (Bottom Left)
3. Add Source with the Plus on the Right – Window Capture (Specific Window), Game Capture (Auto Fullscreen App or Specific Window), or Display Capture (Full Desktop) depending on needs
4. Scale source with corners of red border when you click on source in the preview window. You probably want your game or window to be the full width/height with no black.
5. (Optional) Add Video Capture Source for Webcam. Make sure it gets video.
6. (Optional) To filter background – right click the webcam source ►► Filters. Add a Chroma Key filter in effect filters and set it to your background color. Only works if you have a suitable green screen.
7. In the mixer section to the right of sources, select a mic if needed. If enabled, you should see green audio levels even while it’s not recording. Reduce desktop sound if you want mic to overpower game volume.
8. (Optional) Reduce background noise ►► click the settings icon for mic/aux input. Choose filters, add a noise suppression filter and move it to the left to reduce background noise.
8. (Optional) Go up to profile and create a new profile if you want custom recording settings for each project.
9. Go to File ►► Options
10. For Streaming. Go to Stream Tab, choose the service you want to stream to. Copy Paste your Stream Key from your twitch / youtube streaming dashboard page.
11. Output Tab – Set your video bitrate to what your computer can handle. Higher bitrate = higher quality but more data. For streamers, test your upload bandwidth with a tool online.
11.b. For streaming it is important that your video bitrate is set to 70-80% of your max upload bitrate as max. It’s measured in kbps in OBS. To convert from mbps to kbps multiply by 1000.
11.c. You can set the recording path to wherever you want video outputs to be. Make sure you create the folder manually first. I usually set recording format to mp4 for highest compatibility with editing software.
12. Video Tab – Make sure your output (scaled) resolution is what you want the final video to look like. You can set this as high as your base canvas resolution. Higher video resolutions should have higher video bitrate settings for quality purposes.
13. (Optional) Hotkeys Tab – Set hotkeys that you might like. I usually only have Start / Stop recording or streaming set. Click a box and input the key combination you want that hotkey to have.
14. When ready to test, leave options. Hit start recording (or start streaming if you want to be live). I highly recommend you record a quick test video then stop, find the video, and load it in a video player to see the audio / video sound levels and quality.

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hello everybody Chris here and in this video I want to give you guys an updated guide on how to set up OBS on how to record games or screencasts basically anything else going on so to do a complete setup here I'm gonna get started by going over the scenes in the bottom left hand corner and this is for version twenty point one point one which is the newest version as of the end of October so let's go ahead and add that so new source you can call it a game you can call it whatever game you're playing doesn't really matter and when you add a new scene that's basically going to contain a set of different sources the sources are where you're getting all your audio visual information from such as the graphics from the game or it could be an image overlay especially adhering to twitch streaming and that kind of thing and all these different sources are added either with the post button down here or by right-clicking and going to add so you can see you can add an extra import captures which would be like a microphone but not necessary because over here in the mixer there's already defaults for microphone which you can see I currently have so our desktop audio is going to be where the sounds are coming out of your speakers that's what desktop audio weighs so if you want to record the sounds of the game you might want to enable that and if your game is particularly loud and you want the mic to be louder than that you should probably tone down the decibels lower the dustbowl meaning the choir the sounds can be so back to the different sources you can app let's the important ones images once again if you're on the overlay but the ones we really want to focus on here are in capture and window capture so either these can work as you probably guessed games like this one here crawl are running in a window so you can add a window source to capture that but there's also game captures when you specifically want to capture full screen application slight gains when they open up so let's see window capture first so create a new window capture you can name it's like a sauna and crawl and what's gonna happen is it's gonna pop up with one of your default windows that are compatible with this night every game can use window capture but crawl seems to be supported to you so you can select the window which is going to be your game go ahead and hit okay and yeah just note certain things like in this case and I don't know exactly how it would interact with a game capture but okay okay no never mind science it's working fine it's just the crawl apparently pauses when you all tap out so learning new things every day but yep seems to capture it just fine when you're all tabs in all tabs out it's just that it's caused so window capture would work fine here but if for some reason you're having issues with getting window capture to work you can instead add a display capture and just oh sorry display captures for your entire desktop I meant I meant game capture so game capture can fall here now by default it captures any full screen application which generally would mean a game in full screen mode but obviously you can see here I have us in windowed mode this game does have full screen mode but if you're not running in full screen mode then you're going to want to click on this drop-down here and capture a specific window and step and to hear the different windows that weren't available in window source are actually up here so hopefully your games on that list you don't have to select that you can choose if you want to capture the cursor inside the game which defaults there most of this other stuff you don't really need to worry about too much so I'm going to hit OK and yep you might have to all tab into the game as you saw I have to do there for it to show up the first time so just make sure that it's actually receiving the audio/video information before you start recording but anyway because I have a resolution set in the game lower than my desktop the game is currently set to 720p resolution what I need to do in this case is to scale the source up so what's actually going to be in the video our court is everything in these four corners office black information everything in there all the images that capture it have a webcam that kind of thing too so if I want this to be full screen which you usually do you click on one of the corners or you click on the source and then you click on a corner and you drag it it automatically snaps TV full recording and then by doing that it's going to come up with a pole string so that's really important there so especially if you're recording games a lot of people like to add in their webcam so I'm gonna do that here if you click the add sources button got a video capture device create a new hit ok and let's see so from this device list you're gonna have access to all get plugged in video devices aka webcams in most cases so you would select yours from the list you can leave resolution FPS type as default or you can go custom and kind of type in your own resolution whatever supported here but in most cases you can probably leave it as default when you hit OK here you can kind of scale and put it in whichever corner you need it up so once you have your webcam added if you want to also filter out the background you would right click on video capture device go to filters click the plus sign next to effect filters and you want to add in chroma key so chroma keys gonna work here is basically select a color on your screen or you can use one of the defaults @p I like have a green screen which is ideal and you select the color you're gonna want to pick I think there might have been like a dropper or something that you can click on the screen there alright yeah big screen color okay there we go so now I can just select that and it's kind of getting this whitish blue in my background then okay and obviously it's not going to work very well there so the reason for that is that I don't really have a good background color you know what he could do the chroma key properly you would have to have like a green screen or something behind you basically a color that doesn't show up on your skin and then you go throughout the background because the background color usually it's green over here there yeah we will filter out most of the color so blue is not a good color magenta are not a very good color usually people use green screens for that but that's how you add in chroma key if you were like that so moving on let's see here okay so in a video capture device the game itself and now we want to probably customize the microphone settings so over here mic / øx especially if you don't see sound volumes as you're just talking at your computer you're gonna wanna click on the Settings icon and go to properties and here you select the microphone that you want to use from your computer a little default to default of course which is going to be whatever you have set up and windows yeah make sure you have the right microphone enable turn on everything you should be getting sound volumes here you want to make sure that it's somewhere kind of in the middle that it doesn't actually go all the way up here and get distorted what once again probably test your recording before you do a whole video just make sure you audio video everything's fine you can choose to enable or just say what you got stopped audio depending on what you need so a video capture device don't need to worry about that they're just for safe measure I can use it because I'm not trying to capture audio from my video capture device I'm trying to capture audio from my designated microphone right now so moving on I guess we can go to settings up here now and whenever you want to customize your settings you might want different profiles so you can click new to create a new profile I think I'll do that now so I'll just create a test profile maybe though these up to do settings back to default I'm not actually sure about that and now we go into settings and there'll be a few things to customize here so first off under output the video bitrate 4500 is usually just kind of okay but if you want to be called a higher value you can increase that so video bitrate is basically going to be how much data is going into your video for every X period of time let's just say a second so the more data that you allow into your video recording the more in caps the less distortions this generally going to be a bigger file sizes and the battery door lock but you don't need to go crazy on that for thousands probably planning this really matters though when you're recording if you're going to be doing a live stream so don't increase the bit rate higher than your bandwidth can support you can go ahead and do a test online with one of those bandwidth testing tools to find out how good your upload is and then don't make this higher than your upload speed so I think its measured in kilobits per second so if you know a max or maybe ya kilobits per second so if you have a max upload that's only 4 kilobits sorry 4 megabits per second then don't make it higher than that because it'll tell us your stream to like make it probably 70 to 80 percent of the max bandwidth at most I have another video on kind of determining your max bandwidth to what you should set your video bitrate when you're gonna be streaming online on for OBS so check my channel for that too okay recording path that's gonna be important so in Windows this defaults to you user profile and then the videos folder or directory you can change that you can tag things onto the end of it so you could have like slash recordings the only thing that's really important here is that you have to make sure the folder actually exists before you start recording OBS will not automatically create the folder for you we can just leave it defaulted here recording format I usually change this to mp4 it because a lot of video editors don't support nationality and people is a more universal format so you can't really go wrong with that programs like Adobe Premiere going to be compatible there in audio you should be able to see here as well which microphone you currently using not totally necessary video if you want to have your your outport video in full resolution rather than scaled down like it is here then you want to make sure that you stay resolution is equal to you based canvas or recording resolution so I think it does default scaling down to 720p or 1080p CIL's by 720 pixels so you can change that to whatever your max resolution is if you want to capture the max resolution just know that sites like YouTube videos are in 16 by 9 resolution so that would be 16 on this side for every 9 on this side so you put it pretty simply I'm just going to scroll through the settings again there may be extras that you need to take care oh yeah you can make a dark thing or OBS I don't actually know if that's defaulted or if I install it I think it might be defaulted now so yeah that's pretty color um let's see here okay I think we're pretty much good just a couple more things I would add hotkeys you can set start recording and end recording I usually something like control R that way if you press those key combinations you don't actually have to be looking at the OBS screen you start your recording just like Andy thing to have obviously there's lots more hot piece here in the stream tab if you do want to string to your service like eg gaming or twitch you're gonna want to choose a service here before you start strippin streaming the server generally you choose one that's closest to you and the stream key won't the twitch that would be provided on your dashboard for YouTube I think when you do start a stream on the YouTube it also gives you a stream key so you just kind of copy paste those in here and they should be able to connect if it doesn't connect successfully about the DNA or message anyway you can click OK on all that so at this point you're going to want to do start recording to test and start streaming so start the courting it's going to start recording to a file you want to make sure that your CPU usage isn't too crazy but it's still getting the FPS you're looking for in this case stable 30 you have yes let's see what else you should see the recording timer go up it's not going to be timing live because we're just according to a file or not streaming online so if we put in the twitch stream key and the YouTube stream key then you would start streaming and it would actually start streaming to those services where you would actually be able to see a little preview window on those sites to make sure your video is coming in so yeah when you get start streaming I think it also shows like a little green icon showing how good connection with the server is what your upload bandwidth is so hopefully that will be stable you'll have a green light down here for that but really that's all you need to do to set off OBS to the cord again in order to do a screencast it would be the same process except you just add on my case it's usually just a what do you call a display capture so you just capture the full display of your screen like I've been doing this whole video yeah that's pretty much it so I bring Christus thanks for watching and I will hopefully see you guys in like each of the neocon

4 Replies to “Complete OBS Setup Guide 2018 for Beginners”

  1. Sauced

    Chris when I do a recording for 30 sec,and when I open the file to watch it, it says the recording is only 9 sec. Do you know how to fix that?

  2. Beard or Die

    Nice! See you playing Crawl. The developers over at Powerhoof are fantastic, and Dave Lloyd is an inspiring and kind programmer.

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