DayZ Survival Guide Episode 1: Tips for Beginners, Loot, Weapons Tips & More

DayZ Survival Guide Episode 1: Tips for Beginners, Loot, Weapons Tips & More

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Hello! Here is my first episode about how to survive in DayZ Standalone. It’s a guide for everyone who wants to learn how to play the game and not only that, you can also improve your gameplay and DayZ experience by following my tips.
If you’re already a vet, a you think you have a word to say, just leave a comment in the description area. Beginners will appreciate your advices.

Instrumental produced by Chuki.

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29 Replies to “DayZ Survival Guide Episode 1: Tips for Beginners, Loot, Weapons Tips & More”

  1. Jeffrey Chelette

    Great video but obviously someone was there before you because the doors was all open. Best not to waste your time or risk getting killed if doors are already open.

  2. Mytoast Isdone

    Took me a while but I had to figure out that I can't even sustain myself on the coastlines cities for long. I remembered back in the mod finding so much more in the cities before I went north. Now it seems its best just to go straight north. Good tips in this video too 👍

  3. imsato

    Man , i Was in the exact same deer stand where you were while i was watching and playing. I FEEL ENLIGHTENED!
    Ps . The building you locked the zombie , was where i died due to hypothermia LMFAO!

  4. AntiCheatBot

    pretty good video but maybe you can prerecord and read off a script or something. it feels like the video should've been half the length.

  5. steve kelly

    When you spawn first thing to do is make a stone knife and cut a branch for a long stick for melee, what you gonna do that player is unfriendly, what are you gonna do if there are Infected in the first bunch of houses- you got no weapon, what are you gonna do if there are a bunch of dresses – you got nothing to cut them up with?


    A very useful video jediRedseven!
    If I were a beginner with the DayZ game I would really love to see this video! I hope to continue these episodes and turn all your subscribers into Dayz PVP masters! :D. <3

  7. Hades winterfell

    As always great vid man. a great guide for new players who want to get in on the fun. Even I learned some new tricks.
    you have my like and my thanks.

  8. lil maxi

    And if you are a beginner don t loot for best gear(svdm4or winchester) Play shotguns or mps or sks to gain more pvp experience!

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