DayZ Encounter Guide - DayZ 1.0 Guides - Ep.5 - Beginners

DayZ Encounter Guide – DayZ 1.0 Guides – Ep.5 – Beginners

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Do you have trouble with dealing with other survivors in DayZ? Don’t look any further.
This guide will help you with that! I hope you enjoy!

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Hello everyone, Rene here Welcome to the DayZ Encounter Guide First of all.. This is a hard video to make, for everyone. Feel free to leave a comment about everything
you disagree with or something that I forgot, So we can have a discussion about it, and maybe I can even create a follow up video
on this. You should also know that I'm the type of
person that rarely shoots unless provoked. So that's mostly the point of view I create
this video from. From the perspective of a survivor there are
basically 4 things that can happen. You get shot at and have to fight or flight. You spot someone yourself and have to fight,
follow, talk or leave alone. Someone starts talking to you, or you spot each other at the same time. Let's start with the fact that you get shot
at and you don't drop dead immediately. The first thing you can do turn around and
shoot back and try to suppress them. This works best if you actually know where
the enemy is. If you immediately manage to land a shot on
your attacker he might back off. This is a very risky move and having a good
aim is very important on this one. If you are with a friend, let them suppress
the general area of where you are getting shot from. The second thing you can do is try to get
in cover. If you're carrying anything in your hands
like a base building item or whatever Drop that immediately and run into the darkness. Into cover is always preferable. If you're using a head torch you can put the
battery on the hotbar and turn it on and off on demand. If you are overburdened you can teach yourself to drop your backpack immediately when in danger. If you are hurt and too far away from cover
shooting back might be the only option. If the attacker is close you can also try
and surrender. After any encounter you should always evaluate
what you could've or should've done differently. If you were in the open, could you have prevented
that? Should you have tried to retaliate immediately? Did you run into cover immediately? Were you too far away from cover? Did you scan the area good enough, or did
you stick around for too long? These are all questions you should ask yourself. Here is an encounter where I saw someone first,
I decide to talk to him and he still manages to kill me. I encountered many of these kind of situations
and lessons learned for me here are Always approach someone that doesn't have
a gun they're hands with a gun in your hands and that gives you control the situation. If you don't have a gun and he does, try to
avoid him if you can. If he has his gun out, follow him and wait
until he's in a building to be able to talk to him safely. If someone aims a gun at you, no excuse, shoot! Clues that tell you that they are with someone
else is that if they are quiet for a little time so they can inform their possible friends
on discord or teamspeak. If you have approached them and they start
stalling for some reason that's a good way of telling they are possibly
with someone else and they're friends are rush in to get a shot
on you. If people talk in a sarcastic voice like they are not taking the game serious enough or 'fake' roleplaying That makes me really distrust them. As this game is a sandbox game it's appealing
for many different type of players. It's not always clear but you can try to categorize
them. Example categories are: Murderers: Just there to shoot anyone and
everyone. Not interested in talking. Hermits: Just there to roam the lands. They're not interested in fighting Survivor: Can lean towards both Murderers
and Hermits, but it often depends on their mood. Trolls: They want interactions but they're
just there to mess with people. They are not to be trusted at all costs. Based on the clothing they wear and based
on their movement, you can often identify them. There are also better and worse times to approach
someone. If someone is looting around he's looking
for stuff to upgrade or for food and it's safer to approach thát guy then if someone is running through a town
with their weapon in hands in a complete military outfit. They are probably just be out for blood. People definitely are more on edge in a military
areas than in a random small town on the side on the side of the
coast If there are groups involved it makes things
a lot more complicated. The most valuable thing I can tell you about
that is that you need to try and make sure that every one of the group you want to approach
is known to you. Try to contact the one guy who is furthest
away from the group so you can still bail if you need to, or try to approach them when they are all
standing together. But a safer choice is obviously to not approach
them at all. If you are suddenly talked to you should always
try to find time to assess the situation. Is there one guy that is talking to you, are
there more? Does he have friends? Try to keep talking to them, tell them your
name and tell them what you're looking for. You need them to like you and to trust you. Some people will hold you up with a gun pointed
at you. If you then try to run away or take your gun
out you'll just get shot. But sometimes people are sloppy in their holdups. They will try to hold you up when you're just
at the corner of a building, or they are not pointing their gun at you, etc. Assess each situation differently. Some people will also tell you to put your
hands up just so they can kill you easily. So putting your hands up isn't always a guarantee
of survival. If you spot each other at the same time, several
things can happen. The friendly approach is of course to wave. This is usually what happens if you see each
other from a larger distance. Often people try to commit to both putting
your weapons away to generate more trust in the situation. If they aim at me at any time it usually loses
my trust immediately. I've had it happen quite a few times that
I said hi, someone aimed at me in a reflex, and I started to raise my weapon, they lower their weapon again while I shoot
them as I have no time to retract my bullets. So if you are one of these reflex people,
try to work on that because it will get you killed. Questions I always ask people in every scenario
are: Are you alone? What's your name? Did you see anyone else? Where are you going. Where have you been? This way you can get all the information you
need. But it's also a way of seeing if they are
trustworthy or not. If you are looking for anything specific like
a car or a camp, just ask them as you can learn about the areas
where you haven't been yet. Betrayals are hard to work out as you already
crossed that initial meetup. Usually when a betrayal has happened you're
too late to react properly but often if you reflect on the situation
afterwards you can probably point out several red flags. Watch out for people giving you food or letting
you look in their backpack or another container. They want you to be in your inventory when
they shoot you in the face or try and tie you up. Watch out if people are trying to get behind
you. Don't stand still or drink at a well if you
do not trust the guy you're with yet. In the end there are endless amount of scenarios
you will have to deal with at some point. Follow your intuition and if you don't trust
any situation the best way to survive is to just run away. Assess each situation and learn from your
mistakes. In the end it's you who decides how to deal
with different situations. I hope this video helped you out. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments. And I will see you all, in the next video. Stay safe out there and, Keep on Surviving! Thank you all for watching my video I hope you enjoyed it Please vote in the poll what you want to see
in the next guide video and I will see you all, in the next one Cheers!

43 Replies to “DayZ Encounter Guide – DayZ 1.0 Guides – Ep.5 – Beginners”

  1. Ben Wil

    Tbtb I was attacked by a fisting maniac in my first 5 mins so I generally go murderer so they don’t kill me. Though I managed to avoid a few ppl. How do you do motions like waving? (Ps4)

  2. PictishPrince

    It might be nice to play on the Barely Infected servers, if the majority of people there, including apparently some in charge, were not so toxic. I imagine that is why some of the content creators have left the place. It is just full of chill toxicity.

  3. Maciej Kołodziejczyk

    I have my own category system for people, derived from old dayZ days, the mod for Arma 2 Days. I tend to group people into these 3 groups: Bandits (basically your Murderers and Trolls), Wanderes (your Hermits) And Heroes (the good guys obviously). This system served me good for years, maybe it can serve others too. I have a few rules myself, for example: Guy stays too quiet for a long time, tie him up and run; Guys aims at me, try to knock him out, avoid killing if possible; Guy again, try to knock him out, avoid killing if possible; Guy shoots at me, again, try to knock him out, avoid killing if possible; Guy is friendly, stay cautious untill trust is gained. I try to never betray people, i prefer friendly interactions. If i'm looking for a fight i go to the nearest military base and observe, if i spot an obvious bandit, engage. These rules were beaten into my head in the mod days, meeting bandits was a great thrill but i got more satisfaction from helping players, interacting with them. Red flags, well i have a few obvious red flags that i act upon immidiately, like being quiet for too long, desperately trying to make me enter my inventory, spotting them aiming at my direction, always trying to stay behind me, acting in a goofy way, trying to sneak around me. And my go to approach with strangers, always a gun in my hands, lowered but ready for a quick response.

  4. SadSquidward

    3:39 , you forgot to mention MY category , the good Robbers
    They shoot you on sight , they dont want to kill you they want you to get unconcious so they can loot you and leave. They are guys that are looking for pvp but also they arent straight up murderers.
    Yes you might die once in a while but if pvp doesnt happen when is the fun in the game, its fun being friendly but its also boring sometimes.

  5. SadSquidward

    In my opinion you should always shoot people but try not to kill them, get them to the unconcious state and try to loot the things you need. If somebody doesnt have a gun or seems like he just started then definately dont kill them. Sometimes you can even do deals with people , lets say the guy is low on hp and he agrees to come out , you tell him "come with your hands up or i'll shoot" and if he decides to come with his hands up then you can handcuff him and take what you need.
    If both players dont have a gun you might even want to make friends with that guy (if you play solo) , or just dont fight , even if you win the fight you will be left with low hp which is not worth it.

  6. Michael

    I have like 15 hours in this game, and somebody held me up with an empty shotgun then killed me with the ammo from the gun I dropped 😀 I should've just shot him but I thought he was friendly.

  7. maTyyp

    hello i want to ask,if i build a base on server and then i will join different server the base will be on the different server too?

  8. Max Linck

    Although locicaly the point with people giving you stuff mkaes sense – I dissagree
    If I encounter someone that is friendly and I have something to share I will allways ask if they need something essential eg food water or ammo that I don't need or have plenty of and then give them that. – if I have multiple storage containers for water I will offer them one as they are usaly hard to come by but very usefull

  9. Stefan S.

    DayZ has become another fucking shooting game. because of that fucking shit community…..only a few have understand what DayZ was made for, I have quit playing app. one and a half year ago, because of that…and I played more then 2000 hours before… whatis the problem all those idiots have????

  10. Coday - DayZ Deutsch/German

    Very good summary/guide of all the playstyles and behaviour patterns!
    What do you think of the server situation atm? According to my opinion there are too many servers with too many mods. I play on vanilla servers and a few of the modded servers that do not have traders, specific zones (like safe zones) and high/too much loot. These 3 things are my exclusion criteria when it comes to choosing a server. I think they distort the normal run of events somehow, decrease the amout of encounters and cause more kos.

  11. FreeRanger

    Be patient I used to run into encounters without taking the time to fully understand the scenario I was about to enter. – PS Love the old school DayZ at 7:07

  12. Okabim

    Telling someone your name and asking for their name is helpful because if they kill you, they're killing "René", not just another survivor. TRMZ usually starts his interactions that way. Also never trust anyone who doesn't speak on voice.

  13. PhishyBongwaters

    It's almost like you are suggesting that I die a lot because I suck and don't learn from my mistakes. I'm pretty sure that's wrong and everyone else is a hacker and also the game cheats

  14. Jammet Leopard

    Tanke Rene! 🙂 Also — not everyone trying to give you food or gear is going to be sneeky and shoot you. There are people like me and my friends, who try to just meet people, and get into as many friendly situations as possible! Usually we just put things on the ground, in tents or barrels, and it's a question of instinct and trust. You can accept these gifts, or be on your way. 🙂

  15. TheShampooDude

    If someone tells me they’re with someone or have a group online, I trust them much more. They could be trying to let you know early on that you shouldn’t try anything dumb, but usually they are just being honest and are friendly

  16. Storage -SPACE?!

    Hey Rene! Great video as always my man! Been running around the village, thanks for having a great server! Been having some amazing encounters! Friendly and no so friendly encounters are likely on any server, but yours I have had more friendly then not 👍

  17. AkwardTickler

    Damn man, this video highlights my step by step process when playing solo down to the 5 questions you ask. You nailed it with identifying the play style of the players you will likely run into. Good intro video for new players to figure out how 99% of interactions will play out.

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