FIX Mac Disk Utility Error First Aid found corruption that needs to be repaired.

FIX Mac Disk Utility Error First Aid found corruption that needs to be repaired.

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Use at your own risk- I’m not responsible for your machine-
Repair error on startup volume on Mac disk utility with one simple trick.

1.Restart computer
2 Hold Command and S key
3. login
4. type fsck -fy hit enter
5.type reboot

or try the following then do the above:

try pressing shift-option-command and pressing the power button for 5 seconds when its off-make sure the power adapter is attached when you do it the orange with turn to green after you let go then return to orange its resetting the EFI

Try :try holding Command R at boot then run disk utility

Great Resources for More Terminal commands

okay so you run Disk Utility and it's not working so what do you do so it gives you the error Disk Utility discovers issue you will need to start up from your Mac OS so from there you're going to close out of your Disk Utility which you've already run you're going to restart the computer you're going to hold on to command and s it's going to login then you're going to type in the simple code f SC k space – f Y and hit enter it's going to run through your entire catalog and your system and repair all of those so when you log back in and run your disk utilities it will be fixed that's it you can see it's checking all of the extended attributes in the file and that's it so when you're done you're going to hit reboot type it in it's going to reboot your computer you can run your Disk Utility and it will be fixed you like it and subscribe thanks for watching

37 Replies to “FIX Mac Disk Utility Error First Aid found corruption that needs to be repaired.”

  1. Alec Blaze

    do you have an instagram or email so I can message you directly im really upset about my hard drive and urgently need help

  2. Ezra Amonte

    It didn't work? I did this twice. The first time I forgot to type in "reboot" It took 10 hours both times…. Do you have any other suggestions? Thank you for the video.

  3. Shelah Seierstad

    Didn't work tho I was hopeful. First aid is still failing after following the steps shown in the video.
    Edit: Part of the details of the error message reads: "File system check exit code is 8."
    I'll be googling that now.

  4. Project Zero19

    this crap did not work and these comments are bots screw youtube im not even finna waste my time anymore with you trolls

  5. Scott Ferguson

    I have an external hard drive the used to be my part up drive. It crashed. First aid gives the same response on the external. Can I repair the external by using this technique? I am afraid it will want to try to repair the new internal system drive. 27" iMac running Mojave? any thoughts

  6. 1sttobylopez

    the volume /dev/rdisk1s1 could not be verified completely.

    holy crap what's this? This pops up and Mac will not let me washtub do first aid or erase for reinstalling OS.

  7. Jess Montgomery

    About 3 years ago I got a message that HD failure was imminent, at which point I had a new HD installed. It’s not an SSD. I’m considering getting a new SSD installed, but I don’t want do that if there’s something else going on. When I run Disk Utility 1st Aid on Finder I get the corruption notice. When I run it on Base System – whatever that is – it shows OK. BTW – Thanks for your advice.

  8. Jess Montgomery

    Originally Came withLion. It’s been upgraded as time passed to High Sierra. If I wipe & reinstall the OS via internet recovery Disk Utility 1st Aid will show OK for a week or so, then will show a corruption that can’t be fixed, direct me to Recovery Disk Utility/1st Aid which, when tried, fails. When I then try to Restart the boot goes about half way and the machine shuts down. I have to Restart in Recovery, wipe the drive & start all over. This occurs whether I restore all my data from Time Machine, a little bit of data from an external drive, or no data at all after the new OS is installed.

  9. Jess Montgomery

    Didn’t work for me. Tried several times & it says” I/O error. “The volume Finder could not be verified completely.”

  10. Francesc Gel

    txs Jonni, how long can it take to complete the analisis and repair? it's been one hour with the "checking catalog file" and it seems not to move forward (imac 500 gb). Txs a lot

  11. Jonni Armani

    Follow the steps in the video “exactly” and it should work for you can’t do it in safe mode it won’t work,)

  12. Manik Modi

    Please help
    In safe mode it said that the f was ignored and continued the process and showing that the drive is ok but the issue still persists.

  13. Mane Gucci

    boot support partitions fail every time. Just being honest. Apple fucking sucks. Ran every terminal command you could think of. Reformatting once again so I can lose all my shit. Guess I'll give this piece of shit to my wife so she can play on Facebook or whatever nonsense she does on the computer.

  14. Lurid Phaesporia

    @Jonni Armani This looks promising Jonni! Can you please help me out? I was just at the "genius" bar for almost 2 hours and they did not go this far. I have a 32GB SD card that I was using for a GoPro. I tried to delete all the files from it after I transferred them all to the main HD. However, when I tried to then delete the files from the SD card it did not allow me to, so I decided to erase and reformat the SD card using disk utility. That process made the SD unreadable, unmountable, and now spits out an error when I try to run First Aid, restore, or reformat the disk on any Mac. Should this process do the trick, or am I barking up the wrong tree here? I could really use the help. Dealing with Apple employees these days stresses me out like 100X more than a multi-hour flight delay…

  15. Ezra Bufford

    I'm using a PC computer keyboard on my iMac for now. So in setting it up, I programmed the PC button to be my iMac command button. So pressing that and the 'S' button, it worked fine.

  16. Ezra Bufford

    Man, you are excellent! The only thing for us beginners in the 'dos style' of things, you have to be patient. It will take a while to go thru its own checklist. But when it's done, it will tell you that the 'volume was repaired successfully. I didn't know the correct way to restart from there but to manually shut it off and on again. lol -Thanks man you were very simple in explaining this process to us!

  17. Debra Gloria

    I tried this and now my computer starts up, then immediately shuts down. It doesn't make it to the login. Any help is appreciated

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