Computer Repair - Replacing The Motherboard

Computer Repair – Replacing The Motherboard

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In this episode I show the audience how to save money and change out a motherboard in a laptop computer.

I welcome to pine Meadows hobby farm i'm your host Jerry Hanson today I'm going to do something unusual for pine Meadows hobby farm I want to share with you guys my laptop i have a toshiba laptop computer and i lost the the video the integrated video card in my motherboard and then the audio went about two years ago so this thing has been sitting collecting dust so i went on ebay and found out how much replacement motherboard was for this computer and after trying to be creative with coming up with the funds to be able to buy a new motherboard instead of buying a new laptop because i do like the laptop i have i went ahead and purchased a motherboard on ebay i got it for under a hundred dollars and so it arrived today in the mail so i'm going to go ahead and do the unboxing for you and then we're going to go ahead and try to install it tonight so let's do this ok this is the shipping i paid ninety nine dollars and ninety-nine cents for the motherboard oh they cut it nice bubble wrap and the computer cellophane packing nice okay so let's see if it's the product that i ordered and right here is where you're going to find the serial number or the model number for this exact motherboard and where I find this that is on the bottom of the laptop computer you open up this drawer right here and this is where the chips are the memory chips so the memory chips are just popped out you just pop these two little things and the pop the memory chips out and then you're going to find the serial number right there and so we're going to match the serial numbers and the one I ordered is the V 0 0 0 18 55 4 0 the 0 0 0 1 85 540 so this is the motherboard for this computer so now we're going to continue to tear down the computer we're going to go ahead and flip it over we got this little bar you this little bar right here you got to take that off that's just little clips that clit lay those just snap back into place once we get it out see and then there's four screws right in here that you need to remove lift the keyboard out and the keyboard is plugged in right down here so you just want to there's a little plug you just want to plot out these little things you just want to pop them out and then the plug comes right on out see it's that little serial port right there and you set your thing aside then in here you have one screw right down here you have to take out now you've got to unplug these items from in here also sorry my hands in the way but I gotta get this there we go it's the one going to be careful with these plugs ok now we flip it over and we remove the hard drive well actually this is the this is not the hard drive this is actually the yeah this is the hard drive we move that there's one screw holding the hard drive in put that there and hard drive has plastic tab you just grab it and pull it and just lift right on out ok we take the battery out the battery's dead I gotta replace the battery and we're going to take the hard drive out the hard drive is held in by are not the hard drive but the cd-rom it's held in by this screw and then the cd-rom pops right on out that's the cd-rom now we go through a start removing all of these screws in these different points so let's smoothly remove these front ones the same pattern and you've got two little screws on the back here they have to come off on each side of the screen I yeah three little screws in the battery compartment and these are tiny you want to remove those and then we've got three flat screws in the compartment where the hard drive goes okay and I think that yeah turn that back on over double check to make sure there's no screws in there and this should lift right on up see so we lift that right on out of there and now we set this aside we unplug this take another screw off of this thing you unplug that because you're going to keep that we've got another screw right there you just want to go slow make sure you get all your screws and there's the motherboard now you've got to remove this going to set this aside and we've got to transfer this to the new motherboard so this is how long by a screw there goes through there and it plugs in right here that should lift right out of there I don't turn it on in the at because you've got to take this off you've got to get your CPU take those off carefully you need this clip at your CPU to transfer to the new motherboard you need that you need these and now you're ready to remove this off carefully set that aside just for a moment but you got to remove your CPU that little lock turns it releases your CPU that is the brains to your computer so you want to take it over and apply it at the same spot on your new motherboard and then you also want to lock it in place ok we are done with the old motherboard we are not going to place this back over here this is the cooling unit we have these screws to put back on we have this to put back on we're going to put this in place where actually a plug at the end the cool cap ok this is ready to go back into the laptop so we're going to make sure that all these wires go back to where they need to be will gently settle this back down in there ok ok I got all the plugs plugged in that's fastened down plugs in here and don't forget this one this plugs in down here this is a for the mouse touchpad and the key of the push buttons down here that slides right in is he open that up and it slides right in there and you'll take your screwdriver and you push those little tabs in on each side and it locks it in place you know here we go all the plugs are in put their plug their plug their book there that's in place all right now going to go ahead and put the keyboard and it just clips right down into place on the bottom but you want to plug it in first you I am NOT a computer geek I actually learn how to do this from YouTube Thank You YouTube ok this should be on land so we're ready to put the strip back in and we are done with this side of it now we go ahead and flip it over and we go back to working on the back side of it we got to put all our screws back in so let's do these flat screws on the the cd-rom bay look how little those screws are those are tiny okay we take these little tiny screws put them back in the battery bay next time I get some money I gotta save up and buy a new battery because this battery does not hold a charge and I think it's like 26 to 36 dollars for a battery so this computer is going to get a new lie hopefully it works hopefully this company stands behind their product see we have a couple of ones that go in the back we have a screw that goes down in there screws now we're going to put the screws in around the case okay we put the hard drive or the cd-rom back and settled in by one screw that goes right there now we put the hard drive in it just slides right in here plugs in and it's got a little screw that holds it into place right there one single screw and we put the hard drive cover on and it's got a screw already pre attached to that now you put them the microchips back in here and we pop this one in there and that just has little tabs it clips right in there and we screw it down pop the battery back in and that's the hard drive for a toshiba laptop computer now we're going to fire it up and see if it works okay the task is finished of replacing the motherboard in my laptop computer now all I have to do is just about a program motherboard put all the new programming on the hard drive and we're ready to go the task was relatively simple it's just removing some screws and putting them back and a couple of plugs here and there putting them back and carefully replacing everything together the hard part is just the waiting the long tedious process of reprogramming everything so all in all I hope I taught you something that you too can save money and your own computer repairs there's a lot of YouTube videos out there just glean from those and YouTube can learn like I do from YouTube and others on how to save and do it yourself I'm Jerry Hanson your host here at pine Meadows hobby farm I want to thank you for coming please subscribe give me a thumbs up and leave a comment if you'd like and I will see you guys later in the next video bye

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  1. karen catalano

    You learnt all this on utube? Nice. I would still be scratching my head trying to figure this out. Lol. But the time you bought everything would it not been about the same as buying a new one batteries for laptops cost a lot also

  2. Ann Poucher

    I have no idea what you just did but I am glad you know how to do this. I have to pay a small fortune to the computer man to repair mine.

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