Division 2 - Patch 3.1 - 4K Performance Test - i9 9900K & RTX 2080 Ti

Division 2 – Patch 3.1 – 4K Performance Test – i9 9900K & RTX 2080 Ti

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Full PC Build:
I9 9900K
32 GB Ram (4×8 DDR4)
Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti FE Hybrid (+100 Core and +500 Mem)
Windows 10 64bit (1809)
Asus Prime Z390-A
EVGA 750w Power Supply
Monitor – Philips BDM4065UC/00
Nvidia Driver – 430.86

okay what's up guys right so this is patch 3.1 or basically June title update for division 2 it's just a bit away from here again I'm just outside the safe house and where are we I have the ring oh you know what let's just get rid of that just for two seconds there we go so we're just here any moment let's bring up the graphics settings real quick and we are running dx12 to be fair I mean there's not that much different this way too obviously the main difference is the DX 12 version seems to be more GPU focused so it uses a lot more VRAM but I mean I've done tests in the past comparing dx12 with dx11 and there isn't that much difference I think now we do video first sorry go around right so it's fullscreen 3840 by 2160 not that stupid 8k fucking crap refresh rate 60 Hertz reduced latency is off dx12 is on and all these are grayed out because I haven't got an HDR monitor under graphics options basically this is our own custom preset brightness and contrast is pretty much personal preference vsync is off frame might limit the resolve shadow quality very high spot shadows I basically all of these are at the highest sharpening is basically a post-processing filter I think I'm pretty sure somebody will comment and say when I'm wrong or not but it doesn't really add any impact to performance particle detail ultra volumetric fog ultra which is normally the first one you turn down if you're trying to get better framerate keep scrolling down all of these are at the highest let's try to filter in 16 times parallax mapping yes and being occlusion very high depth of field is on I know some of you don't like it but personally I do the easiest object detail all the way up extra streaming distance all the way up neutral lighting is off mainly because I play in quite a nice lightly like net room bright room yeah lens flare is on because I love lens flare effects if they're done properly like they are on this game they are really nice to look at vignette I don't like it so that was left off again no particularly no real impact on performance water quality high chromatic aberration again some people don't like it I personally do so it's on no real well I think there is a small performance hit with that one but not massive projected texture resolution 512 apparently you can change that to 1020 yeah 1024 in the ini file but I wouldn't recommend doing it unless you're playing at a lower resolution high resolution sky textures yes terrain quality high and anti-aliasing is ultra I know a lot of people would basically try and force often do it all together but you've only really got the medium or the ultra settings and I've got a feeling medium might have to be temporal filtering or some sort of TxAA or taa or something like that I'm sure but the ultra setting is much much nicer you don't get that horrible blur effect so right that's it for the sames yep okay so let's bring the overload back up and I've got some stuff unlocked but I didn't really care too much about that right haven't really got a plan for this video just go make our way topside and have a look I haven't played this one for a while actually in fact I think the last time I did bullshit was us what if I never meet you too so let's beat the mic I'll catch you guys below request hostile control point identified hostile control point detected detected here that's the last of them you never know with more would show up okay that'll do you alright thanks for watching guys peace out care to laugh

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