DOTA UNDERLORDS: A Tutorial for Complete Beginners [Full Game, Full Explanation]

DOTA UNDERLORDS: A Tutorial for Complete Beginners [Full Game, Full Explanation]

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hey folks quility here and welcome to a tutorial for dota under lords for complete beginners dota under Lords Valve's standalone version of this new crazy sort of auto battler auto chest Sean that really got big thanks to dota Auto chest which is a free mod for dota 2 since then a lot of other companies have tried to develop their own standalone version I really like dota under Lords over here because it's actually the one that's more similar to the original auto chest but feels very comfortable playing this game has just entered open beta ranked playing things has just been introduced it is now free for anyone to just jump into and play you can get it on Steam for PC Mac Linux I think as well as get it arm for iOS devices and Android devices as well it's a single account that's shared between every game and in fact one of the crazy things that you can do in this game is actually apparently I haven't tried it yet is you can start a game on one platform quit and then join it on another one so you could start on PC you'll realize you have to go and you can continue it on your mobile device apparently I haven't actually tested this yet it is a remarkably easy game to get into it is one of those games where you will take an eternity to truly feel like you've mastered it if you ever feel that way it's really really wonderful there are two user interfaces available so in the options over here so we've got so this is your play menu this is a I don't know sort of a library so you can see all the heroes and you can read about them all the different Alliance groups will talk about those women get in all the items so if you need to do some reading you can do that outside of the game and then there's the option screen over here under the game tab there are two user interfaces to choose from there's PC which will probably be your default as well as mobile and I actually play even though I'm on PC actually quite I tend to play with the mobile UI because they quite like the user interface for that we'll talk about it once we get into the game so you can hit play and the thing is I really encourage you even if you feel like you're very new you don't what you're doing jump into multiplayer it's it's so much fun it's so easy it's eight people including yourself so you and seven other people playing in here but everyone's really just paying attention to our own board no one's really care what you're gonna what you're doing you don't have to worry about fee embarrassed or anything like that no one's really gonna pay that much attention to you there's no true chat in here you can do some emotes and things like that but you don't have to worry about being trash-talked or anything like that it's really quite nice however for our first game for this tutorial I'm even going with a solo slash bot mode over here and by the way what's great about the bots games is if you stop for some reason you have the option of resuming it later I'm just gonna hit new game over here that's gonna be fine the reason I'm gonna go for a bot game for a very first one is because there's a checkbox over here to let you play your own pace so normally the rounds are time you only have a certain amount of time to sort of make your decision as to what pieces you will buy and where you'll position them and so on and so forth and a big part of the fun of this game is the timed aspect so don't get hooked on like oh I'm only gonna play vs bots to play at my own pace so I can take the time really like the timer is is fun but we're gonna leave this on because it's gonna be better for us to you know explain things I'll just go medium bots whatever that's fine and then we can in the game so normally you would be in this game with yourself and seven other human beings in this case it's myself and seven bots who will pretend to be human beings the game is split up into rounds each round you will start the round by getting a certain amount of money a certain amount of gold then this shop will open up to give you the option of purchasing a unit to then place on your board if you hit this button in the bottom right corner this opens and closes a shop as you can see and if you use the spacebar that's another key to open and close the shop that's what I tend to use is the spacebar cause it's quite handy this is the play field where all the battles will take place this glowing area at the bottom this is where you're allowed to place your pieces and you can maybe see why the original mod was called Auto chess because it looks like a chessboard the idea is a check it was like sort of a chessboard where the pieces move and attack on their own you don't control the pieces in battle you purchase one of your your units when your chess pieces you place that unit on the board and then when the round starts it just automatically goes and starts fighting your opponents speaking of opponents you can see them down on the left hand side over here you can actually click on here and see what people are doing miguel bot has bought himself a tiny simon bot has gotten interest gina bots got a warlock and so on and so forth so you can use this to try to see what other people are doing what their strategy is I mean that'll be hard to figure out early on because you don't you won't necessary understand what any of it means but it becomes a very very valuable and we'll talk about why where some of that value comes from now this shop here in this screen this is the desktop this is the PC interface I actually for various different reasons currently actually prefer the mobile interface yeah everything gets a little bit bigger um you know the icons over here certainly get bigger and I mean I would prefer that maybe a little shrunk but I much prefer the mobile shop personally which is much larger and easier to see especially for the purpose of making videos so you might prefer desktop you might prefer mobile you can change it in the options this little button over here then settings and you can change what user interface you've got going on but we're gonna go with you okay let's talk about this first let's talk about how the money works at the start of every round caveat here four different timings but we'll talk about that later you get some money round one you get one gold round two you get two and so on and so forth until you get five gold per turn and then you you keep getting five gold per turn from that point forward if you wind around a combat we'll talk about what that is in a second you get an extra gold you also get bonus gold if you're on a Windows streak so if you win many times in a row you will get bonus gold every round as long as you keep winning if you lose many times in a row you will also get bonus gold every round as long as you keep losing so it's actually in a sense better to lose many rounds in a row then win lose win lose win lose the downside to losing around talk about what it means to win or lose around the downside to losing around is you will take damage every player starts with a hundred hit points every time you lose around you will take some damage depending on how many units are still alive on the enemy side at the end of the round this will make more sense once we start playing but you win the game once everyone else is dead alright let's spend some money so we have won gold we can go into the shop all of these units cost won the first set of Units you will see they will all cost one there are units that cost one two three four and finally five the cost of unit definitely reflects the power to cost units are more powerful than one cost units but it's a little fuzzier than that so each one of these guys has a variety of different statistics if we go and say click on tiny over here sees a little name tag but on that we can get a breakdown of tiny over here here's a tier one unit he is primordial and a warrior we'll talk about this in a second and he's got an ability called toss that is on a cool-down it does some things and here's his statistics at various star levels we'll talk about the star levels in a moment so you can go and compare these different units if you would like by clicking on here but the upshot is every character in this game every hero has a unique ability that they will try to deploy in combat all units to start with zero mana when they hit 100 mana they cast their ability units generate mana by both being hit as well as dealing damage the more damage you take or deal out the faster you'll generate mana as soon as you hit a hundred the unit will use its ability unless it's on cooldown and every unit has a different cooldown so tinker's heat-seeking missiles have an eight second cooldown when he's a one-star unit and when he gets all the way to a three star unit it's only a four second cooldown all right this is all very complicated and confusing at first who do you pick well ultimately your first pick kind of almost doesn't matter that much because one of the big things in this game is you're trying to set up combos with these alliances over here so tusk for example is a savage warrior tiny is a primordial warrior and if you mouse over here you can see that if you have three warriors all warriors gain ten armor so you're going to be trying to create combinations with these different alliances so tinker is a scrappy inventor so his clockwork he's a scrappy inventor and they have some bonuses there let's say we start off with let's say we start off with tusk over here so I will click on him to purchase him then I will close the shop either by hitting this button over here or by toggling the spacebar so tusk is now on my bench the units on your bench over here and you can click and drag them don't do anything they will not participate in combat this is a placeholder because you can only put so many people in the field your character level which is what's listed over here determines how many units you can have in a field we are level 1 everyone starts at level 1 which is what that little number there is so we can have one unit in the field so I will go ahead and put tusk in the field you see as I'm moving around there's like a glowy area around him this is the range at which he'll attack tusk is a melee character she only attacks the cell adjacent team so I know we'll throw them on the frontlines that's sounds pretty good and then we will start the round now normally this would be a timer that would count down and the round would just start because we are in this special solo mode we have to hit the play button over here to start the round now what we're gonna be doing over here is we're gonna be fighting against sort of generic minions non-player character everyone on their board is fighting so this is Miguel's board he's got tiny he's fighting the same two little minions over here they're very squishy no matter who you put into play you will beat them now here there's gonna be a time thing this is loot this is oh they fixed it so this timer doesn't go earlier in the beta even when you're on the no timer please mode the loot would still count down so that's great every time round to maybe stuff is happening in the background actually I don't know every time you beat one of these neutral rounds one of these just non-player minion rounds which is what we just did over here you get to choose an item you get a list of three items demonstrated if you lose the round against the minions what's gonna happen to these are gonna get crossed out so you're just left with a third one sort of that random but if you win you get to choose now some of these items these round ones like this are items you actually put on a character so for example if I picked up the chainmail I could put this on tusk and he would have five extra armor he'd be a lot tougher to kill these square ones over here and you can tell sort of by the task and what it does these are just your global items you don't actually have to put them on a character they just work so here this would make anyone next to warlock so warlocks is a type of unit you can purchase it's one of the Alliance's this means so that anyone next to a warlock he'll for more damage it's quite good but don't have a warlock right now I think I'll just grab the chainmail because that's gonna be great so a new round this is round two so because it's round two we have two gold added to our bank this round and we can purchase more people now they bar down here which is currently blank is quite handy because it'll actually tell you if you've got any possible combos you can build up over here now if I go and remember tusk is savage and a warrior none of these guys are savage and none of these guys are warriors which is why it's not showing us any combo let's say I buy one of these shadow shamans over here there you go now we've got a little bit of a display going on down here what does it telling me well it's telling me right now for batrider for example batrider zat rule and shadow shaman is a troll and it's telling me hey this blinking thing that writer would be your second troll right this um this top square demonstrates who you've got so you've already got one square it's hollow because he's on your the bench if I put these shadows Rama into play and come back over here you can see it's a field square now cuz he's in play and then this blinking light says hey this batrider would be this that's not bad we could buy him and activate the troll bonus which means that all trolls would have extra attack speed that sounds pretty good to me under shadow shaman you'll also see a little indicator here this lets us know we currently own one one-star shadow shaman now why is this a big deal well the reason it's a big deal on one of the major aspects of the sort of auto battler auto chess John is if you buy if you have three one-star copies of unit so this is gonna be if I buy him he's gonna be my second shadow shaman if I get a third all three of these one star shadow shamans will merge into a single two-star unit so if we look so the two star unit has twice as many hit points twice as much damage as it turns out I mean it's not always like that but it that's sort of the progression right more health more damage and just overall a little bit better his ultimate his or his spell that he cast the hex kitten will hex someone into a chicken for even longer like one starts a four second at two stars it's a six now in a sense it might be more powerful to have three one stars on the board that rather than a second to single two stars but the thing is because you have limited space on your board you really want to keep merging your units together so rather than having three one star shadow shamans having a single two star shadow shaman plus two other dudes is just playing out going to be better so here we get an interesting thing we only have one gold left it would be great to grab a bat rider like this so that we can have a second troll and if I put them into play we'll actually get a pop up here to show us o trolls are active and if we look over here on the right-hand side these are all my possible Alliance synergies the troll one is active it's got the solid brown background over here and it's lit up here all troll units have a 35% attacks boost that's great now we do have a warning going on here we're at 3 of 2 we're level 2 we could only have 2 units in play but we have 3 and the red box here is showing us if we were to go into this next round if the round were to start it would remove this troll batrider over here it would remove it and put it back on our bench if our bench was full then instead of because this would have nowhere to go it would just get sold so you really want to avoid a situation where your bench is full and something's gonna get removed because it'll get sold but we have too many people so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take our tusk and I'm gonna pull it back here onto the bench so that we're no longer full now here's an interesting thing wouldn't it be great to start working towards a three star shadow shaman unfortunately I don't have any money left but this tusk here he doesn't currently combine with anyone we don't have any savages we don't have any warriors right now we might later on but what if I just sell him pieces can be sold and they sell unless they've merged if they've merged and become two or three stars then they don't quite sell for the amount you spent on them but pieces that are still one star that haven't been merged up sell for they're full you bought him for a dollar you can sell him for a dollar if you buy tier five unit that cost five dollars you can sell them for five dollars that's fine once they merge up it's a little different so I'm gonna sell the tusks I can either select him and then click the button or I can drag him over to this trash can sorry does that gives me a dollar back which means now I can buy the second shadow shaman now I'm gonna leave him on my bench but my hope is to find a third shadow shaman so they merge together excellent and so like what do you go for whatever you go for you're sort of gonna want to keep building around that but don't be afraid to change if you know the game is presenting you more stuff now if you got a little red note over here what's the deal well it's because my chainmail isn't assigned to anyone anymore it was on the tusk but he got sold so it's letting me know hey this chain males not anyone and you can move this I can put it on this guy and then say you know what I'd rather it on this guy the other thing if it's on someone on your bench there'll be a yellow marker instead of a red and it nicely glows over here to say listen you've got this item on someone who's literally not in your play field right now so that doesn't make much sense so – I'll put it on the batrider and I'll put him in front right now that he will be attacked by the enemies first batrider has a range so does the the the shadow shaman you can see the range of attack but he'll be in front so he'll get a little bit of armor so that he'll take a little bit less damage and that sounds okay we're gonna go ahead and start the round so we did level up to two and actually next round will level up to three as well but then it starts to slow down you stir you get one experience point every single round and it just so happens the first few levels only need one experience points each to level up but after that the cost goes up and up and up and up and up we'll talk about some of the other buttons in the shop so we won that and these many rounds are very easy you're almost certainly always gonna beat these neutral waves but it's nice way to like sort of get warmed up so we're being offered the soul-sucking siphon again but we still don't have warlocks we could get another piece of chain now that's possible brooch to the martyr is kind of interesting so again you generate mana both when you attack and when you are attacked brooch Lamar dirt makes you generate more mana when you take damage I quite like this actually personally so I'm gonna go ahead and grab that okay so it's round three so we have three gold over here and once again we have no one that really fits into much what we do have here is we do have a chaos Knight which is kind of interesting chaos Knight is well a knight the batrider is also a knight so this would be our second night and Knights have a bonus that when they're standing next to other Knights they take less damage which is really powerful the special thing about the chaos knight is that he is a demon demons are weird because with all the other sort of alliances here brawny warrior savage druid all these things Oh puck puck and Lycan are special because they have three things so puck is a dragon and elusive animate so with all these you want to combine yeah I want to have multiple ones of these so that they have a bonus oh by the way I forgot to mention it has to be multiple unique units if I were to go and replace the bat hunter with the shaman here you'll notice I don't have troll synergy going on because I need two unique trolls two different trolls to activate that and that's the same for everyone now demons are different because demons demons get 50% bonus pure damage which is amazing however this gets cancelled if you have more than one type of demon now to the same is fine to Kaos Knights is perfectly okay but if you have a Kaos night and say a queen of pain which are two different demons they both lose their demon bonus so they don't do as much damage so generally speaking you only want one demon on your board there is a special funky exception if we go into the library over here and we take a look at the demon hunter combination demon hunters are a little bit weird they're a special unit you can have there's only two of them anti-mage and Terra Blaine if you have to these guys in play then I guess I don't know they like tame your own demons or something like that then all of your demons always have your plus their plus 50% pure damage so they lose their their quote-unquote their own demon bonus of plus 50% but it gets replaced by this one so if you have to these guys you can just have a board that's full of different demons and it's quite cool um I guess I will grab a chaos knight here because I mean he's pretty good especially since you know having one demon is very nice so if I put him here they'll activate our Knights energy so both of our Knights now if they're next to a knight they take less damage so hopefully they'll stick together I have the brooch of the martyr so I'm gonna put that on the shadow in the chaos knight here so we take he gains or generates extra mana every time he gets hit I have one gold left I don't really have anything I want to spend it on you can save it any gold that you don't spend will still be there next turn but I may as well pick up say let's pick up um an axe over here just in case next round the game gives me like two axes in here and like I'll make a three-star axe it's quite cool the other thing I could consider doing is selling both of these so I'd have enough money to get the second chaos knight but I don't think that really helps either way all right let's move up this is the final neutral round so around one two and three are just against neutrals everyone's fighting these same little generic critters over here they're all trying to build up their initial strength after this we will be fighting other players however around ten fifteen twenty twenty-five thirty like every fifth round starting with round ten is gonna be another neutral round and therefore another chance to get more items so let's see what we get here whoo Oh unstoppable is really good water survived for an extra two seconds after receiving killing blow this is really good notice that these items all have a tier tier 1 tier 1 tier 2 this is a passive that makes your warriors just this is so strong I'm gonna get this and probably transition to warriors so generally speaking when you're trying to set up your comp your composition here you're gonna want to think about what units you're gonna want in terms of sort of two main things like you want it you want to fill in these synergies and you want to be like level them up to two stars and three stars that's really good but one of the things you want to think of is you sort of want tough front liners that can soak some damage and you also need something that deals sort of deals a lot of damage as sort of your wind condition warriors and Knights are both very popular choices for your tanky sort of front liners you don't tend to want both warriors and Knights is kind of not much of a synergy yeah they you won't take a lot of damage we also won't do a lot of damage and so you need something that's a kill one of the Knights that's available is called Luna and she she's a bouncing blade but it's a lot of people so that can be your source of damage trolls work quite nice with both knights and warriors because one troll is a knight and one troll is a warrior so it can sort of fit into both things and the troll warlord which is a fairly high tier unit but he deals huge amounts of damage so you can often be your kill condition mages hunters these are also really good kill conditions so Knights hunters warriors hunters same thing with mages those those are sort of things that are pretty decent to look at um since I have this stupendously good item the unstoppable here for warriors I'm definitely going to be looking to move to warriors unfortunately none or for sale right now Beast Master here is another brawny so between acts and Beast Master I would have the brawny combo which gives them some more hit points which isn't bad I don't have enough money for anything really so I may as well buy you it is worth noting there are two other things you can do with money we haven't talked about one is this button over here this cost you two gold and what it will do is it will reroll this board it will give you a choice of five new guy the second button down here is a level of button so we are currently level three we have one of two XP we need to XP total to reach level 4 you get one XP every round so after the next round will be level 4 but the cost will keep going up if you hit this button it costs you five gold and will give you four XP I don't don't know why it was five and four it's a little confusing to me every time you hit this button you will gain four experience points so if I had 5 gold which I could totally do by selling a unit I could hit this button I would go to level 4 and be able to put another person on the board tell you what let's do that if we're not going nights I'm gonna sell the chaos night then I'm gonna hit this button over here I'm not saying that this is the right play but you know what what the heck right I'm gonna hit this button boom it's gonna earn me four experience so actually so I'm level four and I'm actually now one experience away from level five so I can now have four units in play so I'll put in there we go I'll put in all my units I will put the brooch and the martyr I guess on axe I'm wanted on a frontliner I do have one more dollar I could buy one of these guys I don't I don't think I really care I mean it's usually a good idea to buy anyway you may as well like spend your money and buy units because you might have a combo you can always sell them if you change your mind now there was there okay here's our first round against one of the other players we're playing in Sylvie over here now here's what's important Sylvie's units are attacking me but my units are not attacking Sylvie instead my units are attacking Rebecca bot sometimes you'll happen by coincidence to attack the same person you're defending against especially depends a number of players and different things like that we're gonna lose to Silvia oh there's the unstoppable blood I don't think the two seconds gonna be enough we've unfortunately lost Cecilia over here so she had one one-star unit left on the board so she did one damage to me as units get more powerful and as you lose with more units on the board things become more devastating okay so we talked about this button we talked about this button we didn't actually talk about this button over here this is a lock button let's say there's you you get a you know five dudes come up and your really happy with them you want to buy a bunch them but you don't have enough money to buy all of them what you can do is you can lock it and what this will do is next round the the choices here will not shuffle you the same choices that you had will still be there next round so you can go and lock them in place in case you you know you need to buy them next time now we could buy a tinker we already have one clockwork so that would give us you know the second inventor then we could buy the Bounty Hunter which combined with everything else would give us three Scrappy's and that's really good the scrappy and inventors is actually pretty strong especially early on but that's not what work you know right now we're gonna go ahead and buy us and tiny these are both warriors and so I can have up to five so here's what we're gonna do we're gonna make some changes here I'm gonna put in tiny and tusk that's gonna be three warriors which activates our warrior synergy over here so all my warriors have ten armor which is great I've won too many people so I'm just gonna pull out one of my shadow shamans because I will still have troll synergy so my trolls are attacking faster then what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna move my chainmail to one of the units in the front so they're nice and tough and tanky so these units in the front will hold the line with their bonus armor and then my trolls which have bonus attack speed will hopefully deal the damage I need to win so we are level fourth level 5 we need eight XP so we'd have to hit this button twice we need to spend 10 gold to do that we're going to do that I could go and I guess I should probably go and buy more units just in case something develops at least temporarily we'll go and buy that now you don't and while I talked about you know you may as well spend the money so there we go we're fighting so Simon's attacking us and we're attacking you'll be able to see from a little sword that shows up oh maybe the UI oh there it is no it's not showing everything there anyway saving money saving money is very important because for every 10 gold you have in your bank at the end of your turn you will earn one interest so if you have 10 or more gold in here you will earn an extra gold at the start of the round if you have 20 or more you will earn two more gold 3040 50 at 50 or 5 more gold around it doesn't go beyond that if you have 60 or 70 gold or whatever you still just earn 5 per round so for a lot of people one of the top priorities is to get the 50 gold or more in their bank account sort of as quickly as possible and generally they're really giving me a lot of these inventors and things like that but I have I would I would be tempted to switch to inventors you know sell some units buy a bunch of these inventors and scrap Scrappy's because they you know we'd be able to activate these combos timbersaw is quite good as well we've got some tier 3 units over here the san King which is a savage assassin and the tera blade which is a demon demon hunter interesting um but yeah I don't I don't think so just because we have this item which makes them warriors so powerful I'm really gonna commit to warriors here although we haven't talked about this middle tab so right this shows you all your synergies very handy to keep this you know be aware that's all at all times so it shows you like I just pick up one more savage I can get savage bonus which is pretty nice and so on and so forth you know list of items but in the middle this shows you how much damage your various units did so our batrider here did the most damage last fight now partially is because you know he didn't die very quickly um and secondly he's got an item that increases his damage output doesn't he no he doesn't actually but he is a troll and as a troll with the synergy he's attacking faster which is nice and his ability is to set people on fire and then it lets him do more damage so he can actually do a fairly decent amount of damage early on anyway so decision wise here's what I'm gonna do I'm actually gonna go and sell the clockwork the tinkerer and the Bounty Hunter and the reason I'm doing that is because I'm now sitting at 10 gold which means I will earn one extra interest making money is a huge part of the game because if you have a good economy if you're making really good money then you can level up more aggressively and have more people on your board than anyone else you could re-roll more aggressively so you can complete your combos all of that comes from having a good healthy economy we might get our butt kicked over here by silly buck guilty is one the one who are pretty beat us before yeah now it is random who you face against sometimes you'll face the same person multiple times and lose the same person every time sometimes you'll face the same person multiple times and win against them every time so it's like hey so some people are in a win streak over here so let me close this miguel bought and yoko bots are both on win streaks so while you're on a win streak you get bonus gold every round while your win streak continues gina bots on a lose streak and again you get more bonus gold every round while you continue your lose streak this sort of wind back and forth that we're doing is the least ideal because we're not getting any bonus gold whatsoever um so we're not in a good position to level up ideally since when you hit this button you get four experience points every time you hit it usually the sweet spots for leveling is when you're a multiple of four X B so right now that wouldn't be at nine so in two rounds we'll be sitting at four of eight that'll be a very convenient time to hit the button and we might be tempted to do so depending and you're always going to want to check your interest situation so right now there's no way for us to get up to 20 gold interest well unless I sell some people from on our board but I kind of like what's going on so I'm not going to do that I don't like to reroll unless I'm like really like I'm so close to so many to stars or I'm on a big win streak and I want to make sure to keep going with the win streak then I might really roll more aggressively otherwise I don't like to do it until I've got 250 gold in the bank so I can just do it with interest so here I'm gonna buy a second ax and a second tusk and we're gonna keep them around and hope that we can make a to start relatively soon so we'll hit the next button at first battle against Miguel hopefully we'll do okay he's one of the persons on a win streak though so it's not a great sign he doesn't have the most dangerous stuff though I think we'll be okay now position does matter a lot in this game in terms of how you organize your dudes you can see how this guy here well that that double bounce there was something else from tiny but see this guy at the start of the battle he left behind that's what assassins do assassins it doesn't actually tell it you in the descriptions but assassins have a special movement they do at the beginning of fight they jump behind the enemy ranks which means you're squishy units that are supposed to be protected by your warriors start to get killed by assassins which is a very unpleasant also unpleasant like the amount of losing we're doing here oh by the way you can do emotes you click on your face you can say Oh orangey hates me Oh alright so I'm at exactly 20 gold I'd be tempted to keep that for the interest that being said I think I'm gonna buy the Pudge because he's another warrior he's an undead well heartless warrior used to be Undead I will buy him I'll buy a second tiny speaking of tiny he's actually not as good Tiny's got 650 hit points Pudge has got a thousand Pudge doesn't do much damage but I think he might be a better choice than tiny I will go ahead and give him the armor and we'll put him in the situation here so he's more likely to get attacked on the edge over here everything else can probably stay the way it is I could reroll could be at 20 but I think it's better to keep all these warriors and trolls rather than do that razor would be our second primordial like Tiny as a primordial so that's something to consider this would be our second brawny we could you know maybe I should pick up the Beastmaster because it's possible rather than going trolls we might end up going hunters for our damage viewing we're certainly not locked into trolls at this point alright first battle against Yoko Yoko's got three assassins that's all Yoko has but yeah they're gonna jump behind and just explode my squishies and unfortunately batrider is supposed to be the big source of our damage now all the rest of our people are not squishy which is nice against assassins it's if we also don't do enough damage to burst them down it's like there's a few people with assassins out there and they just have our number oh oh I think our lose streak is starting you guys my god and we're being beaten Sylvia's bored too so Miguel and Yoko are huge win streaks they're on the second level of win streaks so they're getting two extra gold per turn that's what's purple so it starts off this sort of blueish flame they get one gold per turn purple to gold per turn finally golden three gold per turn we're gonna lose streak here so we did get a bonus gold from that it's level nine which is a convenient time to level up however that would cost me interest and leveling up makes me more powerful which might let me win but let's go ahead and just assume we might lose a little bit more and beyond this lose streak I'm gonna buy a second Pudge that leaves me at 20 that's gonna be good enough one things to note in addition to when you level up when you get higher level in addition to being able to have more people on your board it also increases the chance of you seeing higher level guys like for example we didn't see any level 1 people here at all we have Pudge was level – I think he's level 2 right I think he's a two-star tram protectors at level 2 not a two-star level – and then he's these are a level threes so the higher level you are the higher level of people you will see and they do tend to be more powerful on the nights and night Abaddon is a knight so we are being notified we already have a knight in the field but I'm and maybe I should go Knights instead of warriors because the game's not giving me any girl but I don't know all right I'm gonna skip like this will sit on the twenty gold interest we're sort of hoping what you kind of want to do if you're if you can't win you kind of want to lose but as small as possible because the amount of damage you take is based on how many survivors are on the other side so we want to kill ideally we want one person left alive at the end of this fight it looks like we're gonna take a lot more damage than that unfortunately man oh man now probably made some bad choices but there was some random element to the game which is part of the fun too all right so I mean we're hurray congratulations we successfully still lost you can see here the losing streak so again in the interest the losing streak money we can make a two star shadow shop is this your first we don't have a single two star that's why things have been so difficult so it's glowing here because it's saying hey you to these one star dudes if you buy this guy they'll merge together into a three star so please yes so I've got one on the bored one on my bench if I purchase this one you can see yeah the one on the bench got combined over here so I have our first two star on the field yeah that explains why things are due to so it does William by a witch doctor which is gonna be a third troll and this is round ten so this is just gonna be against NPC minions which are pretty safe the worst-case scenario if you lose against them is you don't get to choose from as many items you don't take any hit point damage or anything like that now I could put shadow shaman or sorry the witch doctor into play he is a troll so we get to take advantage of the troll speed bonus he's not he won't improve this bonus right cuz I need for trolls to bring it to the next level which is insanely good right all trolls get 65 attack speed and all other allies so non trolls also get a tax bead it's so good Oh seriously seriously so we're gonna see yeah I mean I totally did this on purpose for the tutorial we're gonna see what happens there you go when you lose to these gets crossed out at least arcane boots are kind of interesting when you equip hero has greater than 50% mana resource 25 men at all allies within range we can get a to start tiny I know he's so big in the view here a bit of a graphic glitch this is still very much in beta we're gonna head him do that so we got our second two star I'm gonna pick up our second batrider he's not gonna to star yet but will sitting there and shadow shaman we have we have a two star we could buy him and try to work up to a three star now the way it works so three one stars make a two star three two stars make a three star which means a three star requires you to be two by nine shadow shamans nine of the level ones right nine level ones will make three level twos which means a single level three so if we buy shadow shaman art but been she's getting kind of full here it's gonna be a long time before we get to move towards a three star version of him and while three stars are amazing and we want them I think I'm gonna hold off for now especially since as it turns out I'm at exactly thirty so I want to avoid spending one more gold I'm gonna go and put the two star tiny in play for say the actually quite like the Tusk so I'm gonna replace the axe we've got some items to apply here um I'm gonna put the arcane boots on you and the birch of the martyr over there so the arcane boots went tiny gets to 50% mana he will give 25 mana to everyone nearby which is gonna be kind of nice and I think that includes himself so I think it will get help him get his ultimate a little faster his ultimate is just to throw someone it's you know hit and miss sometimes how good that is yeah we'll see so Pudge is almost a full mana there's tiny he got his went US gets full mana he does the giant uppercut boom which is very entertaining it does double damage and stuns him for a sec but we're gonna hurt time killing anyone like we've got we've got a lot of tough people we don't really have the damage depending on that right or one like one start batrider is not a very good unit in truly so depending on him for his damage by himself is not great the big thing with batrider is you know he helps to activate the troll synergy which is really good now the different color here by the way the green is physical damage the blue is magic damage so batrider when he puts his spell on people and then hits them that's the bonus damage he's doing that bad so he can't do a lot of damage if he's hitting someone with a lot of stacks but wait although right we are loose streaking so I guess that's good likens another warrior and he's but he's got a savage human warrior he is Tier three he's pretty strong any summons wolves Medusa is amazing the way I don't we're not going hunters all right I'm gonna grab like him I'm gonna replace Pudge because he's only a 1 star and Lycan and tusk are both savages so because we have savage monist all of our allies get 10% extra attack damage which is amazing I'm gonna go and put the brooch of the martyr on Lycan his ability when he hits 100 mana is he summons wolves so I want him to generate mana as much as possible I'll put the armor on on tusk over here and I guess that's it we've got a board this is all money all everything on the board this is all money that isn't doing anything for us right i've spent money on all these guys and they ain't doing nothing I could sell 3 gold worth of stuff to go up to the next level which might be a good idea but I can't let all this well I don't actually necessarily need the Beastmaster s I've sort of decided that I'm not hunters I really want to go up to 40 your your your money for interest locks in at the end of the round technically if you win and you get +1 gold from winning it does get added so if I have 39 and I win it'll count as having 40 gold for the purpose of interest but that's it otherwise it gets locked in if I start the round and then sell someone during the battle I'll be at 40 but it'll still only give me three points of interest um yeah I'm gonna sell an axe cuz well he was a warrior and we're going warriors he's not the most potent of warriors he's fine early on but there's better choices as we go forward and they should reposition although again I'm still kind of happy with just losing like I could have leveled up sooner right I could have leveled up to eight a long time ago but I don't think that leveling or sorry I could've leveled up q to level six I don't think level six will all of a sudden let us win consistently and that's the thing you want to lose consistently without dying or wind consistent so I don't think rushing to level matters we are gonna go up to six now because you get an XP every oh and we won okay now what we're gonna try to do is change gears and we're gonna try to be a little bit more aggressive and were gonna try to see if we can get on to a win streak since our low streak is gone so winning here actually cost us money because we would've gotten two gold from Lu streaking we only get one bonus gold for winning this fight alright nice got more humans at the shadow shaman we're at exactly 50 at exactly 50 gold we are gonna put an extra person in now what anyone we could put in possibly generate another combo no we can put in a third troll or a fourth warrior but none of that is gonna change anything um I think I will put in the troll because witch doctors actually got a pretty good ability his paralyzing cast bounced around and does a bunch of mini stuns and damage I'm gonna put him on the edge here so he doesn't get hurt too badly again I'm worried about assassins maybe I should just pull into the back line so let's let's do a little peek here so assassin right that's that icon over here I mean who look who's in play but yo cobots got four current assassins there's only one person with assassins oh it is okay if multiple people had gone assassins then I might be tempted to move to the back here to minimize the damage but generally speaking we're gonna be a bit better being right up on the front line here and generating some quick wolves with Lycan I think I'm not gonna buy shadow shaman because again I've already got a 2-star getting to three we take a long time I'm gonna sit on the fifty even though it'd be nice to start win streak we're gonna hope we happen to win here um oh this is against Yoko with Vermillion assassins great so our backline just gonna get shredded we actually oh the wolves are coming in that's huge like and got his wolves off that might not be enough oh it might be it might be it might be to Starbound Hunter gets punched and killed yes alright we've got to got it alright that's good so that's our second way and we three wins in a row to go on a win streak but now that I'm 50 and I'm gonna earn a bunch of interest I'm now gonna feel much more comfortable spending because I'll be able to spend on things and stay above 50 I know it's gonna be a long video but like the gameplay if maybe I should cut maybe I should do this because people are gonna see like a 40 minute video and be like goes it's not a tutorial welcome to my channel if you're new to the channel that's how it goes alright so we got our two star batrider I have 60 gold I'm tempted to re-roll here and I think I will even though sometimes like I say I don't like to reroll in time at 50 I'm also don't tend to like to re-roll in time like maybe at least level eight cuz leveling 811 up is one of my big priorities but we're a million miles away from that and I would like to win streak so your brawny human know so we're gonna hit this reroll button and get some new people okay what can get a second witch doctor venomancer is savage which we could consider going up to four savage we also could consider going up to a couple of warlocks warlocks are very good this is certainly a possibility rather than reroll in some more freaking that way after remember three rollin is every time you roll you spending two gold that is just gone if you buy unit you can always sell the unit so it's not gone if you level up that's an investment so that's not gone either rear oleg is money that's just gone now if you reroll and complete something that's great think here I'll just pick up the venomancer because we may do something with him and we'll go ahead and advance what was my first battle against Belinda she's got no synergy other than fact that she has a demon she does have a bunch of Viper assassins in the back oh I got the paralyzing cask off so it's bouncing around a little bit here only bounces five times off for a one-star witch doctor but I think it was seven and nine like he does so much so my uh we got doomed we got hit by magic spell there alright but we did win it that's great that's very good I don't have flawed are I'm not gonna have any Medusa bonus or Naga bonuses there you go gold interest winning streak or finish the witch doctor will get a to start tusks don't mind that one bit this is another possibility for a warlock we have sixty two gold I could reroll but here's the thing I've been winning and then just to starred to units that I'm currently using in battle so I'm gonna assume I'm gonna keep winning here the look how many people are in win streaks four of us are in win streaks and two on lose streaks Yoko's on the lose streak yeah her her assassins are losing steam that's the thing assassin pure assassin feels good sometimes what tends to fall off so you really need to back with anything else so I do have enough money to do some rerolls but I mean what would happen I suppose if I got another Pudge and to start him I could put him in instead of like in but that would break say that would break my savage combo and I don't want that and I mean I'm too likens away from a two-star there's nothing really going on with the rest of these guys yeah I think we just go ahead and advance the round oh no it's round fifteen round fifteen is a minion and this is the trickiest one because this these minions act like assassins ah so they jump to the back line to kill all your squishies what you want to do for round 15 is you want to reposition you want to put your warriors beneath your squishies so that the warriors can tank for the squishies we might still be ok here but that could have been oh oh we still have we still the witchdoctor and you can see paralyzed in caps just going back and forth there okay we're gonna win so we're gonna get a full choice of items which is lovely oh man oh man oh man savage bonus ooh brawny we're not really doing that brooch the aggressors really nice 100% more mount again from attacks the savage is really good too did we do this and go up to four savages I don't know what that would look like bro should aggressor is so strong though I kind of want this there's our second Lycan and so I think at this juncture I will go ahead and do a reroll finish Pudge we could start collecting people two maybe three star I'll pick up the tusks maybe i'll reroll one more time hoping to get a Lycan no but it's a little bit more tusk okay I'm gonna stop now again I really do want to focus on leveling up um I got it give the brooch of the aggressor to someone so I'm gonna give it to the witch doctor so that he gets twice as much mana from his attacks which means he'll be able to get his paralyzing cast off faster which is great so yeah we have to to start Pudge but right now I could replace tiny so tiny does do more damage he's got the 160 although we tax slowly I guess Pudge attacks fairly slowly too you can look at the DPS so Tiny's got more DPS than Pudge what Pudge has is a lot of hit points 2500 versus 1300 Pudge is a giant wall of flesh which honestly maybe we could use I know we'll just go like this for now not like we have that much damage so you know what maybe we'll appreciate having a slightly higher damage from that so we'll just move forward so Rebecca we have one win no losses yet she's got a single demon hunter which would shut down my demons demon bonus if I had any let it go since we're playing warriors most likely we want to pick up Dube who's a demon warrior do you tend to want to do that right there's a handful of demons in the game we hit spacebar go to the book go to alliances and go to demon this will show you all the demons that are available I need to see chaos knight is well a knight doom is a warrior queen of pain is an assassin shadow fiend is a warlock and Terra blade is a demon hunter so you're gonna want to generally pick a demon Oh shadow you know what I'm gonna pick up shadow fiend a demon that somehow fits her composition so shadow fiend is not a warrior demon but he is a warlock demon and we could use a second warlock shadow fiends also great because he does a big explosion he does huge damage when you pick up the second second shadow fiend okay now we're in a part that would be very tricky if there is a timer because our bench is full here if we are re rolling we might find ourselves in a situation where we want to buy something but we don't have a room you can temporarily put some people here to make some space to buy but then if the round starts when you have too many people on something's gonna get sold here's the thing I think I'm gonna do though I'm at 4 of 16 so if I hit this button 3 times that will level me up right because we get 4xb each time so hitting it three times will be 12 4 plus 12 is 16 pushing this button three times will cost me $15 15 will keep me above 50 hey that sounds great since we don't have anyone to really buy here andrey rolling against sort of it costs you money right you're losing money every time you roll in a sense I'll do this I'm level 7 I can put another person on the board just fantastic um and I'm gonna see higher-level dudes in the shop because I'm higher level so I think the choice here is either we put in Pudge for a super tanky person he's gonna give us he's gonna benefit from the warrior army which is armored which is pretty nice or we put in shadowfiend shadowfiend he's gonna do a lot of damage I know it says it's only got 68 here on DPS which is not that different from the Pudge but that doesn't count in the fact that he does 50% extra pure damage so it's not magic it's not physical it can't be defended with armor it's pure damage because he's our only demon also his ability his ultimate is a huge explosion that does massive damage how we really do need damage I think I'm gonna do that I don't want him on an edge because he's a little too vulnerable I'll put him here and I think I will move the brooch of the aggressor on him so you can power up this spell sooner I'm also gonna move tiny there so that when his boots activate oh it's any one one cell away that's still so he'll get mana everyone around here and that's gonna be okay all right let's give that a go here's Yoko bot who started winning again she's not on our lose streak anymore and the assassins wait for him to explode watch this boom now that explosions gonna look more and more and more impressive as he levels up and do a lot more damage but speaking damage things are pretty good here seer shadow fiend was at the top of the damage now that he's dead he's no longer contributing so he's falling behind there's only one star he got assassinated but he did the most he was effectively did the most damage horse up until he was dead which does matter like okay so squishy units you know won't do as much damage because you're gonna die more often so you got to protect him we can get a second ax I'm not sure we've got a future for ax I'm gonna buy you and then I'm gonna re-roll I'm looking to try to finish something necrophos is quite good because he's both a warlock this could be a fourth warlock and he is heartless along with Pudge so you can generate that bonus but right now we don't have it in play I mean I could sell the shadow fiend with the idea that I put in necrophos instead and then we'll get pickup doom as our demon later on I don't know I think for now we'll keep going I will reroll alright so this will create a second to start us so we have a to start us on our board and then one on our bench so we need three more tests to get in three start which could happen I think I'm just gonna sit on the money now now when you're on a win streak you do want to be a little bit more aggressive either rerolls because you want to maintain that win streak because it's worth so much money when it gets golden it's three extra gold per turn pull round and then if you just lose one fight it resets back down to zero so it'll take you I guess nine wins in a row to get back up to the three gold per round so losing one battle when you're in a win streak hurts Turkana me so much that's why it's a little bit more worthwhile to do sort of aggressive re-rolling level up a little bit more maybe even dip below fifty when you're on a win streak because you want to maintain that and here we are we are win streaking we're at the top of the thing so you lost for a while but it was strategic losing well we can get ourselves a two-star shadowfiend so let's do that we can pick up a slardar who could be another warrior he's also quite good the scaled bonus if you get another scaled creature another Naga all your allies will get magic resistance which is pretty nice defense juggernaut could also be a sixth warrior and a second brawny if we play axe slardar is generally they're both the second tier but I would prefer SLAR dart because of this energy stars ability is also quite nifty cuz what he does is he reduces enemy armor by a bunch so a single target he makes them have no armors they died almost instantly although juggernauts got a fun spin we do have a lot of money and since I'm not on a timer I will go ahead and reroll a scootch because we want to keep the winning streak we don't have the room to start working on a three-star Pudge we don't even have them in play so there's doom there is our warrior demon and if it wasn't for the fact that I've already got the three-star shadow fiend I would absolutely jump on this guy and make him a core part of our build and here's the problem it's like what are we sort of rolling for here you know you may be completing some more stuff but maybe not I'm actually wondering I think I'm gonna ditch ax & juggernaut we'll pick up the shadow Fein in the Pudge and see if we can get some three stars going on that way closing in an hour here now normally it's worth noting a game of this takes usually no more than 30 minutes and we're you know we've got a lot of game left over but that's what happens when you're not playing with the timer I guess I will play this to completion just just for the sake of whatever I mean it's against bots so this should be fairly easy it's only medium bots um and I have a fair deal of experience we should be okay what we'll see here ah so we're not gonna be doing any level up around 20 is gonna be against minions but we don't have to reposition Alchemist is quite good because he's a fun warlock actually and that could be something tell you what I mean so do we have the thing with savage no I'm gonna sell the venomancer make you alchemists instead we'll see alright so shadow fiend so if you were full so what I'm gonna do here is I'm just gonna go and make a little space on the bench temporarily now we're over our limit so we're gonna have to do something but I'm gonna try reroll so I can merge someone there's doom there's more shadow something but no no but no wait do I still have an axe oh we do still have an axe oh shoot I should definitely get rid of you um so let me just do this so that we've got space the thing I was hoping is like maybe I could make merge one of our you know one stars into two stars to make some space but we'll do that for now alright these hell bears they can they do hit very fast and they're fairly tanky if you have if you have any kind of crowd control including a little like knock up and things like that that's all you need to sort of buy a second to not get obliterated by these guys there used to be a lot more dangerous in Auto chests than they are in under wards so we get another item another brooch sacred relics this tier 3 plus 60 attack damage yeah I'm gonna get that and what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna put it on the person in our team that tax the fastest so if we look we can see the attack rate so the higher number is faster you can see the shadow fiend attacks really quickly and for huge damage it's dps is massive now that's 2 star and it still has the explosion now the damage the attack rates is a little bit deceptive because our trolls actually attack faster than would indicate because they're troll bonus which is in factored in here so to me I think our bat rider is gonna have the highest attack rate so we're gonna give him this it doesn't he changes the EPS right away it's interesting hang on it doesn't change his base damage and attack rate but it does change his DPS which is kind of nifty I don't know if this is calculating in the etre bonus though for the actual DPS we have some money but what I'll probably do is try to wait and level up now anything about 50 doesn't give so we can get to shadow fiends here see if I was on the timer I wouldn't do this but I'm not so we're gonna buy two shadow fiends roll there's Medusa second Naga Medusa can turn people to stone as well so she's got crowd control or cc people like to call it theirs okay this is I'm only doing this because I have tons of time Cerner Oh excellent it still doesn't leave me with bench space although I suppose I could all right I'm gonna sell the once lard R and the one Alchemist and sit with this over here you can see how like the space management is a thing we're not even playing Pudge although at some point we might want an undead for it and we've got you let's be a little bit more greedy there we go excellent well not we're still not playing them but we're on our way to a three-star Pudge go figure that was a lot of money spent on rerolls and none of the roles I think helped us currently in play where the maximum win streak we really want to have that maintained although that's one of the things when you're win streaking reroll and more aggressively make sense because you are making more money and you want to maintain that win streak oh this is tough lone druid summoned his bear and we're gonna lose yeah maybe we could have changed our composition or a position or something I mean I couldn't I rewrote basically as much as I was gonna we're gonna take six damage here so again more stuff on the board and the higher level it is the more damage you take so we're no longer win streaking we stoped the 12th not the most health we're tied none of this is helpful since I'm already since I've broken my win streak I'm not gonna aggressively reroll what I'll do is just you know spend it on experience even though it doesn't do anything for us right now but I'm gonna focus on leveling up instead I mean we should still do fairly well don't get me wrong I think it's just mostly one person pattern number although you know cuz they're improving all the time you got to remember like you're making your board betters but so is your opponent ah nope yeah this is cool to be this last time actually don't know need a combat log add it to the game is what we need oh no we are gonna win okay so we don't take any more hit point damage and we get the one extra gold lease from waiting it's not a win streak we'll have to take it have mercy my power rose it doesn't really there's the finem answer again okay umm it's not at multiple force it's in a sense not quote unquote optimal time to level up except I'm still gonna be about 50 so that's fine we're level eight we can put another person in um I mean I've already got you you are a troll you would get to take advantage as well bonus but I think we will put in the Pudge a giant sack of hit points I'm wondering do it put someone behind its that be a little non-standard but like or we could corner strap that actually might be a good idea so I mean either corner but yeah let's do that let's put all let's put all our people in the corner we could just backline as well but there you go soar to protect our flanks from these assassins which that's true you only one person that's huge assassin synergy but she does have a Viper who's an assassin oh the problem with being combined like this is we're very susceptible to giant area-of-effect crowd control a Oh ECC like hunka hunka got that giant vote so we may actually have to spread like spreading out makes you weaker against assassins but better against area effect like that man and he's got the troll warlord or belinda she's got the troll warlord that i want that would be my fourth troll he's also a damage dealing beast really hoping to find him for all I know I passed him in some of the rerolls because I was too focused and trying to like combine some stars up okay we need two more pudges to complete Pudge maybe I should spread out here two corners two corners there we are and one of the things that you do especially once people get knocked out and there's fewer people left you want to keep an eye on your opponents to see exactly what they're doing especially you know keep an eye on the most dangerous ones and see it you know what is their composition like can I counter that somehow can I just reposition in a smarter way and the thing is you won't know what positions are better or what counters what until you you start playing more but you still start to give it some think so Gina bot is dead first casualty um tidehunter is amazing what we're gonna do here is we're gonna bite Pudge he's really amazing because what he does is he does a ravage which does a huge round eruption around him at bigger and bigger range as he levels up and knocks everyone up in the air and stuns them for a couple of seconds it's insanely strong we just don't have room for him right now um yeah we're gonna do some reroll in here all I really want Kunka so Punk is the guy with the big giant boat and he's a warrior okay we finally have a two star Lycan I feel like I don't want to I don't want to get rid of anyone I'm over my limit by one I mean I could love a lot but it's that would be a lot I'm gonna reroll even though I'll probably end up going below 50 here there we go and oh do I buy you and then keep rolling sure like we're on the cusp of so many Cup ii conca we're gonna spend too much money probably here CNN we've got the shadowfiend I probably am going for too many three stars I'm gonna spend way too much money here and if I was on the timer I wouldn't be able to do this I'm spending down like crazy this is pure greed all right well we've got a level three pudge and then we've made some room again so that's good I'm gonna pull you back pull you back and pull you back there we go so we're at eight of eight we got the three star Pudge but look I've gone down so much it's good thing I'm wins shrieking again oh this wasn't even a round against humans so spending your money on an MPC round like this is in a sense a little silly because it's a lower-risk round so you don't tend to have to go like full crazy Yolo mode but I know we got we got some neat stuff coming on and yeah we'll definitely want to put the kunkka in we may wait until he's a two-star so he's a little tough pal no heaters fine units including summons deal one additional damage yeah let's do that we're not playing with summons but still I actually think what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna put you in instead of tiny I think I might sell tiny well let's let's wait and see okay we're at thirty gold yeah I'm not gonna spend any more none of these are critical at this time all the disruptor would be nice but the second shaman and I still like slardar but yeah let's just let's just go with this so the con Kobe want to watch when he hits 100 XP he'll drop a huge vote he's got to come cos over there and I just got silenced by being hit by humans so the human bonus is there's a chance when a human hits another unit that it silences them for a second Bob a couple of Section four seconds maybe okay there's our boat boom so it does a little damage and then stuns everyone in that radius the boat is amazing I gotta say the keeper the light over there with his like laser horses very dangerous he does a lot of damage a lot of damage mages is a great combination all right some more coal over at 40 no I think I just sit on the money here I keep hoping the wind streaking works we earn a little bit more money yeah let's just go and if we can get a three star like shadow fiend oh my god I mean he's already like our primary death machine here that's before his explosion it didn't hit too many people there you'd kind of like shadowfiend to be sort of in the middle of the screen so that he can splash everyone we may reposition rather than corner striding here and again makes us more about the the cornice trap protects us a little bit against assassin was a little completely it would be nice to have him in the middle you'd also sort of like conquer to get hit as quickly as possible so he generates as much men as possible as quickly as possible okay we're back up to fifty gold let's see what we can do here umm if we do this protect them both sides it doesn't instead I put you back there and then maybe we do still spread out a little bit that might expose him to too much damage I like how this is spread for trying to minimize some of the AOE I'm just worried that he's gonna die before he gets his boat off he does have the boots though actually maybe what I'll do is I'll throw the brooch on him and put the boots there I mean they're both ways to gain extra mana there you go so Miguel over here he's got four humans a couple of Druids as well so we're gonna see a lot of our people get silenced see that well as you're being hit by humans you're gonna get silence and when your silence you can't use your ultimate so come cus full of mana wasn't able to get a boat off okay there we go because we have the item that lets her our warriors live for two extra seconds after they they should die he got his ultimate off but we're getting voted again we're getting silenced some more I mean Pudge is super tough he's got stupid amounts of hit points but it's only gonna carry him so far and we've got no protection against magic damage like we got bonus armor because we are warriors but the magic damage since the silence wears off you will drop a little hook here and that silence is long he may have gotten resilence there's a little hook which does damage now keeper the light doesn't do much physical damage Pudge might just be able to win this out oh he charged again oh we got it plus Pudge would have lived to two more seconds after he was supposed to die whoo that was tight that was way too tight see why this game is exciting ah that was around twenty nine when we ran away to enemies we do have enough gold to maybe reroll now would be nice to get up to level 9 as well you know we'll focus on getting up to 9 alright Yoko we've got three wins 1 losses against her although you know million things have changed in their composition as well as where I am there's Dragon Knight transforming to dragon being super dangerous oh this feels like a loss to me I don't I know I think there's only so much Pudge can do for us here doesn't have an item it's on a kill streak but that's gonna get reset down to zero 14 kill streak and then zero oh I like those statistics hey I should probably just sell tiny we're not gonna be playing him we could have probably gotten more interest more faster if I just sold them Plus have extra room alright go again right this is the dyno round so definitely no reason to go below 50 I'll probably go and spend to go up to 9 next level even though it's not quote-unquote optimal they give you some space maybe you could just wait three levels for it to happen a little bit more organically it could be although if you overspend it it's fine it's close to the next one the thing is level 10 is there which is the max level by the way I never mention that it's sort of a little bit of a pipe dream Pakistan is great if you've got assassins but we don't black King Bar is pretty good Dagon is also quite nice for some burst damage I'm gonna get Dagon so Dagon once someone's that hits 50% hit points on the enemy team it just it'll hit them for huge damage it is once per battle I'll put on Pudge because I know he's not gonna die before he gets to use it um yeah well level up I'll buy you and we're gonna throw in attended put in a second kunkka in fact I think that's exactly what it's gonna happen right now it was a second chance at a boat is really what we're looking for and at some point he'll merge into a 2 star version of him which is great because he's gonna be a lot tougher and his boat is going to be more effective so it's gonna be tougher so there's an increased chance that he'll actually get his boat off and it's gonna be a more effective vote although speaking of boat this kunkka is gonna boat a second time here yeah we're gonna destroyed all right we really need a troll warlord the fact that we haven't seen one yet is actually really miserable luck apparently going trolls this time was bad I mean other people my controls which by the way so these come from a limited pool if everyone else is buying say troll warlord then the chance of me seeing one goes down dramatically well we get a three start tusk there's a troll war like he probably has come up and I hadn't noticed him so I'm gonna throw him in somewhere over here semi protected so wise troll warlord so good his ability is fervor as he hits the same person his attack speed goes up every time he changed his target it gets reset but he attacks faster and faster and faster the same target so he if you had anything that could give bonus like flat damage like a sacred relic it's really good on him because he will just attack faster and faster he's also a fourth troll so now all our trolls attack even faster and in fact all of our allies attack faster so our damage dealing is gonna go up like crazy all of a sudden do one more reroll here alright good next time I'm gonna try to stay above 50 while my health stays okay once my health drops a little bit more and I get to the point where I might suddenly just die and lose the game I'm gonna I'm gonna spend all my money but I want to earn interest for as long as possible as an enemy boat this is a friendly boat and a good one at that see the troll Warlick even though he's only a one-star and he has no giant explosions or anything like that he's doing the most damage I mean he does have a good item equipped actually I should have put the sacred relic that's gonna say on the shadowfiend but I also like the mana generation thing attacked em at damage items on any demon really is quite good because of because of their plus 50% bonus now see now I'm sort of stuck having to do I don't know I don't need to do more pull you back pull you back we're okay excellent okay doesn't Miguel were to two against him he's got a Conca as well and he's got the keeper the light to do magic damage the doom dooms quite nice because he has a demon and his ability is pretty amazing he puts a like a debuff on an enemy that caused him to take damage over time and be silenced for a very long time so you can shut down one very dangerous thing on the other side okay a little bit of an awkward peel period but our compositions coming up well if we do hit level 10 we will want to put the necrophos in because it'll be a second heartless and a second warlock or actually sorry third warlock which doesn't actually help us that much by witchdoctor free roll that would be a sixth warrior but i'm gonna hold off on that I'm not gonna prioritize getting the six warrior bit not gonna prioritize getting bat right up to three stars either I'm just trying to complete we have to buy the second troll okay I sell necrophos first of all and buy that because I really need to three star you so I think I have to keep reeling okay we got a Conca through a two star which also frees up a little bit of space so I can do this excellent okay I'm not going to sell anything so we're not going to be at 50 at 50 gold which is unfortunate but having the two stark Lanka is huge absolutely huge yeah he's tougher and his boat is more dangerous man those cuddles if we had an assassin to take out those coddles would be quite nice but I'm not gonna add one assassin to a composition where it doesn't make any sense thing is all of our units still have the increased attack speed and the fact that our troll warlord hasn't died is huge one of the nice things because we have the Warlock bonus all of our allies have lifesteal so the trolls healing as he was doing damage which is why I mean all our units are I guess but it's particularly nice for the troll warlord because it's not that tanky okay we're down to just three final round thirty five is there's gonna be a minion round so I'm just gonna sit on the money here cuz we're gonna win so this is the black dragon this is dangerous because the black dragon has a splash damage on his attack so if your units are clumped they can take a lot of damage any crowd control you might have look at the radius of the boat since we love left kunkka it's huge any crowd control like the boat like the the polymorph things like that really help you beat the black the black dragon round so we're seeing higher and higher tier items here too so we'll see what we get to choose from what your opponents are also doing that oh alright we're not running primordial so not that higher class of units in the shop is kind of neat but I think I'm gonna take the Maelstrom 25% chance and attack the cast Chain Lightning now that you're gonna want on someone who attacks quickly because you want to add more and more chance for it to proc I'm tempted to put it on the troll warlord but I think he's better at the sacred relic I think what I'll do then is I will put it on the batrider because he still attacks fairly quick he's a troll so ya know to these two warriors yes to you let's let's see if we can finish something here come on baby ah true warrior level – don't mind if I do I would just put you back on the bench over here we did go below 50 again but that's super worthwhile super worthwhile now actually have a fair amount of confidence that we're gonna win because this is that's kind of our win condition or kill condition I talked about earlier how you need you need enough toughness to not die right away but you also need a way to win a way to deal critical damage and troll warlord is that way he just got shut down a fair bit by the I think that was a Medusa stoning us but there you go I mean he's got the sacred relics sure but still like twice as much damage as everyone crazy alright come on let's make some three stars I'm working on three stars at once which is pretty much your limit and even then you can see it's kind of awkward if you're on a short-timer making this work should we just go up to ten now if you have more than one demon they don't get their demon bonus but it that's only if there's more than one unique demon if they're the same demon like here then they both get their demon bonus so we're gonna have those two which is great my board still full I don't have that much money I'm gonna go ahead and just advance so I'm level 10 these guys are only level 8 so they only have 8 people on their board and they've spent down you can see because we've managed her economy we're higher level which means we have more people in play and we're gonna see better dudes in the shop although sometimes I can backfire if you're looking for see our our troll or shadow shaman is a tier 1 dude so by leveling up we actually have a reduced chance of seeing ur tier ones but that's okay now level 10 is the final level and yeah getting to tennis kind of luxuries you know don't plan on getting to ten eight is huge priority 9 is pretty nice no to the Lycans come on I'm just gonna spend all my money here daddy needs a new pair of three stars huh okay I'm not gonna keep rolling because if I do there's a chance I won't be able to buy everything I mean I could do a lock but what's the point I need I need one witch doctor one shadow shaman one shadow fiend any of those will give us a three star hell though Silvie bought might just lose here and I think we'll just win the game I think that's indeed the truth there you go so this is what it's like it's certainly a lot easier when you don't have a timer cuz these are work out the pears are we gonna win because we're the red units on her board so yes that's our units killing her we don't care what's happening on our board because we don't care whether we win or lose here what we care about is that we do enough damage to kill her and win the game oh just like that so we went slow this was over an hour round 30 it's also fairly late game here um sometimes the games will end earlier than this sometimes we'll go on into the 40's but that's that's really really long and we're done we should get a victory screen here oh there it is you win bodies arrivals litter the streets it shows you your final thing total gold earn which is a really good indicator of things keep in mind these numbers will change dramatically depending on the length of the actual game right if you want to turn 20 then these numbers will be much less but it actually means you did really well though so there we had a three star Pudge start this so close to three other three stars and the game was just like no and wait hopefully that's really everything you need to play this and seriously like just just jump into multiplayer you you will have a grand time even if she come dead last it's okay it's a great way to learn the game folks thanks for watching I'm gonna see you guys next time

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    EDIT: I take this back. Since posting this, I won 4 out of my next 7 games. =P

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  12. Lightning in My Hands

    1 gold at 1

    2 gold at 2

    3 gold at 3

    4 gold at 4

    5 gold at 5+

    1 experience point per round

    5 gold gives 4 xp

    Assassins always teleport behind lines

    Demons don’t lose buff if they are the same character

    It is usually better to replace a tier 1 unit with a tier 3 unit when both are 1 star

    Aim to lose consistently without dying OR win consistently without dying

    Round 15 minions act like assassins

    Don’t plan on getting level 10

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