Fixing the (re)installation issue with Discord

Fixing the (re)installation issue with Discord

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Occasionally Discord will break and you will be forced to reinstall it, sometimes the install hangs and installation fails.
For those having an issue understanding what I’m saying at 0:44; press
“Windows Key + R” at the same time.
This is typically because of information in the Local and Roaming folder.
This quick walk through will help you get your installation working and you back on Discord.

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all right so a common problem with discord is getting it to install and we're going to try and fix that issue especially if you've installed it previously there was an issue with updating or it stopped working altogether as you can see here one of our Gilley's has this issue there's as Windows 8.1 essentially this fix will work for any of them super the log is here we go so when you look at the log you'll see this information here talks about local data and roaming data so what we're going to do hit the Windows key and are at the same time you're going to type in right here percent app data percent okay it's gonna open up here when you're running find it scored deleted now if it doesn't let you delete it and say that something's running in the background you have to open up your task manager which is by right-clicking here test manager or you can use alt control delete go through it find them in and then make sure get rid of all of them so then you delete this one then you go here and you go to local you'll also find it here like this guy you should be able to do a fresh install then it'll take a moment update and then you'll get back in so that's the fix for that issue if you have any other problems go ahead and message me in Tech Talk we will fix those

34 Replies to “Fixing the (re)installation issue with Discord”

  1. a a

    For anyone that has the error where you need permission to delete the discord folder on the local one. Try renaming the folder to a different name then retry installing discord.

  2. Pringe

    i did everything in here but? deleted the discord file in %appdata& for some reason when i go to %localappdata% it wont let me delete the discord file, please someone help me

  3. Isaiah Arnold

    OMG. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR DIS. I did it and it let me delete the file. if I hadn't watched this and gone to task manager I woulda never used discord again. but now that I hopefully can install it. thanks.

  4. Arrøw

    Oh .My. Gosh. THANK YOU FOR EXPLAINING THE TASK MANAGER THING. You were being specific and I could relate to everything you said and it’s good to know that Discord is running fresh and fine 😀

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