Connect 2 Macs for a Duel Display Setup  WITHOUT THUNDERBOLT!

Connect 2 Macs for a Duel Display Setup WITHOUT THUNDERBOLT!

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A quick an easy tutorial giving you the lowdown on how to connect 2 Macs without thunderbolt!

Mini Display Por to Mini Display Port:

everybody this is a wastestream and today I'll be showing you how you can connect to max for a dual display setup now this is without funderbolt because you probably don't have a thunderbolt port then you will require this now this is a mini display port a mini DisplayPort cable and they're pretty hard to come by so I will have a link to one in the description once you do have one you want to plug it into the mini DisplayPort on both computers and the mini DisplayPort looks like this now if one computer has a mini DisplayPort and the other one has Thunderbolt you'll be able to connect the mini DisplayPort inside the Thunderbolt so it's okay there as well now once you've done that you want to come up to your keyboard on the computer you want to connect press command F 2 as you can see the computers will join together and I'll show you now that the dual display setup is working if I come up and open I was fine as you can see I can move it across the screens and we now have two screens working here colleges together and they just come right here and it's working great so that is how you set up to max for a jewel display setup I hope this video helped and until next time hey watch your mouth but

8 Replies to “Connect 2 Macs for a Duel Display Setup WITHOUT THUNDERBOLT!”

  1. Peter Foto

    HELP. Both my iMacs have mini display port so i am connecting them Via mini Display port but the F2 function is not working. One of my iMacs is a 2008 model and I read that iMacs made before 2009 cannot work as Duel display. Is there a solution to make it work???

  2. Ed Penano

    How is GPU strain on the Macs? Will one take the load, or will it do the work evenly? Like for example: if I play video games at the same time on both Macs…

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