Easy Fix! Spilled juice on Macbook air.

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  1. Raptor Swire

    debil….wait for a couple more weeks…you will find out that the corrosion and oxidation is spreading over time and fucks up the whole motherboard beyond repair…..but it doesn't matter, it is just a shitty apple product

  2. Hp pusteblume

    I söilled coffe ocer my macboock… put it into rice for few days and then turned it on.. it worked.
    But now the battery died and when I put the Magsafe in it doesn‘t light up… what could that be ? :/

  3. keeto

    My cat knocked over coke on my mac. I turned it on right after. The fan blows really loud and it’s extremely slow and glitchy. Lesson learned from this: fuck cats

  4. Heather

    Liked & Subscribed 🙂 Thanks 🙂 My son spilled blue jones soda on his macbook last night and the screen wouldn't boot. He panicked and didnt tell me for about 15 mins..i didnt have a small screwdriver to take the battery out so all we could do was put it upside down in some rice and then turn it onto its side in a 'L' position and we are going to give it about 3 days before he tries to charge and turn it back on. Do you have any advice other than what you showed here? Thank you in advance 🙂

  5. SallyDAnimator

    I SPILLED some water on my laptop. But I was able to react quick and head to the bathroom. I let gravity do the work and now I hear some cackling noise in it. The laptop turned off when the water got on it. Is it bad?

  6. jory 0

    I JUST got a MacBook yesterday and turned it on today and my sister spilled cold mac n cheese and it wont work at all, i swear i had it for less than five minutes

  7. Zelda bloxerious

    Its fake because when he took out the laptop for the water the back was pink but when it past two weeks it was gray it the apple Singh 😮😮😮😮 sooo don't try this

  8. im also a doctor

    did your macbook screen break from water or juice mine did and i dont know how to fix it
    please help me with this if your screen flashed and then dimmed and then just went black mine did
    please help its been a year im on my other computer thats slow
    right now

  9. TheDude

    He made the video funny towards the end, but he does know what he's doing. You see, when you spill water, all you have to do is 1. A) remove battery and turn upside down or B) hold power to force a shutdown, turn upside down and RUN to your toolkit and remove the internal battery (as you can imagine some people have lower chances if they have internal batteries).
    2. Let it dry upside down for 72 hrs, then after that turn it back to it's normal position, put in a tray full of rice (thicker longer rice grains preferred, dont get tiny ones that will somehow get inside the computer) and leave it for another 72-96 hrs (if you have a nice backup computer ALWAYS wait longer).
    If you spilled, wine, juice, or anything that leaves a residue, you MUST rinse it, using his method or using a sink sprayer (hose) and wait a week upside down, and 4 days under rice.
    and P.S. dont cover the laptop with a lid, the whole point is for the rice to absorb the humidity and water, not to create an environment full of humidity in a tray with a lid.

  10. Digital City PC Repair

    You fuck. I'm am a REAL computer tech……that's not even the same macbook. The other one had a pink cover.

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