FIX!! Windows 10 Running Slow! Works On All Windows 10 PC's! READ THE DESCRIPTION!

FIX!! Windows 10 Running Slow! Works On All Windows 10 PC's! READ THE DESCRIPTION!

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FIX!! Windows 10 Running Slow!
How to activate all Processors:
1) Click “start” on the windows desktop
2) Type “msconfig’ into the search bar on the bottom
3) When the window opens go to the ‘boot’ tab at the top
4) Click “advanced options’
5) Check the box that says ‘number of processors’ and scroll to pick the maximum amount of processors on your Pc.
6) Click ‘PCI Lock’
7) UNTICK the box “Maximum Memory”
To Change Power Options To High Performance:
1) Right click the battery icon on the taskbar
2) Click ‘Power Options”
3) Under where it says ‘Choose or customize a power plan’ click ‘show additional plans’ and pick ‘High Performance’ by checking the circle box.
4) Click ‘change plan settings’
5) Change the sliders to what you want and then click ‘change advanced power options’, a dialog box will pop up.
6)Click ‘Processor Power Management’ , open the lists inside
7) click ‘Minimum Processor State’ and set both values to 100%
8) click ‘system cooling policy’ and set both values to active
9) Click ‘Maximum Processor State’ and set both values to 100%

Disable Items that Startup with your pc:
Windows 10:
1) right click the taskbar on the bottom of the screen or press ‘ctrl+alt+del” and open the task manager
2) go to the startup tab at the top and click each and EVERY item on this list and disable them ALL. (Programs that need to be ran will start when needed. )
Windows 7:
1) type ‘msconfig’ into the windows search bar
2) click the ‘startup’ tab at the top
3) Un-check EVERY box
Stop and Disable Un-needed Services:
1) Click ‘start’ and type ‘services’ into the search bar
2) The services menu will come up
3) Disable all services listed below by right-clicking the name of the service and going down to ‘properties’
4) Set ‘Startup Type’ to DISABLED & Click The ‘STOP’ BUTTON. Click okay and move onto the next service
-Adaptive Brightness
– Adobe Acrobat Update Serice
– ASP .NET State Service
– Bluetooth Support Service
-Google Update service (gupdate)
-Google Update Service (gupdatem)
-HomeGroup Provider
– Homegroup Listener
– Intel(R) Content Protection HECI Service
– Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)
– Media Center Extender Service
– Microsoft .NET Framework NGEN v2.0.50727_x64
– Microsoft .NET Framework NGEN v2.0.50727_x86
– Net. Msmq Listener Adapter
– Net.Pipe listener Adapter
– Net. Tcp Listener Adapter
– Net .Tcp Port Sharing Service
– Parental Controls
– Peer Networking Grouping
– Peer Networking Identity Manager
-Print Spooler
-Quality Windows Audio Video Experience
-Remote Access Auto Connection Manager
-Remote Access Connection Manager
-Remote Desktop Configuration
-Remote Desktop Serivices
– Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Locator
– Remote Registry
– Telephony
-Windows Backup
-Windows Media Center Reveiver Service
-Windows Media Center Scheduler Service
-Windows Search
– Xbox Live Networking Service
– Xbox Live Game Save
– Xbox Live Auth Manager
– Windows Search
– Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service
– Microsoft Account Sign-In Assistant
– Windows Insider Serivice
– Hyper-V Remote DEsktop Virtualization Service
– Remote Desktop Services UserMode Por Redirector
– Remote Desktop Services
– Telephony
– Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel Sevice
– SuperFetch
– SynTPEnh Caller Service
– Spot Verifier
– Storage Service
– Shared PC Account Manager
– Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)
– Sensor Monitoring Service
– Sensor Service
-Sensor Data Service
– Windows Backup
-Smart Card
-Realtek Audio Service
-Remote Registry
-Routing and Remote Access
– Quality Windows Audio Video Experience
– Printer Extensions and Notification
– PnkBstrA
– Phone Service
– Peer Networking Grouping
– Peer Networking Identity Manager
– Net.Tcp Port Sharing Service
– Network Connection Broker
– Downloaded Maps Manager
– Windows License Manager Service
– Geolocation Service
– Infrared Monitor Service
– Homegroup Provider
– Homegroup Listener
– Google Update Service (gupdatem)
– Google Update Service (gupdate)
– Intel(R) Content Protection HECI Service
-Bluetooth Support Service
– Bluetooth Handsfree Service
-ASP.NET State Service
– Windows Biometric Service


this is a quick video to show you guys a problem that some people are having with Windows 10 and the speed of it mostly the reason for this that most people are having a that when you updated to Windows 10 we actually got on the Windows 10 operating system installed but they installed it over our old operating system so if you add 8.1 or Windows a or Windows 7 it installed over that operating system without deleting it just to ensure the user has their old operating system in case they want to go back to UM back to using them so what I'm going to show you in this video is how to delete that old operating system if you haven't already and if your computer is running slow if you don't want to delete the operating system that's fine um I would recommend deleting it if you're not going to switch back and um because that would that's just the most uh clear way so you have Windows 10 running smoothly if your computer is running slow so what we're going to want to do is simply go to this cleaner so what you're going to want to do to find that is type in in the search Administrative Tools if you type in admin it will pop up in the menu we're going to go down to sit our disk coming up right here I already had the icon right here I was just showing you how to navigate to it normally so you can right-click it post it or put it on your taskbar if you want but we have it going and you're going to want this to load so once it's done loading you'll get a different dialog box that will allow you to do what we need to do so here it is we have our box and since I already deleted my operating system it's not on here but what you're going to want to do and make sure that you do if you want to delete your old operating system and speed up Windows 10 X checkmark all these boxes in one of these it'll say old operating system it'll say uh Windows seven files if you had 107 Windows 8 files something like that make sure you have that box check I always do dis clean up every now and then and always have all these boxes checked it gets rid of all your old junk in your computer but as long as you have that checked you're going to want to click clean up system files with administrative uses right here click on that and the disk cleanup will pop up again and you'll go through this and after this is done you'll get another dialog box just like the other one so we'll wait for that okay so after you did the administrative disk cleanup you'll have a few more options in the checklist so as you can see there's a few more options in here old stuff that was on the computer that it can delete at the amount of 19 megabytes so if your operating system is still on your computer you should have upwards of 20 gigabytes if you had 64-bit a little bit over 10 or 15 gigabytes if you had a 32-bit operating system but you should see that reflected down here at least over 10 gigabytes so once that's done again make sure all these boxes are checked is very important and click OK click delete files and there you go so there you go that's the end of this video that's all you have to do to delete your old operating system and get Windows 10 running to its full speed again so thank you guys for watching please subscribe and have a good day

40 Replies to “FIX!! Windows 10 Running Slow! Works On All Windows 10 PC's! READ THE DESCRIPTION!”

  1. Shauna Ymos

    k also just add SSD and more RAM, it will speed things up a lot. Also, when using Windows, i use FolderChanger to increase my productivity overall, just to speed up my workflow as well. You will find it if you google for "FolderChanger"

  2. DomiTastyVideos

    Buy a SSD and ur Windows will be instant faster trust me. And if its still not faster then u have too old hardware

  3. Karl Oben Gonzales

    My laptop was originally windows 8.1. It speeds up when I downgraded it to windows 7 however, I can use my keyboard. I thought the problem was my keyboard hardware until I re install windows 10 and my keyboard works again. But it became slow again

  4. IGnax kope

    My windows automatically update and slow running and there is (previous windows installation)17gb in disk cleanup should I remove???

  5. Cal

    Hopefully this works cuz my new computer is laggy af and it's windows 10
    I thought it was my wifi but its working fine on my table and phone

  6. Hamada Hosny

    same stupid suggestions for any problem related to performance that never fixes any problems.

    disk cleanup, remove junk and temp files, change power options to high performance … all these stuff are useless and will not help ….. if you have performance problem say 100%, then all these suggestion will reduce it by maximum 5% so it will not almost solve anything and you
    will still suffering …. buying new powerful PCs maybe is not a good idea for most of people around the world but this is the only solution to fix performance issues … buying new powerful pc with powerful RAM, processor and graphics card then everything will be ok windows 7,8,8.1,10 and any version of windows

    this is my perspective

    and to be more honest all versions of windows are big shit windows 7 or 8.1 or 10 and have many problems i tried them all … so my solution for you guys is trying all of them then decide what is the best for your PC

  7. Christy


  8. Haig Dickson

    Hard drives suck for windows 10 get a SSD also make sure there 8 GB of ram make sure the CPU good enough you need to have one above 1 ghz at lest make sure you clean the computer out and do not have junkware and adware and malware on it if your on a hard drive any program that runs with windows will slow it down fast

  9. Rica's Homey Space

    Thank you for this. This helped me big time. I effin hate windows 10. I had mine preinstalled with 7 and was forced to update to 10.

  10. Crushed

    this is why im depressed my windows 10 peice of fucking shit laptop was a god damn 1000 dolla gaming machine when i got it now its a 17 dollar joke i wanna fucking climb to the top of the eiffel tower and drop it god damn when i was typing this i got fucking lagged out and almost crashed

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