G-Code Lesson 1 What is G-Code?

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  1. Steven Terry

    this whole program is crap. The saftey code line is missing G80 G17. The start of a program you do not want to turn the coolant off with a M09, you want to to turn it on with a M08. He forgot his G43 H1 line code to tell the machine the tool length compensation. He for got the period of the the Feed rate 200(.) If not used the machine move in milliseconds. Not inch/minute. He does not need to use a M02 due to the fact that the program is ending with M30.

  2. Ian Crossley

    Sounds like total malarkey.
    If I need to run a job I enter the following:
    -Material Thickness
    -Bit type & dia, Pass depth
    -Tool speed XY&Z
    Zero my bit to bed
    Vac on/off
    Path the objects In/Out/Center
    Optional: Hog out – spec delta.
    Position parts, home machine
    Cut job.

  3. J3AN P3T3R

    1:55 got confused a little bit. i was like which unit ? then i realized it was UNIT of measurement.

    2:14 why that line of code had SPEED but no UNITOFMEASUREMENT ? how will the machine know which unit to use ?


    N10 G90 G21 G99 F0.25 ;
    N20 G50 S1500 ;
    N30 M06 T01 01 ; [ROUGH FACING FOR OUTER DIA . ]
    N40 M03 G96 S200 ;
    N50 M08 ;
    N60 G28 U0 W0 ;
    N70 G00 X105 Z2 ;
    N80 G72 W2 R1 ;
    N90 G72 P100 Q120 ;
    N100 G00 Z0 G41 ;
    N110 G01 X-2 ;
    N120 G00 X105 Z2 G40 ;
    N130 G28 U0 W0 ;
    N150 M03 G96 S200 ;
    N160 G00 X50 Z2 ;
    N170 G71 U0.5 R1 ;
    N180 G71 P190 Q290 U0.5 W0.1 ;
    N190 G00 X72 G41 ;
    N200 G01 Z0 F0.15 ;
    N210 G01 X70 ;
    N220 G01 Z-10 ;
    N230 G01 X56 ;
    N240 G03 X50 Z-13 I0 K3 ;
    N250 G01 Z-17 ;
    N260 G02 X44 Z20 I3 K0 ;
    N270 G01 X20 ;
    N280 G01 Z-30 ;
    N290 G00 X72 Z2 G40 ;
    N300 M06 T05 05 ; [FINISHING CYCLE]
    N310 M03 G96 S200 ;
    N320 G00 X50 Z2 ;
    N330 G70 P190 Q290 F0.15 ;
    N340 G28 U0 W0 ;
    N350 M05 M09 M30 ;


    N10 G90 G50 S1200 ;
    N20 G99 F0.25 ;
    N30 M03 G96 S200 ;
    N40 M06 T01 01 ;
    N50 M08 ;
    N60 G28 U0 W0 ;
    N70 G00 X20 Z2 ;
    N80 G73 U4 W2 R3 ;
    N90 G73 P100 Q150 U0.5 W0.1 ;
    N100 G00 X0 ;
    N110 G01 X30 Z-10 ;
    N120 G01 Z-18 ;
    N130 G02 X30 Z-26 CR=8 ;
    N140 G01 Z-46 ;
    N150 G01 X50 ;
    N160 G01 Z-54 ;
    N170 G03 X50 Z-64 CR=10 ;
    N180 G01 Z-74 ;
    N190 G70 P100 Q150 F0.1 ;
    N170 G28 U0 W0 ;
    N180 M05 M09 M30 ;

  6. Arvind C

    empty vessels make more noise, sums up the comments below who are solely aimed at correcting the codes , and forgetting that he used just a sample part program to explain the basics

  7. I B

    I just started operating a cnc… so this video was very helpful. Thanks to this video , now I have a better idea of how to understand G-code.

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