Computer Help : How to Reboot a PC

Computer Help : How to Reboot a PC

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In order to reboot a PC, simply go to the start menu and select “Restart,” but a frozen computer may require the user to hold the power button until the computer turns off. Find out how to use the Windows security menu with help from a Web designer in this free video on computer help and tech support.

35 Replies to “Computer Help : How to Reboot a PC”

  1. Mimi&Angel Aguirre

    Welp today the day my pc whatedbto stop working it doesn't let me sign in but my computer is hella old older the 2010 idk when we got it

  2. rachie

    Look i know this video is from 2009 but WOW seriously that computer looks like it is oldd im sure there was a update during this time.

  3. I'm not a HATER

    help me plz. I removed my boot option time to 0.. and so am in a boot sequence error.
    I had 2 OS: (windows 7) options first.
    Then to create space I cleared a drive of one of the os… Then i decreased the boot option time to 0 but before that selected the os with all data cleared in drive as defult! , so now whenever I boot, My computer directly tries to open the os with cleared drive and without the options that used to come before, my 2nd os does not open! And only shows 0xc000000f error… What to do..
    Pc : dell.. Os: windows 7! 🤔

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