Freemind Free Mind Mapping Software Tutorial Mind Map

Freemind Free Mind Mapping Software Tutorial Mind Map

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Free Mind Map Software Tutorial
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33 Replies to “Freemind Free Mind Mapping Software Tutorial Mind Map”

  1. z evekar

    Many thanks! When I move one node, – some others moving as well. That's annoying. How to disable that & switch to manual mode completely? Thanks!

  2. Carl Moser

    I started "mind mapping" a document for diagnosing an engine idle issue. Using the Linux version of Freemind. I found the note attachments very slow. BUT, I think documenting ideas using a graphical editor like this is interesting both in paper form and especially for online documents. Decades ago I was a Technical Writer at AT&T where we used a form of documenting called "Information Mapping". Wished we had access to a tool like Freemind back then.

  3. OM Selection

    Thanks I've been using it since 2006 . This helped give me some useful functionality that I havent used. Really good. You mention the more advanced features could you enlighten me as to what capability it has? I'm a big advocate for this program. Your video was good. Thanks again.

  4. Russell Lilley

    thanks its a good tutorial. onlu feedback id give is it would have been nice to have some real world examples of why you would use some of the functions. for example the flasher at the moment i cannot see why i would use. especially when it only flashes when selected.

  5. Ian Trousdell

    Thanks so much. Can you tell me one thing? How do I create an internal page when a node becomes so complex it can carry an entire mindmap of its own? I know its a function but cannot work out how to do this…

  6. Leon Rutherford

    how do I export it as .doc, docx, jpg or just .pdf? I tried exporting it but when I submitted it as pdf my school didn't accept it.

  7. Joshua Francis

    Hi, thanks for the tutorial. Is very useful to get started with the tool. Is there a video or details on how to export the map with xslt?

  8. A Vieira

    Great video. In this video you created what I call a map. I would like a separate just like it on the same page so I can connect some of their ends together. How can I do that?

  9. Georgina Paterson

    Thank you! I was getting very frustrates as to why the nodes were all bunching together and now my map has lots of lovely (and well-spaced) features!

  10. Genie Kate

    Very lucid and easy to follow.
    Can you re-arrange the branches from the main bubble so they are equidistant instead of being in 2 bunches?
    Can you add clip-art or photos for decoration (not in a node)?
    Can you 'highlight' a branch with a coloured zone-cloud round it?
    Thanks in advance.

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