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Jasmine β™‘ | JuicyJas

hi guys welcome back today I am back with a one branch's Royale featuring a Catrice I have been loving and using this brand a ton I would say was in the past a year or so was when I first discovered that maybe a little bit longer but I've definitely been loving them so much especially lately and not just in my makeup videos but just in general and my everyday makeup routine outside of filming I have been using their products a ton so I figured we would dive into a full face today and test out some products that I've personally never used before but for the most part with this brand I would say I tested out probably like 85 to 90% of their makeup product so a good chunk but there's a couple things that I'm really excited about today so yeah I hope you guys are excited I love one brand tutorials I will leave my playlists of one brand looks that I have done it down below if you guys are interested and without further ado let's just go ahead and get started grab a snack because we're gonna be here for a while so the first thing I'm actually gonna do is moisturize my lips I was at Ulta the other day and I picked two these two lip products up and I've actually really been enjoying them so the first thing is the I'm gonna try not to say Catrice but the lip treatment with shea butter so it just comes in a little container like this to be honest with you guys this is a really lightweight I would say daytime moisturizer for your lips it's not super thick like the lynnae's lip balm or anything like that so it's definitely something maybe that you could throw in your purse or just kind of have for the day so obviously I have long acrylics so what I have been doing with this is just using like one of these flat concealer brushes this one's from shop miss a and I just apply the product right on my lips and you can see it's not like a glossy type of product at all you can see it's just it literally just feels like a lip balm so I like it before makeup I think it's nice it's moisturizing but again it's nothing crazy but you know for the price I don't think it's bad I do like it so I've actually been using this like for a few days and then I also did get their lip oil this has sweet almond oil in it and I feel like this is really good for nighttime just because obviously it isn't oil and if you're like me and your mouth gets super dry especially around the edges for me I struggle with that a lot because of my eczema I always like to keep my lips and just that whole area very hydrated so I like things like this because it just comes a little dropper so you could just apply it right onto your I'm not going to use it now because again I feel like this is more appropriate for night time but I do like this so far now we can jump into the eyebrows of course so I'm first going to start off with there at brow pencil this is the slim Matic ultra precise brow pencil of this apparently is waterproof and I will say a lot of their products are waterproof which i think is really interesting I'm going to be doing a waterproof makeup tutorial and a lot of their stuff is which is great so this one is in D shade dark and it just looks like this I actually have only used this once I think or twice and I really like it comes with a spoolie on the end it has a really tiny little tip so it's like super convenient for mimicking brow hairs or outlining if you are like me just gonna take this Oh a little bit just broke Onew howling along with my natural brow shape at first when I got this I was like oh this is gonna be too light because I thought that the color was gonna be like the same color as the actual packaging but it's actually darker than the outside packaging which is good so I really like this the only thing is I don't know if maybe I'm sure at least online they're gonna have more shades but at Ulta the shades were limited I think they only have this one in another color so that's the only thing I do feel like this breaks a little bit though which is kind of annoying when you're doing your brows that's the only thing it's a nice brow pencil but it does break now what you fill in the rest of the brows I actually use this the other day for the first time and I like the concept of it but I'm not obsessed with the formula of it because it is very thick but this is their brow hero it's a two-in-one brow pomade and camouflage concealer which if you're like me this is really good for filling in your brows and then cleaning them up afterwards so I have this one in the shade so Gigi zero one zero and basically what it is it's a brow pomade I don't know why my hand is shaking I didn't have coffee today but a brow pomade and a concealer so it's like a little duo thing so I'm gonna start off with this pomade right here and I'm going to use this England brush from shop miss a what I did when I use is they actually added to some oil to it I'm just going to a drop of their libel because like I said the product is so thick that it definitely needs a little bit of a boost just to make it creamier and just easier to work with and it definitely helps the product to go on a lot smoother because if not it's just way too thick so it's not terrible it's not amazing I don't can't really see myself using this a lot of this for me is kind of like a pass the concealer in here also is extremely thick I'm gonna use it today but you definitely need to add some oil or something to it because it is just it literally just feels like a paste and I know lip will and then I'm gonna put this on my face and probably not the best thing but again the product is so thick that it's like it just needs something so it definitely works I like the concept of the product I feel like it's very convenient and especially for traveling I'm gonna go in and prime I'm gonna be using their eye foundation waterproof eye primer and this one is just the matte version they also do have like a shimmer version but of course for a primer I always just go for the simple original one so I just take this you know what I have used this before and I actually do really love this eyeshadow primer eyeshadows today I'm gonna be using the paradise desert eyeshadow palette this is a collab with Catrice and the fashion freak I've seen her Instagram before she's absolutely gorgeous so what I'm gonna do is oh I'm just gonna hit myself in the face with the palette so what I'm gonna do is actually just take this cream color right here and I'm gonna apply that all over my lid just to kind of set and have like a nice even base with the eyes so I'm gonna use that same brush this is an elf flawless concealer brush I'm just gonna press that down I've used these eyeshadow palettes once I will say they're not like they're not terrible they're not the worst things ever but they're also not like the greatest things you know it's kind of like right in the middle I'm gonna pick up the orange color right up here I'm just gonna buff that shade right in the crease you definitely have to build the eyeshadows up they're not going to be really really vibrant and pigmented right off the bat they start out very light but you can build it up which isn't really a big deal but just a little FYI I am then gonna go in with this purple shade or right down here I'm gonna start packing that color on on the outer crease shades really pretty I'm just using a sigma e25 up blending brush this brush is so old it's crazy like I've had it for almost six years like my Sigma brushes are still going strong it's crazy okay so not terrible again not like amazing definitely take some work to build up but once you get it you can definitely get some color payoff just gonna go in and kind of blend out those edges I'm gonna take this purple shade or right down here and they use my honest offset number eighteen brush which is my favorite packer brush I'm gonna dip and I'm actually gonna spray I'm looking for my setting spray hold on I'm gonna dip and then spray and I'm gonna use their setting spray later on as well I feel like spraying is a must with their eyeshadows for sure really subtle it's nothing crazy it's not like a really frosty color it just really gives you a sheen so I am dipping in here pretty heavily just because again I feel like that I should I was like initially they're not really really super pigmented okay so the look is definitely doable this isn't for me personally like a palette that I can see myself using in the future just because the quality isn't like a hundred percent there but again it's not terrible it's not the most amazing things so I've definitely tried better and I've tried worse so I just popped on at my ELF I tapes you guys know I'm obsessed with them I feel like I haven't used them in a while because I really haven't been doing a lot of wind liners so they just come in a little pack like this they are everything I love these for a really nice sharp line so I'm gonna do my wings today I'm using the Catrice liquid liner this one's the waterproof one and this is the only one that they had I'm pretty sure because I typically don't get waterproof liners or mascaras but you know whatever it's summer so comes with a really really tiny little tip like that that was like super easy to do and the tip isn't super flexible which typically I like when doing my wings but like it's still really easy to apply now I'm gonna go in with their glam and doll volume and curl mascara they actually had a bunch of different ones but this one stood out to me the most it's not a super black mascara we'll see how it looks for the lower lashes because my top lashes aren't great and I'm gonna go with falsies anyway I'm just doing a quick coat because I feel like it just helps for everything to blend better but I don't see much like thickening or like darkness but again my lashes suck so I need to start putting castor oil on them again because every time I do it I do it for like a few days and then I just get lazy so I need to I need to get on that more lashes today these are actually not from Catrice they don't have any lashes but I'm gonna use these a subscriber sent these to me to my PO Box and these are these I don't know how to pronounce it solid lashes and these are in the style jams I will leave their info down below but they just look like this they are absolutely beautiful and I love the packaging feel like these are really gonna take the look to the next level so I'm gonna pop these on and then we'll move into the skin so I'll be right back okay lashes are on I know that I have definitely filmed a look like this before but I'm gonna be my next video is gonna be testing a new makeup and that's gonna be a colorful look so I'm sorry please don't kill me in the comments for another basic look anyways I'm gonna move into the skin now which I think it's gonna be more of a success I personally really love a Catrice I also say skincare country's skin products for the most part so we're gonna be dabbling into their products so I'm first I'm sure off by just using a primer water I'm gonna start off with their prime and find multi-talent fixing spray I love this stuff I love this before and after makeup it is one of my favorite drugstore setting spray is so good and I also really like the illuminating one which I'm gonna use later on but this is amazing so I'm gonna just spritz my face this also smells like so good I can't even describe it it just smells just amazing if you know you know I'm gonna go ahead with my prime and find a good pores or filling a primer this stuff is the bomb diggity I love this so much I've literally been using this like every single time I've been doing a makeup fills in your pores it's so smoothing makes your makeup last I mean it does it all so it's a really really great primer they also have a mattifying one which I haven't tried they also have a mattifying one they have a redness one but this one is my favorite because like I can actually see a difference with a makeup how it looks how it wears like it is such a great primer ten minute ten recommend it and I have combo skin by the way so my t-zone is my oil spot more so my forehead more than anything but my shirt doesn't match my makeup I'm like big on that like I like to match my makeup with my shirt it doesn't doesn't match it and I'm definitely not fit for Peter I've been wearing like body suits and tank tops like in all my videos because it's so freakin hot and I need to go clothes shopping anyways let's finish up the face okay so if we're foundation I've actually used this before I believe once or twice couple of you guys told me that it's like your whole day girl foundation so I figured I would use it again this is their HD liquid coverage foundation it says lasts up to 24 hours come on camera there we go this says it lasts up to 24 hours I've never worn my makeup first might actually know I've slept in my makeup before which is not good but I don't know about 24 hours but this says it's a mattifying a second skin effect and I got the shade zero four zero warm beige hopefully this will match it comes with like a dropper which I'm not obsessed with the packaging like it's definitely not bad but I prefer like a pump I feel like it's just it's better but I'm gonna use my ELF total face bun and I'm just gonna drop a couple droplets on here and hopefully this color will work I was out this weekend and I got like the worst hand ever like do you see that I need to like balance it out at the beach or something cuz that's just bad oh this is pretty definitely Rolly it might be a smidge too light for me maybe cuz I got like a slight tan so my body might look like a little bit tan but I definitely can't make it work this is so pretty Wow it's like really creamy since blending out beautifully actually I've liked the color might be like a really really good match right now for me I think this is really pretty it definitely is I would say like a natural matte finish like it's not totally like drying and like really cakey on the skin it's really really comfortable I really like the coverage of it I just feel like the packaging isn't my favorite but like regardless I still think this is stunning like it blended into my skin flawlessly like you see that covered up my blemishes really well too which is good okay Patrese this is beautiful I forgot how nice that was like I don't know why I didn't keep using this maybe because of the packaging now I'm gonna go in with their liquid camouflage concealer I have this one in the shade zero one five honey I don't know if this is gonna match but you know we're gonna make it work and this is actually a this is I had other shades and I don't even know where they're at my makeup is currently a mess I need to like clean it out I'm gonna just start off with this and see what I could do with it because I don't want to use too much cuz I don't really like a light under-eye look I think this is doable I can definitely work with this it's a little too light I probably need to go up like a shade or two because I'm just not into that bright look but I love this concealer it is so creamy it is buildable coverage which is what I'm gonna do because I need some full coverage I'm gonna do a little bit of highlighting since I'm here okay so it's a little too light for me but it's definitely like I said it's doable it's creamy and blends really really nicely so I do like that a lot this is pretty this is like a really pretty combo loving and now I'm gonna go in with their brightening light illusion loose powder this one is in the shade banana again I don't remember if I've tried this I try so much makeup out and especially like lately I'm just like I don't even know what I've tried but this kind of looks a little bit familiar I've might have tried their regular version not the banana one but we'll see so I'm gonna use my sponge to caress this in and we're gonna test this out for a flash and see if there's a way cast with it cuz I feel like that's a big thing nowadays with powders a lot of people don't want a powder that's not gonna look at it pictures I'm gonna use the prime and fine mattifying waterproof powder this one's in the shade of translucent this is my favorite pressed powder in the summertime I love it for setting my entire face is perfect it really is a waterproof powder this will keep your foundation and everything on in place like all day I have tested this many times in very very very hot weather so I'm just gonna use this brush from royal and langnickel and I'm gonna just press this right into the skin I'm gonna set my brows I'm gonna use the eyebrow filler perfecting and shaping gel this one is in the shade it doesn't say but it looks like a really light shade I'm not sure if they have other colors but you know we'll see hopefully this will be good for the brows it just looks like that I love tinted brow mascaras I am a firm believer that they really work this might be a little too light yeah this is a little too late for me actually it is very light I really like a darker Brown just because my roots are so dark this is for like my blonde knees out there not bad though I really like the formula that I just wished the color was darker great we are back up close and personal I'm gonna finish up these lower lashes real quick just because I'm not gonna do much with them so I am gonna start off actually with the purple color and I'm gonna be applying that just right on that lower lash line I didn't personally see any liners from them so I'm gonna use this one from colour-pop but this is their BFF creme gel liner and this one is in the shade insomniac it's just like a really hot pink I have to get past that first part of the liner to make the really pop and like a little bit creamy on the waterline I used to not love these but now I love the way that this looks and it really just adds a little extra pop okay let's try out this mascara on these lower lashes it's not super black like at all like there isn't a ton of like color in this it's really really light so honestly I'm probably gonna use this on my brows to make them look a little bit darker cuz I don't like how Ashley they're looking but this is definitely showing up on the lower lash line now like it's giving me some length which I do really like whenever a mascara isn't like super super dark and like not that volumizing I will use it on my brows like if I'm doing a look like this because it works just as well as like a tinted brow mascara I find I'm like with this when it's nice cuz it's gonna add a little bit more color I don't do this with all mascaras again you can't do this with like a really thick volumizing like the color pop BFF mascara like I wouldn't recommend it but with like something like this it definitely works alright I think I like this mascara actually for the lower lashes once you build it up it's definitely really nice and like it's really lengthening okay for bronzer I'm gonna use the California in a box palette this is actually one of my favorite palettes this specifically is called the Malibu beach collection so you get two blushes two bronzers and a highlighter and the highlighter in here is everything it's so stunning so I'm actually gonna use both of these bronzers right here to bronze my skin and then I'm gonna go in with something different to contour because these are a little bit more warm versus this are in here in this village so I'm actually using this brush to bronze this one is from I think it's equal tools that actually oh yeah it is it's equal tools I got this I think at Marshall's or TJ Maxx it's just like a nice duo fiber brush I feel like it applies the bronze are really nice and soft on the face nothing crazy I love this palette it's really really soft it's really pretty blends beautifully and then to do a little bit more chiseling I'm gonna go in with the shape and a box contour palette this one is in this shade at zero to zero medium I'm using this little brush from Catrice or just kidding BH Cosmetics and then what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna actually take the banana color and I'm just gonna take that on my sponge and kind of just clean that up a little bit love this palette it's like not too ashy and again it's very very smooth so both of those aren't amazing now I'm gonna go in with a blush now like I said I've tried those blushes in that palette before but I have these two that I want to give a try their single blushes so these are the blush box waterproof and sweat proof blushes I have the shade bronze and golden coral so they just look really pretty I have to swatch these but I haven't used them yet I think I'm gonna start off with the shade bronze which is literally just like a really gorgeous bronze E tone blush I'm going to use this brush this one is just from Amazon and I'm gonna start off with the bronze color okay and then on the other side let's do the shade golden coral for comparison it's definitely more peachy obviously I think I like the bronze II tone more I think this is like the perfect bronze II blush love that so pretty I really really like that a lot those blushes are gorgeous so then for a highlight I'm going to use the 3d below a highlighter I've tried these also before I didn't try this color I don't believe this one's in peach or pinch of roe gonna use my Anastacio a 2003 highlighting brush is my favorite highlighting brush I'm just gonna pop that on oh that's so pretty took a really wearable like pinky really pretty glow that's gorgeous oh it's really wet too which is nice I don't even like spray my brush or anything definitely does have a little bit of like that pink undertone so I feel like this is more ideal if you are tanner darker I think this would be really really pretty on you if you are more fair I would probably go with one of their lighter shades they have a ton of different colors in these but this is just the one that I don't think I've tried before it's really gorgeous though I'm actually gonna dip into since I'm not like really tan at all I'm gonna dip into the highlighter in the California in a box palette just because again I don't want to have really like a pink tint because I don't have any color this is just gorgeous though see this one's a little bit more of like a champagne like more traditional highlight I love I'm actually going to use the single highlight in the inner corners and brow bone gorgeous oh my god I love the new face products and I tried love love love I'm gonna go in with the illuminating Prime and find spray again I really like the regular version as well but in this summer time lately I've been loving this it's so pretty focus most of this on the bottom of my face and sometimes I'll use the regular now for lips I'm gonna go ahead and line with their lip foundation pencil this one is in this shade that take you to the I think it's chocolate shop take you to the chocolate shop so cute so I don't know if these are available anymore Ulta I got this like so long ago but for the sake of the video I figured I would test it out if I can find it online I will link it these are really really good it kind of reminds me of the NYX lip liners I just did a video I like my favorite like nude product so if you're interested I'll link that down below but this is a good one so I'm just gonna line it's like that really nice like brown pinky nude it's like a really creamy formula to it which I love I'm gonna top this off with their ultimate matte lipstick this one is in the shade zero one zero oh they smell really really good oh my god that's such a pretty color wow this is gorgeous this is the creamiest matte lipstick ever oh my god oh this may be my favorite thing that I tried I think besides the blush this lipstick formula is like unlike anything that I've tried in a while it is so Matt but it's so creamy and it smells really good too it smells like candy like a sweet tart type candy it smells really good not like your traditional vanilla which is a nice change for once I don't even want to put anything on over top which is so pretty but I'm gonna try this Prisma lip glaze out from them and this one's in the shade holy moly I was annoying just looks like that looks like it has some glitter in it so let's top this off ooh okay it's subtle it's not like too much this kind of smells like crayons what didn't I ferment if my childhood oh this is actually great it's like a really light it really is like a light glaze on the lips like it's not like really intense it kind of just is just add the little move something to the lips it's pretty so I think we have another successful one brand tutorial overall I'm very happy with the look even though there were a couple things that I wasn't like a big fan of along the way the entire look I think is really pretty and I'm loving a lot of the products that I did at try out today so let's talk about the things that I really wasn't a big fan of it so right off the bat the brow products we're not my favorite the pencil was good at first but I noticed that it started kind of breaking the more that I used it so that for me is always a turn-off because then I feel like the more that I use a product it's gonna keep breaking I'm gonna go through it a lot quicker so for me even though it is such an affordable brow pencil that makes it not worth it for me personally I really like the concept of the brow hero like I told you guys earlier I love the fact that you have a two in one product the concealer the pomade it's very convenient but I don't like the formula of it so I'm gonna pass on this looking at my eyeliner right now also I can see that it is not totally wait what the heck happened here oh my god do you see that my eyeshadow like completely came off was that like that the whole time oh my goodness it probably was and it's probably so distracting how did I not notice that okay well that was probably so distracting some of you guys are probably like jazz what that leads me to my next thing that I wasn't obsessed with the eyeshadow palette I don't love the eyeshadow palette I like the colors in here I think they're really pretty it's a fun little palette but I don't like the formula of it I'm just I'm not obsessed with it so this is a pass for me I think there's way better i shadow 's and they do have a ton of other eyeshadow palettes as well but for week this one was the most appealing like color wise and everything at least from what I saw Ulta so I'm gonna pass on that although really like Patrice's other face products I will say this light illusion translucent powder is not my favorite I will insert photos of what it looks like with flash I have my bring light on in the one photo and the ring light off in the other and I don't love this powder I feel like it's kind of drying at night you do see a little bit of a white cast under my eyes it's nothing crazy but it's definitely there so I'm gonna pass on this I'm not obsessed with but I wouldn't like repurchase and they don't see myself using that in the future everything else I really did like I love the way the foundation looks I think this is really beautiful actually I don't know why I didn't use this before I think it might have been because of the packaging I wasn't like obsessed with it cuz I'm really not but I like the way that it looks I think it is really pretty and I do like this lot so I think that's good I love the eyeshadow primer like I said I use this before and it's great the concealer is really nice their palettes are absolutely to die for these are really good if you need something in your collection I definitely recommend those for sure I am probably most impressed with their single blushes I think this is like such a great formula it kind of reminds me of as you a and I love these two colors they also have other colors as well but these are absolutely beautiful I'm also very impressed with this 3d highlighter like I said I did use this before I used a different color I will say though this is pink you can see kind of like the pink tint right there so this is more ideal if you are tanner darker i think this is going to be beautiful on you if you are lighter i would recommend trying their lighter shades but this formula is like on another level then i also am super impressed with this lipstick this might be a new favorite nude it's like pinky for me it is gorgeous like the smell is great i like the formula of it i like how its matte and i'd also really do like this lip glaze this is pretty I do like the lipstick more than the lip glaze but the combo together is stunning overall I have a couple hits a couple misses but lots of really great products that I think are definitely worth trying from Catrice I'm very impressed and I'm happy with this look so let me know what you guys think what are your favorite products from Catrice and let me know if there's anything in here that I didn't try that I need to try from Catrice so yeah thank you guys so much for everything I hope this was helpful if you were looking into this brand I will leave everything that I used listed down below if you're interested I love you guys don't forget to subscribe before you leave and I will see you in a few days in my next one by


  1. Stacy Cuevas

    omg jas i love you so much !!! when u start smelling your products & now i do the same πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ i know i’m not the only one πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ

  2. Sisters Choice

    Love you soo much Jasmine!!!You motivate my sister and I to continue our channel!!!β™₯οΈπŸ’–β€οΈπŸ™

  3. superduperaggs

    my fav youtuber!!! your skin is so flawless and glowyyyy!! you’re so humble & genuine πŸ’˜ nothing but love & happiness to you my love!✨

  4. mavrick

    I don't know who the people that are saying your eye looks are boring. Maybe…if they are Vegas showgirls and need something for tonight's show. I think you are sufficiently adventurous for 99.9% of your subscribers. Don't listen to the overcritical minority.

  5. Lory Lopez36

    Talking about bad tan. One side of my body is wayyyyy darker then my right side. I drive all the time so my left side is always getting hit by the sun more then my right. Smh! Even my face. I wear a hat as much as possible but dont work.

  6. Kelly Oliveira

    Ok that bronze blush was SO gorg! I need it! I also REALLY love that lipstick! That lip combo was beautiful too but I def want that lipstick! I hope they have more nude colors! Also that bronzer brush you used is Eco tools. It's the sheer powder brush I believe. I know it had the word sheer in it because I went and picked it up at TJ Maxx after you recommended it a while ago! I love it too!

  7. SassyFras40 **

    Drugstore Girls,
    Can ANYONE RECOMMEND the best black liner for tightline/waterline from the drugstore that lasts really well? Been having a really hard time finding one.

    At this point I'd even consider "splurging" for a high end one. Blackest black and long lasting are the 2 important factors. (Also wear contacts)

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