FIFA 20 Controller on PC FIX *PS4/XBOX* 100% WORKING 2019

FIFA 20 Controller on PC FIX *PS4/XBOX* 100% WORKING 2019

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Hey Guys!

Open description to read more:


Please leave a like and comment if i have helped you out, if you’re facing any difficulties i would love to help you guys out just leave a comment with the problem down below and ill try and get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for watching the tutorial,

Like i’ve said please feel free to leave video suggestions too!


36 Replies to “FIFA 20 Controller on PC FIX *PS4/XBOX* 100% WORKING 2019”

  1. hani aleppo

    I swear bro , every step i do it correctly. When i get into the game the controller is changed , and when i go kick off mode they show me that there is another controller missing me up , and screws everything up. Can you Please Help me out , how to get rid of the other controller ?

  2. dutchmilio gaming

    It works but everytime your controlelr disconexts and reconects even if it is for a split second you need to restart your game so the changes workzgai

  3. Hansen Auto

    Mine dosent work the game crashed when i start it, and my controller moves to the right side and make weird things constantly i hope you can help! my discord is Mumba#6766

  4. iDean05

    Hallo, Ik krijg telkens een error als ik het programma probeer op te starten. Error: can't write or modify 'x360ce.ini'file.
    Kun jij hier wat mee? Ik hoor graag een reactie tegemoet!

  5. SmartKillR

    hi, i saw your tutorial but i still got a lot of problems with the program, i hope u will help me . my discord is Grove FeruZ#7059

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