Data transfer using target disk mode between 2 macs

Data transfer using target disk mode between 2 macs

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This is showing data being moved between 2 macs using firewire target disk mode.

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oh so good in the dates are off this iBook we are going to switch you down hold on wanted take and the keyboard and what this does is take the muck into what's called tag at this moment will see it happen on screen soon okay there we go now that all that's gonna happen now is that fire why symbol it's just gonna bounce around screen now what target disk mode does with a Mac it turns it quite literally into an external hard drive that you can put data out or get data off we're going to use it to get data off now what would needs also to be able to do this is another Mac I've got the desktop of the other mark here this window open is the backup folder that we're gonna be using to be able to work connect the two of them up we'll got a firewire cable you can see the one end in the Mac that we need to get information up this is the other row that we're just gonna put it the other firewire part on the Mac next it shows a normal fire wire cable six pin both ends to the site as you can see so put that in there you know as well now just looking on the desktop what we've got here just come up is the Macintosh HD from the other Mac double-click it on that it gives you this window which gives you access to all the information that's on the Mac and if we go over to users which is where we need to be to use a folder then in here we've got things like the desktop although information in the desktop he's gonna go over so I just create a new folder just gonna call the desktop so I know where he's coming from so we've got so two windows open now this is the window on this Mac this is the window on the back that we're looking at now so I'm just going to go that's over simply drag things over get the progress bar moving all the information of a 415 Becca bonus it says as you can see it's coming over national fast the reason is to transfer rates for firewire is incredibly high that's why it's not taking too long to do that just while that finishes okay are we done right documents there's nothing downloads well signs quite a lot of information in there so I've been moving that over look of something like pictures not too much and have you told there's a lot of information insights as well so that I'll be moved over either insights or in a different location so I said a lot next we'll move over down lives sue yes here just gonna come out yeah because we're in the wrong called up he do that okay I sit down Liz I'm just gonna move a whole downloads folder okay so photo 6.4 megabytes let's say date that runs on Firewise nice and quick so what I'm going to go to next is okay library taught there's a lot of things in the web server folder documents sites now again yes all this information he's moving over as well so I'll do it game just move over the whole sites folder max your simpler almost like there's quite a lot of information now 1.19 cake still about three minutes it's not too bad well that's going through on the Mac that we're getting the information from we've just got the firewire symbol bouncing around screen like saying this pretty much makes it into a external hard job no isn't just this Mac you can do it on pretty much any Mac from quite an old software os onwards I think it was B punt that the firewire came in or it could have been earlier but like say it what it does it turns it into an external hard drive that you can play formation arm or take information off and now this is a really really simple quick way of doing things now once all the information is off the computer itself this one it's just going to be have leopard reinstalled on it that's pretty much it really no this has been used really as data backup so it's a really simple way of doing data backup on a Mac it would be a much more complicated process if we were looking at windows because you'd need to be having the one the computer that year wants to get data from switched on and working okay and then you could put information onto an external hard drive or memory stick now depending on the state of the computer that may or may not be possible and if it is it could take a long time and with this movie we're just about dumped in way less than ten minutes and that's all the information off Aleksei that really really is quite really a simple it all I'm going to be doing from this Mac is taking the information burnin it's a blank DVD and that's pretty much it really I wouldn't have been able to do that's the same thing on this because it's only got a multi drive so I would have only been able to burn to CD but with the amount of information I've just moved over that worth being impossible to put it on the CD very possible to put on one CD a group of ctrl-click that's in for one point six eight gigs so that's a lot of information so it's a burn not impossible but so as you can see in the space of this movie we've backed up everything from this computer the oxides really simple really quick and it's all done so if you've got any questions about Taggart just mode on Macs or anything like that please do give us a call we can always help

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  1. Leon Stacey

    The migration app as far as we know moves all information from an old mac to a new one, a mac in target disk mode can be used just like an external hard drive

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