Dauntless | Hammer Tutorial | Weapon Guide 2019

Dauntless | Hammer Tutorial | Weapon Guide 2019

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Dauntless has arrived on PS4 and Xbox one! Without a doubt my favourite weapon is the Hammer. I’m hoping you do too. Here’s everything you need to know to be great with a hammer. From the basic combos to secret tactics to defeat any behemoth.

Dauntless weapons guides 2019
episode 1: Hammer
episode 2: You decide??

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brutal blunt-force trama infused with blast damage let's go back into dauntless and go through how to get the best out of that hammer hello and welcome to Playstation grenade are you enjoying your time in dauntless by now you probably have a favorite weapon but may be thinking about mixing it up or getting the most out of your armory well without a doubt I think you should give the hammer a go and you'll quickly see why I love it so much we'll go through the basics the fundamentals before moving to more advanced attacks and the ultimate aether smash combo which is absolutely devastating so if you're ready let's do this the first thing we must understand is the role of the hammer whoever wields it is there to target the behemoths armor and most importantly evolve the beasts head if you're stuck at the tail end you aren't as effective as you should be so when it's hammer time aim for the head so we have two fundamental basic attacks to understand the first is simply pressing square three times without moving the second attack is the same but also pushing in a direction with your left thumbstick do you notice the difference between the two this comes down to the weapons games as a basis look how wide the standing attack is are now compare that to the moving attack this directly links to accuracy and placement the horizontal versus the vertical the wide attack has a higher chance of hitting the bahama but the vertical attack has a narrow gate designed to hit the behemoth at bang on the head and this linked back to our primary function as a hammer broke hitting the beasts on the head as often as we can there's also a variant of that vertical attack we can change the motion to an uppercut to do this we start standing still and press square but then we add movement so push towards your target and hit square twice more double uppercuts so puts our theory hat back on why is this important well remember we want head shots an uppercut can hit a behemoth whose head is quite high off the ground so as a basic rule of thumb smash the hammer down on the behemoths heads that are and switch to uppercuts when they are at head height no no pun intended there so that's half the weapon done and dusted but before we move on to the Beast combos and attack patterns let's quickly go over the other side the blast cannon hidden inside that hammer so just like any real-life hammer there's a shotgun our cannon hidden inside to use it simply press triangle it does have a wide spread but arguably it's pretty lackluster compared to the power of a swinging hammer by holding down triangle we can charge a shot which consumes those files in the top left corner resulting in this to reload simply tap r1 did you notice the animation when reloading in the top corner this represents the perfect time to reload by tapping our one again at the centre point we will be awarded with the quickest reload possible if we miss this point the animation turns red to show us our bullets are not running at prime effectiveness and the animation takes a little longer in fight the shotgun element is an acceptable way to cancel out of a combo to keep in the same position but in every single other scenario dodge role is the correct thing to do to cancel out to the tax charging up the cannon and releasing it at the right time we'll see behemoth animations interrupted resulting in that beast going to ground allowing you to get up close and personal and smash it on its head once again oh and another great use of a full barrage is on those minions various behemoths have in fights boom not missing the blasters have evasive uses – whilst running we can tap triangle to bunnyhop with a blast file and by pressing triangle twice again while running we can perform an aggressive double jump we can use it to evade or better still add a square inputs and smash down upon the behemoth I find it's a really good way to get to the correct side so if you find yourself at its butt use this to get back to its head and I know I keep saying this but we all know why we hammer guys are all about the headshots now things get impressive we can infuse the hammer swings with aether blasts but just before we do that let's showcase the best combo at our disposal well there's three in fact the ultimate combo which if you try and unleash as often as you can comes in three variants they all start with the same three square combo like we showed earlier on but now add a triangle hit to the end and boom bloody spectacular the final blow will use all four blast files or however many you have at that point but check this landing that final blow Awards ballistic relief we get supercharged blast ammo in return so hypothetically we can chain the combo until our stamina meter depletes other behemoths gets a hitting it's now possible to take this further but the following does require a little timing we can now infuse those blasts into our hammer swings have a look-see during each swing of our hammer we can incorporate a blast attack by simply pressing triangle before the shot lands will shine yellow when it's done correctly it's possible at any step of the combo as long as you're swinging your axe at the point you press triangle so potentially during every single hit and if we keep the killer combo in mind we can in theory get back all the shots without reloading if we hit our final aether smash chaining the combo for devastating effects honestly it's like a wrecking ball and it feels great when you nail it but here's something you must keep in mind bottoming will result in missing either an instant reload or a blast infusion and in the worst case scenarios your character will start to go through a manual reload and risk being hit by the behemoth it all comes down to timing on that combo you choose performing an instant reload after every hit takes time to get used to and honestly I still mess it up all the other types anyway it's possible to keep reloading all four files until the final hit for the most damage possible by a hammer from now on we call this move stop I'm at I'm sorry oh sorry anyway here's the thumb work forward square triangle r1 square triangle r1 square triangle one triangle it's all timing based and I'm terrible at timing so if I can do this you can do this anyway man had some impressive combo okay so that's my guide to using the hammer of course we didn't look at the builds on modifiers this episode was all about the basics in battle and advanced attack patterns please let me know your thoughts I would love some feedback shall I keep going with this series and what weapons shall we break down next as a last call to action if you buy anything in the game please think about using my Creator code a damaru AD am aru as i receive a few pennies from everything you buy in-game I'll use that money to make more content like this I'm Adam from Playstation grenade it's been a pleasure I'll see you next time

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  1. Sai Lent

    Can you do an advanced build hammer vid? Hammer is actually very fun to play, and would love to know how to optimize it.
    Thank you for the guide

  2. redsohc

    One of the best beginner guides out there! Really appreciate the input timed with the animation and how legible everything is even for sub HD folks like me.

  3. Adam Petra

    "Just like any real life hammer, there's a shotgun or cannon hidden inside". That legitimately made me laugh out loud.

  4. alvaro cardoso

    I saw a tutorial in my mother language (spanish) and i understand so much more from this tutorial, this is what i was looking for, ty so much, de button on the screen the best to understand it

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