Fun New iPhone Games! [2015]

Fun New iPhone Games! [2015]

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Hi guys — just wanted to make a video showing you some of my favorite iPhone games that I’ve been playing. Thanks for watching!
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Games I mentioned: Two Dots, Minion Rush, Loop, Orbit Run, ZigZag, Jelly Jump, Shades, 4 Pics 1 Word, Flow, 1010!, Cooking Fever,, Dude Perfect 2.

hey guys what's going on I recently asked you for some suggestions on iPhone apps and games so I wanted to make a video showing you some of the favorite games that I've been playing and also some suggestions that I took from you guys and that I really like so let's get started and show you some of the games one of my favorite games that I've been playing it's called two dots so we do it's pretty simple you basically just connect dots but you can start out start with the boost because I probably need it it'll give you random things like this and it'll take out some of the dots so it took out half um so for this one I have to crack these icicles or whatever they're stuck in so you basically just connect the dots and try to break them out of the thing you can also do like different combos so say I had a slope maybe I'll get a square it would get rid of all of the colors ohhere square so it got rid of all the blue ones so it's pretty fun and quite addicting once you actually get the hang of it I started playing and I was like this is kind of boring but then like I loved it literally played for probably 12 hours yesterday okay so I didn't win this round cuz not my best but that's two dots it has a bunch of different levels and different objectives and things like that but it's it's pretty fun so I recently started playing minion rush someone recommended this to me on Twitter I just kind of started playing this one but it's really really fun okay so you have to like catch the bananas and you jump and you move all around the different stuff and you try to avoid all the other stuff that's in your way and you just run I'm not really sure what you do yet but you avoid all the stuff and you catch the fruit basically I wasn't doing so well earlier trying to play this oops no no no I'm not actually sure what my objective is so I'm just gonna I'm just gonna catch the fruit and see what happens oh boy it's getting faster and I'm scared to look what my my objective is cuz it'll die but it's really cute oh shoot oh wait no I'm supposed to do that no okay so I just died but basically that's kind of just what you do you run around catch the bananas it also has different objectives and different things that you do each round I don't know the jelly lab it's cute this next game I haven't played that much yet but it's called loop it kind of drives me a little bit crazy it's one of these puzzle type games where you move each of these obstacles to connect and I just tell you something this is enough to drive any sane person probably okay that wasn't that hard that one was not difficult oh this one's gonna suck oh we might have something oh shoot oh they're real so yeah basically you just move around each piece and make them connect all right the next game orbit run so I'm on level 26 right now it asks you can you get to the level 200 and I'm like probably not so what you do is you shoot these red dots and you try to get to the center but you don't want to hit the black part so what I've been doing is just shooting a bunch of them which clearly does not work all right let's do this come on get out of my way all right here we go this is our chance all right so let's you do it's kind of crazy also fun I passed 26 sig zag Oh another game that I was I actually I actually screamed on the plane because I kept falling up freaking side all right so what you do is you basically tap and it just ocean that was really embarrassing we're gonna be here all day it's gonna the longest video I'll ever post cuz we have to beat the record whoo that was really close to be fair I did not deserve that holy moly mother oh it changes colors I never made it that far before I beat my score kind of like my game you the ball and you would have to like physically tilt it I don't remember that was called that was an old-school game it's kind of like that it's fun also drives me a little bit crazy all right the next game is cooking fever for some reason when I open this my like recording thing goes absolutely crazy but it's basically just one of those games where you have customers and you have to keep up with them and serve them and I don't know why it's fun but it's really fun we will go to jelly jump okay let's do this so what you do is you want to get the jelly to the top but you have to get it through here and there's different like speeds and there's different obstacles and so that one's really slow and you don't want to get the jelly stuck but you also lose Joe okay see my jelly didn't make the cut I don't think you're ready that's jolly okay come on jelly so it's really about timing oh shoot now they've got a slow-mo jelly so now my jellies going real slow oh my jelly cut in half so you get the point that's jelly jump let's move on to shade you basically it's kind of like a weird Tetris you want to look line up the line so that's all match colors and disappear but you make different shades so that the colors will match so we want to put that one there and then it disappears it gets really hard because it goes really fast and you have to make like a million different colors for it to go like this like so we'll have to make this green one Oh mistakes you're made again okay okay things are happening so what I need is I need like the light color now so I can put it on top of it Oh getting real real fussy and getting upset because it's not giving me what I want so then we have this one so this should take it down woohoo so someone recommended this for me for picks one word it was kind of really I don't want to say easy but I mean like look I like ro I don't know not for me this game is pretty fun it's kind of another puzzle type of game we'll do the regular pack looks in one level 19 basically what you do is you have to connect these dots but you can't get in the way of anything else so we'll do that we'll do that and we'll do that that was way too easy although some of these they are pretty tricky oh but these are not the one almost there oh you have to fill the board oh whoops well I'm sorry I have to fill the board I'm just really talented and good at what I do that's not right color idiot the next one I don't know is this Tenten or was a 1010 exclamation I'm gonna call it Tenten I was playing this game for a long time yesterday this is probably going to be one of my favorite games other than the two dots what you have to do is you kind of want to make lines so you want to fill up the lines with the blocks but which if you run out of blocks so say I run out so that line will disappear I'm assuming you probably get more points at the colors match but like I don't time for that and then as soon as these blocks stopped fitting places you lose okay we need more interesting things happening as soon as these blocks stopped fitting places that's when you lose so just don't suck and make sure they keep fitting I think those really games I want to show you a gari oh I had a lot of people recommend this for me I haven't figured it out yet maybe I'm just dumb um I also I have dude perfect but I also haven't played that yet but I had that recommended to me it looks fun alright guys so thank you so much for watching my iPhone games leave in the comments if you have any suggestions on games that I should get because I travel a lot and I get bored and before I'm going to sleep at night I like to play some iPhone games oh thank you so much for watching make sure you subscribe for a new video tomorrow actually I'll see you guys later thank you bye

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  1. Bonnie Barrette

    There's some games I like one is called helix jump and homescapes have to renovate the home for the owner and wordscapes is a word connecting game its super fun

  2. ShippingGirl Louise

    Get stack it’s also fun and u have to keep stacking and if u cut it off all the lil blocks will be that size

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