Fortnite Best KeyBinds For Beginners

Fortnite Best KeyBinds For Beginners

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[Applause] what's going on guys my name is Julie we'll just call me sis gamer and in today's video I'll be showing you guys the best beginner coupons for PC now all the commands you guys see in today's video or opinion eyes but I think they're really good for beginners because I've been using them ever since I played now I've switched the couple here and there but no big deal I'll show you guys the best beginner coupons for today's video Silvia's and enjoy the content please drop a like below and you guys are new to the Channel please subscribe it's rather special occassions getting it ready whenever I put that further ado let's get right into the video alright guys so we're now in my settings and I'm gonna start off with just like for the game the graphics and all that good stuff so for what number I put it on alright full screen for an image just always have that you get better fps and then display resolution I have whatever monitors don't worry if it's not the same as mine right now for free trade depends on what type of computer you have I could have one big one and then for quality but all right cept for this over here I've everything up low except for the 3d resolution solokha is a really good pan and it looks good and then you got three resolution all the way up these think it's off I don't have a visa monitor motion blur is off I don't know it but that doesn't suck yes I have the ball coming into the settings over here language I speak English radiation energies all sensitivity I bet 219 and tivity right 227 controller sensitivity I don't play controllers and then mice targeting system and my sensitivity interview I have off in four aircraft paper controls on an ominous mode I have off hide other players names I'm off hidden mastery pavillion 0h in you Hey HUD scale I've suspected oh come on for if you're waiting on how the spring I am off and then go into spring cancels reloading I am off tap to search and I am off talking targeting off reset billet respond nemesis edit off especially for a controller turbo building again for turbo to the in creative mode let's just skip through these and then we got this alright so let's go over to my brightness all right coming into the key buttons with you guys clicked on this video for we have mid forward WASD like the Ford van keys is gaming games jump spacebar sprint not down because I have so I just had to hold W autorun equals yeah just like all around Auto guide Crouch you see I like to see because it's c4 Crouch and it's like closest to my it's just like again like I said in the beginning its opinion guys so it's whatever you feel like comfortable this is what I thought was easy for me so if you guys think about it easy for you you guys have fire if left mouse when target right mouse button reload I've are basically use a you might have F if you guys played a lot of like Cub Jesus stuff so I understand that everything – I scrolled cuz my hands are big enough to in fast enough to get their place Mike your middle mouse button touch my building left control well I view for a cheap stairs life F and reflection and track I've seen for place building knife left mouse button repair upgrade of X rotate building our change building material life right mouse button Quechua I didn't need much control select building a tent left mouse button reset building that it breadbasket editing IG some most easiest for me Todd will pick X I'd L trap switch good far which means like go from building to vehicle XIV vehicle changing seat left control vehicle horn right mouse button vehicle pitch forward s vehicle pitch backward W and shopping cart push tab post hold spacebar ATK power slide spacebar car crash forbid space magic or booze trip or use exit you buy point boost spacebar by point shoot left by playing the role right at seed right by playing by playing role in 4 X 5 points or engine W by plane stop and by playing freed lock we look right mouse button previous picker will I mouse wheel down next week we realign mouse wheel up cursor mode I've left off chat I've entered in my feet laughs emote slot one I don't have bound for this one commands IV and toggle inventory I'd tab it's like these just for me a lot of people have to tap snooze chapter I pray to pick up exit right mouse button afraid of copyleft mom's car and credit delete X less creative drop copy left Mouse G creative prop rotate clockwise our props creative all right so this is all kind of stuff I don't know talk i for i don't yeah guys that's gonna be it for today's video I hope you guys enjoyed it makes you guys go follow me on Twitch at twitch TV backslash this game or 200 square for it links in the description below bicha guys go show me some support over there cuz I'll be doing daily for in streams and I hope you guys enjoyed the video

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