Downloading and Installing Super Mario World Rom Hacks

Downloading and Installing Super Mario World Rom Hacks

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How to download and setup Kaizo Mario World to play on your emulators. In this tutorial we will be using Lunar IPS to apply the patch file to a copy of Super Mario World.


Kaizo Patch:






what is going on guys welcome and thank you for tuning in to the channel once again today so what I got for you today is going to be a quick and short tutorial on how to go about setting up kaizo mario world or your emulator for Windows now I do not know if this will apply to Mac but we're going to concentrate solely on Windows today so to follow along you're going to need your very own copy of Super Mario World the United States version I cannot provide you with one do not ask me to provide you with one just go on to Google type in SNES roms or type in Super Mario World Super Nintendo ROM get you a copy of that and then you can follow along the other two things I do provide you with if you don't have an unzipping software you can go ahead and download from the link down in the description which is going to be WinRAR if you prefer 7-zip you can go ahead and get 7-zip whichever one that will unzip files you can go ahead and do you can just follow along with these steps as well so for here you can download either the 64-bit or the 32-bit depending on your OS get that installed if you already got that installed you can go ahead and follow along the next thing you're going to need is the Kaiser Mario patches now this right here is going to be the kaizo mario one kaizo mario 2 and then the lunar IPS patch manager so it's going to be sort of an all-in-one type of kit either Mario 3 you can go ahead and follow the same steps here to apply the same patches to kaizo mario 3 or to go ahead and create a kaizo mario 3 hack to wrong now so this is going to be the Kaiser Mario website of course you know he's got the download section and stuff like that if you want to learn more a little bit about kaizo itself now from there you can go ahead and download I'll go ahead and show you a brief demonstration of it download it right there it's very simple close that I think I've downloaded this file like probably four to five times already we've already got it over here go to my folder so I got everything situated that we're going to need for the rest of the video so you're going to need the Kaiser Mario kit and then the Super Mario World ROM so we're going to do is extract here of course that do its thing and then we're going to go ahead and extract the kaizo mario as well so I got both files extracted now one thing that I do want to mention or note here is the Super Mario World ROM United States version that I got is a dot SMC file I was having issues whenever I was trying to use a dot SF C file for some reason don't know roms are created differently or what the issue is but try to go ahead and try to find a dot SMC file but if your dadís if C file does happen to work go ahead and drop a comment down below and let me know that you didn't have any problems now everything works as you go through the steps but whenever you try to load it into the emulator you just kept saying that it was corrupt not until I found an actual data SMC file that I actually get to play kaizo so we got both of those extracted you want to go into your Kaiser Mario folder now these last three things right here we're not going to need lunar magic is essentially a level editor I am not too familiar with level editing by any means so I'm not going to go into detail on that these top two files right here are going to be the Kaiser Marwar patch and the Kaiser Marwar – patched now these files are IPS files of course and then that's why we need lunar IPS which is an IPS patch manager go ahead and open that right there you're going to want to click on apply IPS patch go up a folder go into the Kaiser Mario folder and now this is where it selects you're going to make sure that it says IPS patch files right here select your Mario World one now it's going to want you to direct it to wherever you have your Super Mario World ROM and then go ahead and click on that now one thing to note here is if you want to go ahead and create Super Mario World one or kaizo mario world one custom art world two in the kaiser mario world three you're going to want to create three copies of this and apply each patch to a separate copy otherwise whenever you apply the patch to this one this won't be effectively overwritten and therefore this is going to be kaizo mario world hacked rom one so if you want to go ahead and create the other patches you're going to want to make separate copies of this so right here we're just going to go ahead and click open and it's going to apply the patch it's going to give you successfully patched click okay close that right there go back up here you can go up here and go ahead and rename it so we're going to go ahead and go kaizo mario world hit enter and therefore that is effectively now kaizo mario world now that's your hacked ROM as I said or mentioned you can go ahead and extract this again and apply the second patch therefore you can create Kaiser my war to you go back into the website of course Daniel kaizo mario 3 and do the exact same steps and there you go you're going to have kaizo mario world hack drums let's show you brief demonstration you go ahead go ahead and open up your emulator load the game and then right here I have all my Super Mario World rom hacks you know got super Ryu world Super Mario logic and all these other things you want to download the same it's essentially the same steps you download the IPS manager and you download the IPS patch file and apply it the exact same way to stop a copy of Super Mario World and right here you're going to see my Super Mario World kaizo mario sorry and there you go now of course whenever you load it up you're going to see that it says super mario world but it is effectively kaizo mario I don't know they just couldn't change the first logo I don't necessarily know what is up with that in the the following that I think hi tomorrow we're to does happen to have it where it's changed but anyways guys if this video helped you out drop a comment down below if you do need some help I try to help you out that way thank you so much for watching and I'll catch you guys in the next video

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  1. Gamer Youk

    A tiny little problem here, I got a SNES emulator for my Nintendo Wii and I tried the exact same thing you did but the game wont load when I'm trying to start it, can you exactly tell what the problem is of that?

  2. Sirgaz

    Hey so i patched the smc file and all but when i try to run it in the emulator it doesnt work i get an error message in the emulator that say "corrupt" something something

  3. Timmy turner 9

    sorry im new to all this, but is kaizo mario world like a hack with custom levels (like mario world the 12 magic orbs) or is kaizo the thing that allows me to get stuff like super mario world the 12 magic orbs

  4. Altersbeschränkt

    I just wanted to download the whole thing but did I misunderstand anything or why do not I know where to get this "super mario world" copy file from?

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