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Last vlog Stephen Sharer and his sister Grace Sharer split up to look for Chad Wild Clay. Grace Sharer stayed back at the Sharer Family house with all the top secret spy gadgets while Steven Sher flew to Las Vegas to start β€œSPYING ON CHAD WILD CLAY with GAME MASTER TOP SECRET iPHONE EVIDENCE CLUES!!” While Steven was spying on CWC Chad and Vy Qwaint in last Vegas he was also looking to see exactly where the Game Master could be and Grace Sharer was watching over the Sharer Fam house to make sure the Game Master Mystery Spy did not show up like last time when the Game Master Stole Lamborghini Sharerghini!! After a few hours listening for hidden clues and riddles Stephen finally saw Chad Wild Clay and Vy Qwaint and an ex Project Game Master member. Stephen followed them into their top secret safe house and found a top of top secret evidence that led Steven to believe chad was the #GameMaster he even had the same super rare iPhone evidence spy gadget that the Sharers had in their family home!!


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I don't see or hear anybody it's completely vacant completely vacant there's nothing going on oh hang on hang on I took this gold off the truck just rolled off hang tight grace grace did you see that I think someone's coming the moment of truth hang on hang on hang on hang on hang on someone's coming someone's coming hang on grace someone's going Kristen's coming over now sure so that person's a definitely the game master you know and we got to follow them stay low stay low stay low hang on look look look that person's walking with a black hoodie next to like in the skies painter that could be oh that could be like one of those FBI agents they pretended their painters with the earlier pieces in hang on okay that person's walk in the neighborhood that person is a great around here where'd that person go it's just coming you see the person wait they were just walking up here where do they go where did that person go where'd that person go there's that person oh who is that who is that Sherri's is not the game master who is that that person super tall oh that could be the game master oh great this is running that person is running hang on we gotta go we gotta go sheriff come on we gotta follow that person they said gamemaster that could be the game Esther yeah as you know the game masters and think they're pretty tall but the game must have stole the sherry Guinea that person was super tall and I could be the game master Oh gates okay let's go come on where that first to go come on come on come on come on oh no I don't know where they went okay stairs I'm have to go in there's a suspicious van up there in that white truck I'm gonna go up there I think it's where the person is sit here okay let's go for it let's go come on come on I don't know where they went but keep an eye out if you see anyone comment down below let's go we're almost there I gotta get past this truck here and I think I saw footprints on the other side so what I think just walked through right there moment of truth we're gonna fight you Chadwell glaze the gamemaster let's be going on this could be the end-all be-all let's do it okay here we go three two one behind this truck the person's gotta be on that his head is chocolate when they go wait wait who are you I'm Daniel Daniel Daniel you know it sure is who's Daniel who's dick how did he how would I know you well I used to work for projects or go but I quit and now he's now he's on our team yeah what yeah he's trying to help us defeat the hackers Cheers what is going on comment down below if you've ever seen this Daniel person before what are you doing way out here in Nevada though so last of all Grayson I got this mysterious clue in a head traces of Chad wild clay logo in and you gotta come with us the safe house this is you gotta see this okay you understand why you're dressed like this demon I'm just like this excited to keep my identity down I brought all my spy gear here I was spying I was camping out I've seen a lot of people in black hoodies around this neighborhood yeah we actually been seeing a lot of people to do we need to sit hang on that white band white man who is that who is that who is that have you seen that white man before I've seen some people in black hoodies come out of that white man hold it there boy they're pulling over hey let's go check it to see how quick this is the same house okay don't show the address I think we don't want project server to find out where with the check this out here the only way into the safe house is using this special keypad right here whoa wait the journal editor out thought I heard it jump Lions sheriff's do you draw I hear it do you hear that I hear drum and we move it again we gotta quickly I'll cook it in all right Steven blow up the passcode your supplies I don't see what it is somehow I don't take that in I think someone would be following with a white band get inside when did you get a test levy interesting oh okay you're in okay yeah keep an eye on did anyone see anyone following us oh we good okay all right guys it's closed at that times I need to get to the bank Steven you should come with with the bank protector I'll try to rob a bank so we're gonna stop it what okay what are what we need from inside we're going to the ninja weapons some spy gear and just get prepared okay okay let's go shows we're about to answer to a debacle I see whoa Wow ready we'll grab you some gear as well Steven okay okay I'll wait here I'll wait here cool okay cool okay sure they have a lot of stuff going on here there's this is like is this even a safe house I don't know what's going on there's whoa wait a second I've seen this guy before this little spy robot it's just good or bad I've seen this in one of their videos before whoa and they got a lot of ninja gadgets here look at all this stuff oh wait a second Oh Cher's wait a second look at this thing look at this thing this is the same spy gadget that was in our New York City safe house why would they have this here this is one of their two chadwin you think that this is right they've been using this to spy on me ah sheriff something's going on here that's not right that's not right wait a second wait a second this is one of these phones sure see this is the same phone that we found in that mystery treasure chest is it so on ah let's see please be charged please be charged Oh No it's dead Cheers this is the same phone who else in the world has a phone like this huge big stealthy this is some sort of spy phone why do Chad and V had spy phone banks something's nothin ooh something's not right put that back and look they got the Chad wild clay backpacks not only one but he has to Chad Wadley backpacks why does he have to are these blueprints wait a second Cher's these might be blueprints to our house it's might be blueprints the sheriff and house look garage right there that goes right into our laundry room oh I think this might be to boot prints to our house that's so weird why the blueprints to our house and they hey hey what's up oh I was looking at your new backpacks this merch is so awesome yeah cool he matches your sweatshirt too yeah I love it man it's great for holding my ninja gadgets and spy gadgets yeah are we almost ready to go yep almost ready let me go grab I was gonna grab you something yet okay let me grab that for it I'm gonna go get a drink of water okay I'm getting a little thirsty okay just getting some water cops looking for a cup wait a second something's not right here wait a second there's nothing in these cabinets not even a single cup what kind of house doesn't happen anything nothing this makes no sense peanut butter that's it there's not even a single cup in this house this makes no sense okay I got a cup I'm looking for a couple else I need a four nothing nothing look no fork no knife this just doesn't make any sense there's no cops no silverware no nothing wait a second look at this what is this a cup with a red floaty thing inside shares you remember these things these red floaty things we're that mystery box that was found in the middle of the pond this doesn't make any sense why would she hadn't V had this fishing thing there's not even water out here we're in the middle of the desert in Las Vegas and their safe house there's no water around here this isn't adding up right something's just not right this must not be a safe house this must not be where Chad and V live something is not right oh wait a second hang on Cher's this is definitely not right what is going on Cher's what is this it's a game master of projects ergo type mask this doesn't make any sense why would Chad and V have this mask in their house Oh yes it adds up wait talk to Chad V oh nothing I just didn't know where you guys were I got you a sword you ready to go outside and test out some your sword skills on some watermelons oh yes some fruit ninja stuff yeah yeah you gotta train before we go into battle oh right okay be careful careful Cher's let's get outside let's do this all right I'll meet you right outside all right cool yeah grab something real quick okay he's gone outside so shares one more thing I wanted to see before we go outside look at this I don't know if you noticed this but look it's a black box but not only is it a black box but look at what code opens it up eight one one eight one one is the code to open this box shares remember in the pumpkin patch in the gamemaster house in Malibu remember what that code was on those rocks eight one one and check this out oh there's a note inside this could be the next clue for what's going to happen okay wait a second what is this a map to I remember seeing a map like this what is this a map to Gold mountain mine oh wait a second sure this is the nodos and Rebecca Samoas cabin oh you ready yeah yeah let's go uh let's go test this on a watermelon yeah I'm ready for this wait okay hang on hang on there's something I need to know before we go bit yeah do you guys really live at this house well yeah of course we do what why do you know how are you even living here yeah anyone by Allah says this is his safe house you invite us to come stay with him after what happened to us in California okay I'm gonna grab one more thing and then let's get going all right cool okay hang on chairs I'm gonna go do this bank robberies had to be but something's not right comment if you saw any more suspicious things I'm gonna go see if I can learn anything about this bank robbery see if maybe it's a setup for me I don't know what's going on but he's getting ready to do her bank robbery check it out on her Channel come up there's any questions down below I'll see you in the next video shares wish me luck I'll keep you posted until then you know what to do stay awesome and share the love peace woo


  1. Bella the Cavachon xx

    Yes of corse we know Daniel because he is the camera man for chad and vy and we trust him even tho he used to work for project zorgo but now he is a SpyNinja

  2. Ella O Connor

    πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€CWC is the gm like if u agreeπŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒβ˜Ίβ˜Ίβ˜ΊπŸ˜‡πŸ˜†πŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ˆ

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