Fortnite Battle Royale Tutorial Beginners Guide - PC

Fortnite Battle Royale Tutorial Beginners Guide – PC

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Fortnite Battle Royale Tutorial Beginners Guide – PC

I'm so killed I'm so tilted I'm so tilted I'm so tilted I hate APNIC I hate anything I hate the game design team at epoch yeah I don't know what they did everyone I met at epochs personally really cool but these why is my screen shaking yeah they really fucked up with this one like this is one of the you you sorry what does a DualShock did a DualShock yeah they keep saying the wool shock I guess it's a PlayStation controller I don't but why do people always say I'm just trying to play on my Dual Shock all the time not sure this sounds cool it vibrates oh does it vibrate with the fucking the screen shakes dude chap I'm gonna freakin roast this guy hard why just feel like what do you say he said Sydney suck caps way better and I completely disagree with that saving outside to rest him oh shit yeah that's not lucky I'm going tilt it again epic a bag lighter kinda is kind of not way too big I just keep forgetting to change it oh there's a pump under here on your lunch yeah I should show them good nice have a half so I got a hella you barfing up dopefish hit Plex well fish you not make you burp like that whoa dance rims are really an hour and fifty minutes honey wanna play I want to you hope branch is you sure you want to play today buddy and wheel and Sonny are were fucking doomed it was definitely worse over there yeah Oh know what like on edits right now his ass your chat is so toxic than anyone that kills you have you ever seen any twitch streamer ever chat not blame the guy with yeah but in their name fuck off so tired of dealing with it it's like you think it's like specific channels yeah it's just not subs that go and shit talk for the sake of doing it I don't know what's wrong with them you can't tell me kill me he literally shot my builds in his chat wizard fucking shit so it's everyone no matter what if you have more than fucking 10 viewers you're probably your chats probably going over to tell that streamer that they died too you lay the road open the twit definitely can't do anything about it no matter that's what the Sun shines every morning did you know that arises that one not Alaska okay Alaska is and like who lives there anyway did you know that the biggest tsunami ever was in Alaska just once yup Trump yeah hi it yeah kind of I'm just showing down area I don't too much HP neither one of us where and how we made what is this there stink he's just sitting in it oh my god I'm so bored I thought it wasn't why would they stink themselves I fucking hate kids there's kids sitting in a stink and it's just not it's his teammates I guess I thought I could like sneak them how I almost killed both of them dude and TNT fucking 18 HP and 78 do they are both 18 HP I'm so sad wait I tried to fucking run through there 228 Wow dude 18 and 28 I would have fucking bopped those BOTS but of course just on my floor I'm feeling a new skin know what I want to wear though it's only like two good skins in the game now chap do you would you mind if planes came back in the game rather they didn't oh yeah do you know who alienness on ghost like like edits for them yeah he got a 14-day ban for like I guess like using an alt or something I don't remember right and now that that ban is over now it says due to recent actions even ban from competitive but yeah and that's what the timer being off and everything $13.30 this is you won't wear dynamo I don't even know what dynamo is or if I have it let me see oh my god someone killed us in frosty and tweeted out us saying GG at liquid chat bat symphony that's a hard blow my oh that was the kids I want B to die can't pass he killed you so he treated you how'd they even you mean when I got after I was gonna breathe I mean yeah we did that and then got a one yeah I didn't see it I'm so bad at Twitter what a block them but it was one minute yeah I don't see it I go to mentions it's not there what the heck maybe you didn't at me maybe add you oh you get to Newark and Twitter Congrats dude Wow hog aren't you gonna make it tweet you alrights did I message you yet about the thumbnail guy I don't even know I think we should probably go back to like I don't know I don't even know what we should get for thumbnails but just find someone pick someone out if you want where you want to go we go to something I really don't like this Cape on the skin I regret it buy us back out okay date about going back to a lower sense yeah I don't know I'm losing it dude wait what are you on now oh no wait you want to go lower you I might make this my main skin what you think yea or nay um wait what should I make this my main skin yeah your net but skin's kind of sick what you don't like that skin mm-hmm he's cool what's going on with their eyeballs you we laughing about check something oh my god Greece wine thank you for the prime man I tapped twice thing for the 15 I had to make the total right Jesus Christ a 15 I don't even know how much the total is but it's a lot thanks so much thank you thank you take it easy thank the four months man no problem – funny in my favourite form icon player and trimmer thanks much whenever you die first choice you're insane we should all blame it on Chaplin ok when I die first – just blame it on him and this guy obviously you probably got banned so fast oh my gosh

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