DFAS brings live coding, realism to Army Reserve’s Diamond Saber

DFAS brings live coding, realism to Army Reserve’s Diamond Saber

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DFAS Defense Military Pay Office personnel brought more than 100 years of military pay experience to help train Army Reserve and National Guard Soldiers preparing to deploy during the Army Reserve’s Diamond Saber 2019 at Fort McCoy, Wisconsin, June 18-July 1.

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Diamond Sabre is the Army's largest financial management training exercise it incorporates individual training collective small unit training as well as an assessment opportunity for commanders to see how their units are performing the relationship with because has been amazing they have really gone out of their way to ensure that we are getting what we're requesting because they understand that we are trying to better our soldiers training and they have a passion for soldiers pay because they understand the meaning that is behind the soldiers paying DFAS had a very exciting role in Diamond Sabre our defense military pay officers that perform field level pay at at the Army installations had representatives there okay.what defense is doing here is training Reserve Soldiers in active duty and reserve pay Diamond Sabre was it was an incredible incredible exercise this year and that technical piece of it I mean for that those Guard and Reserve Reserve men and women is the the best trainer they'll get throughout the year from a defense perspective military pay is our number one missing mission essential tasks mission essential function we take it very serious and so we partner with the army to make sure that when soldiers go down range and they perform that function that they are equipped to be able to perform deep des bring the right training Diamond Sabre started 15 years ago and started as just death by PowerPoint and so it evolved into live coding all total there were more than nine thousand documents live documents that were coded with with over 96 cent accuracy rate which is which is pretty doggone they're able to bring the system accesses they're able to bring the workload that they perform here Kona's and soldiers can actually do inputs which is really meaningful training for the soldiers but the things I saw last year diamonds they were totally different we're not seeing this year this year you had soldiers that came in more motivated and willing to actually pay attention to the training because this year they actually had live documents they actually processed a lot of them get more value out of doing live transactions and performing the test rather than listening to a PowerPoint or going through notional scenarios this really brings the realistic training that they really need to ensure that their processing soldiers pay correctly and accurately the units that are currently in theater now whether they like I said they're in Afghanistan Iraq or Kuwait we bring those guys guys and gals back in to actually helping to facilitate with the training we were the ones bringing the lessons that we learned from our deployment in 2017 through 18 there were upwards of 45 units at Diamond saber to include Army Reserves active duty and the National Guard the majority of those units are deploying within the next 12 months which makes the training very timely and relevant military pay is near and dear to my heart because as I mentioned earlier it ties directly to soldiers morale it allows them to concentrate on their mission and not have to worry about not getting paid on time or accurately that is why we are committed to bringing really meaningful training here so that soldiers fighting the fight upfront are able to get there some teittleman's get there correct pay and get it on a timely manner it is our responsibility to help to prepare those soldiers to make sure that they are equipped with the information and the training that they need to be able to take care of those soldiers when you're deployed there's there's always a risk there and when you are focusing on anything except your mission your buddy – left and right then then you put yourself and your buddy on your left and right at harm in addition to the overall mission so it very much is an issue of life and death

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