computer power supply repair, Part 1  PC loses power

computer power supply repair, Part 1 PC loses power

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atx power supply repair guides – Electronic repair. Part 1: test desktop power supplies are running or have been broken, how to fix the first level 5v source for PC, check the 5v in purple cord, check the first transistor-level power, then new fixes to the source of the power section

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  1. Mohammed Riad

    i have an ATX power supply. the fan is working fine by the current is very weak it cannot turn a 12v dc motor what is the problem??????? plz help

  2. mowwow1998

    Hi, I like your video but unfortuantely could not understand the language. I think if you did the video in English you would get a lot more views and subscribers. A lot of people in English Speaking countries would love your kind of detailed video which appears to show how you diagnose the problem as well as carry out the repair.

  3. Calvin Nguyen

    Cái PSU của tôi khi chỉ load 1A thôi, thì 12v down xuống chỉ còn 10v. Vậy về cơ bản nó bị gì vậy anh. thanks

  4. Nooruddin Panjwani

    Your video is too good. But please make it and upload it in English or at least in English subtitles. Please intimate me when you upload in English to my email id nbpanjwani(at)gmail(dot)(com).

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