F1 2019 - A Beginners Guide to being Fast

F1 2019 – A Beginners Guide to being Fast

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F1 2019 Gameplay: How to be fast (Driving tips & Setup)

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22 Replies to “F1 2019 – A Beginners Guide to being Fast”

  1. Marcus Schuster

    Sorry, in general I like your videos a lot but this one is a clear thumbs down. When you title a video like that, you should not spend more than 80% of the time on talking about a Bahrain setup before using the last 90s to say "cut corners and shift manually" – I definitely expected more.

  2. Alexander Rankin

    I just literally got this game today and I keep crashing at corners how is best to go round a corner?? I try to go slow into the corner but I find it hard to turn the car and inevitably end up crashing.

    I tried to look for tutorials on how to take corners but cany find any and cannot find a practice grid in the game

  3. Martin

    Really not helpful in the slightest. One setup on one track with the fastest car and some vague info so generalized it might as well be useless. You're a quick driver, but you're bad at explaining why.

  4. Jylstin

    Can someone help me with races I don't get why even beginner and very easy settings still makes Ai go faster than you ? It's so hard cuz u can't chase them down :/

  5. Aceofacez10

    I’m not sure I’n ready to switch to manual gears yet, I use manual in other racers but 8 gears is a lot. Just controlling the rpm with my feet is enough for me. If I mapped gear changes I would lose my look left/right which is just a preference of mine

  6. FHD

    Is this or is there a there a setup that's a great all rounder for all maps? Kind of like a starting or foundation setup for beginners? I'm new to F1 games so please excuse my ignorance. Any advice would be appreciated

  7. Edward Jam

    Step 1-don't be an F1 noob, don't drive in T-Cam with a controller with assists on…. only then can you start to become a good driver. Step 2-practice, practice, practice…that's it, end of lesson….now make haste!!!

  8. Morten Kjell Reitan

    I'm pretty comfortable driving fast but I always crash. Mostly when I'm trying to go around corners or while trying to overtake someone.

  9. Pedro Cabral da Camara

    guys, any chance to configure the car drive with the arrows (left and right) on the ps4 command instead with joystick?

  10. Baldy Grey

    Mercedes cars are so tight in this game man it's unreal, driving them feels leaps and bounds ahead of the competition. If that's anything like in real like – combined with Hamilton – explains a lot! I know this is just for fun, but I feel like they translated that performance discrepancy really well.

  11. thomas studholme

    I have an issue with manual starts. I release the clutch and I have to manually shift into 1st gear even though the clutch start should do this for me does anyone know how to fix this?

  12. blaster12v

    realy stupic of codemasters ..that every corner cut is penalty… realy frustading …and not real!!! pleace update CODEMASTERS…

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