CONAN EXILES Starmetal like a PRO ๐Ÿ˜€ | TUTORIAL | English Version | Gameplay PC

CONAN EXILES Starmetal like a PRO ๐Ÿ˜€ | TUTORIAL | English Version | Gameplay PC

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CONAN EXILES english- TUTORIAL – Gameplay PC
In this tutorial I will show you three different ways to crack the meteor and harvest the Starmetal Ore. I will show you the best spot for Brimstone and Black Ice!
This is my first video in english๐Ÿ˜Š and I hope you enjoy. ๐Ÿ‘

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hello dear people my name is Zico and I welcome you to another tutorial to Conan exile this is my first video in English so have mercy with me and my English and so on what I doesn't look very in style you okay better it's okay great yes so in this tutorial in this tutorial today I want to show you how to crack the comet's open with the star metal or I found three different ways to do so and this in this video a tutorial I will show it to you so let's begin okay first of all I show you the way with the explosive no no no it's called demon fire or this and to crack one comet open we need two of them yes I will show you how and explain it have a look we need two of these orbs we put them here there we got our comet and we throw two of them directly on the comet now it got a crack and the fire will do the rest so we just need to wait until we can harvest the or sometimes the comet crash right into a mountain so if it's too high you can climb on top of it and throw the orbs directly on the comet while you stand on it right now at this moment they won't hurt you so much you just throw two of them on the comet and then you can harvest okay this was a demon fire off next we try it with the explosive jarred this one and this works very well but it's a little bit tricky and because the plane need to be very flat otherwise you have a problem but I have a solution for this hello sometimes it will happen that the comet will land on an uneven plane just like this and you can place your explosive jar so in this case you need to bring some structure like this and you can place it like this and then you can place your jar right on top of it right next to the comet but you need to be careful in this accept the stupid jar is just falling down I try to put it and pick it up you can pick it up while it's on fire but I did not manage to do so but as you can see the explosive jar explode very far away but it's still enough to destroy the shell of the comet so after you're done with this you should remove your structure because sometimes locks the spawn in this case that would be spawned black ice sometimes it happens that the comet is buggy so you won't be able to crack it this one flee if like right next into my house and I try to crack it but it won't happen because it's packed maybe it's a feature or a bug I don't know but if you use a jar or a orb and it won't get a crack just leave it you will waste a lot of of explosive jars and orbs and you won't be able to crack it I hope they will fix it if it's a bucket yes this was the explosive jar it works very well if it works and if you can place it probably okay the third thing is the key and it works but it's extremely expensive but it works and it's not so easy believe it or not you can crack the shell of the comet with a trebuchet in this example I use the siege folder on my private server I run the very fast and I hit it directly but it won't get a crack so this means thus each border won't crack the comet so we won back to our trebuchet and this time we try it with I don't know what it's called in English but maybe you can see the picture and figure it out by yourself and then we load it hit the reel and then we pull the trigger and we one where we run there and we hit it almost but as you can see it's enough to crack the shell and we can harvest the or in this case I use a sward you should not use ass for two harvester or but I believe you can figure it out by yourself ok next I want to show you how to smelt the star metal or you need three things to melt the or two bars so first of all you need and you need okay and whatever now I show you the best spots to farm brimstone hello right here on the map are the shattered Springs called in English and there you can find a lot of brimstone I have to send all myself because I'm a naked because it's very hot here yes so you can find these things which look like rockets or torpedoes or I don't know and you can find the white rhino also here you can get the Hat if you need a nice trophy so this place is full of brimstone you just walk and and gather all you can get I think I got around 3,000 pieces of brimstone so this is really really really really much Winston you would only need to eat go there once or twice and you will have enough brimstone for the rest of the game maybe not but then you know where to get more of it so now after we found enough gemstone we need black eyes and you can find black eyes in the whole snowy area it's kind of rare but these spots are always the same watch what I say it's not here and there it's always the same spot so we just need to find it and then remember this spot so you will find it next time exactly on the same spot after the Miss fallen what the bless the best place to find black eyes is the frozen temple I think it's called frozen temple I will show it to you in a second there are so much like ice you would need to go there once and you will have enough like ice for the rest of the game I believe the temple of Frost you can find it right here on the map and now I will show you a small fly by okay now we have finished this so we have enough black eyes brimstone and stop at the war so we got all the stuff we need to smell the are into bars and this is how to do it so if we want to smelt all the stuff to bars we need of course the oven then we need our star metal or it's like our brimstone and of course the black ice I've got it here for smelter mmm I'm not sure if she's helpful or not so we need to turn it on the right is and we've got 50 bars out of 100 or so this means it takes two or and one brimstone and one black ice as I said I'm not sure if the tier 4 is helpful or not but this is a way and we've got very beautiful blue bars and nice so now we know how to smell the rest our metal warrant system metal bars you can make a lot of helpful things you can make daggers and sports and Spears and arrows told are more she is a lot of good stuff so I hope this tutorial was helpful for you and if you liked it please give me a comment and a like and if you are new to my channel please subscribe to enjoy more of my

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