Dead HP Pavilion Computer - Simple Fix, Cost Nothing!

Dead HP Pavilion Computer – Simple Fix, Cost Nothing!

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When your HP computer will not turn on or power up, get a hair dryer and blow hot air into the fan opening of the power supply until the green blinking light stay solid (about 30 to 40 seconds). This is most likely a temporary fix until you can buy a new Power Supply (around $30 or salvage from other old computers) for replacement.

45 Replies to “Dead HP Pavilion Computer – Simple Fix, Cost Nothing!”

  1. Carl Swanson

    Thought this would be a total waste of time… until it actually started spinning again – spot on. Tips: Mine took almost 2 min heat directly into the fan very close and very hot – and it seemed like the light blinked faster and faster until it finally turned on – so when the light starts to blink faster, it could very well be headed the direction you need it. I don't know who originally figured this out, but it totally worked for me. I'll leave it on and order a new power supply ASAP.

  2. Hector Jayat

    the problem is the power supply, most common issues is that it has poped capacitors, try to replace them or replace the power or your electric bill wil go to the sky by usin the air heater

  3. Allan Dale

    I'd like to not have to purchase anything, especially a meter to check something inside my computer. I am not an electrician. Thanx anyway. I just figured you might have a clue. Never mind!

  4. Lorna Campbell

    Worked for me too! Guess I need to order a new power supply soon. Thank you SO much. I was ready to throw it out the window.

  5. rundown thomas

    the big question is ….is this issue a capacitor problem, a fan problem, a dust problem with the psu…its irritating that nobody seems to know

  6. rundown thomas

    ok great stuff that worked….but can somebody tell me what blowing hot air into the unit did…how did it fix the problem ….what did it do…????????

  7. CSS Group 3

    can you help m out my monitsr hp is working but in a second it shuts down and turns on again and shuts down again and again

  8. Great Degrees

    Amazing!  The green LED  was on, but very dim on my PC. Less than a minute of hot air got it shining bright, and it powered up.  Thank you.

  9. Lola X

    Hi m8t any tips on how 2 get rid of Reboot or select proper boot device? it's stuck on my pc & I can't log in or restore the windows software.

  10. MrDanDroid

    You just saved me a total nervous breakdown… Thanks mate. It worked.. Don't have a clue how or why, but it did. Whoop.

  11. Doctor Sense

    when i switch on the cpu fans start up but it doesnt boot up neither do i hear any beep sound like the one that i hear during start of normal boot….
    what can be the problem

  12. dan bromberg

    My HP Pavillion (USUALLY) won't start; the green light is solid (no blinking) but once in a dozen attempts I do get a successful boot up to my Vista OS. Should I replace the switch or the power supply?

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