GAME MASTER TOP SECRET TREASURE CHEST OPENED!! (iPhone found with mystery pond monster clues inside)

GAME MASTER TOP SECRET TREASURE CHEST OPENED!! (iPhone found with mystery pond monster clues inside)

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Stephen Sharer and his twin like sister Grace Sharer are watching out for the Game Master after the sharer fam found β€œGAME MASTER TOP SECRET TREASURE CHEST FOUND IN OUR BACKYARD POND WITH MYSTERY MONSTER!!” and are now trying to open game master top secret treasure chest. But there are so many workers at the Sharer Family house they Stephen and Grace are unsure if one of the people are working for the GameMaster or not. So keeping a spy gear eye out for the GM Steven and Grace walk down by the backyard pond to look for the mystery box treasure chest left behind last vlog after Steven Sher spotted a monster in pond and ran away. Grabbing spy gear tools from the Sharers house, Stephen and Grace finally opened the mystery chest and found a bunch of pond monster clues inside as well as a secret Chad Wild Clay clue from a Project Z video spy message and this top secret spy gadget iPhone found inside the treasure chest. Could the #GameMaster be setting up a new secret riddles clue game or could Chad Wild Clay be behind all of this?!


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Gracie come on we gotta go we gotta go get it I don't think we should what remember that white man yeah Chris a lot of workers have white trucks yeah but you remember when we were stuck and we couldn't come home and that white van was doing some weird stuff you don't think that's the same one dear well we don't know if that van was a good person or a bad person that but I think we know the answer now okay what do you mean look what what am i what am I looking at GM oh you're right the letter says GM on it so in that last blog that was the game masters van okay sure is hang on we got a slight issue here because there's a lot of workers out the house today and we got this white truck and this white truck used to be at the end of the driveway all the way up there but today it's farther down this could be a surveillance truck we can't actually see what's inside you can't see you can just see me in my reflection with the show they'll love share the love merch on but no we can't see inside and there's no windows on this side grace there's no way in yeah so that means there's one person here that is not a worker and it's the game master but the question is shares there's so many work is here one of them could be the game master maybe those guys there there's like people on the roof there's people all over the house working today and we have to go back into the yard to grab that mystery treasure chest that we found in the pond last vlog we left it in the backyard because there are some crazy Paul monster that scared us off yeah it made some weird noise and that looked really really big okay hang on grace there's more workers but the front door there and then we got someone up on top of the chimney oh they could be trying to get a good view up there ah there's also another worker right there grace right by the box sure is that workers right by the mystery box we got a lot of people grace we just got to pretend like we're just having fun outside like nothing else is going on whoa whoa whoa whoa what what off the roof it's not safe here here's what we got again and it's the middle yard ooh that's where the mystery boxes we got to go grab it okay so we gotta pretend like we're just out here playing like nothing else is going on and then we'll quickly grab the mystery box we'll get it open we'll see what's inside okay but it's getting windy it's getting stormy we gotta just pretend like we're playing yeah oh yeah oh looks like there's something down by the pump we should go check it out there it is yet it's in the art oh wait you got a training 250ms real quick oh yeah well your skills are on point yeah they're on point today yeah did anyone notice me when I knocked that game master down uh no no nope I think we're all good maybe the game else was not here today yeah work our way down to the pond we're just going down to the pond down to the pond down to the pond nothing's going on down to the pond yeah we're just going down to the pond nothing weird just going down to the pond what an entry point thing that's my couch tell me when it's good to go okay the spy tower I think it's good to go ready three two one up to the house up to the house we are going up to the house let's go up to the house do nothing bad just get it up to the house Cherie well we got it oh wow grace we got it so this is what it looks like during the day yeah it sounds like there's a lot of stuff in there there's still water from the pond in here you think yeah it's still wet so hopefully whatever is inside didn't get all washed out but we gotta get this thing unlocked and get this thing opened we go grab some tools actually maybe we can borrow one of the workers tools because they have some crazy tools here oh we could use this well what is this thing I have no idea what is this like Steve I don't think that was the right tool all of that tool did was like fling stuff up in the air they saw it going flying oh wait what was that me yeah this isn't the right tool all right let's go keep going in the brush we need some tools quick quick quick quick quick anything Oh shares maybe this could work think about the treasure chest is made of wood and sauce cut wood whoa it's my work Oh balkars this look good okay safety gear on let's go open this mystery box okay let's get this mystery box cut open that Thunder I think so it's intentionally downpour right now yeah I think it's a storm coming I think the gamemaster can control the weather – maybe it's almost like they don't want us to open this mystery box but grace one thing remember that last mystery box that we opened and smoke started coming out yeah that was crazy well sheriff's take a look at this I think this is already booby-trapped you see this green string can you see that yes I think this is booby-trapped already so if we were to try to open it by cutting this lock off all right look it would set off something look it's connected all the way to the lock this green wire right here oh well yeah you didn't think I would catch that would you mr. Game Master it's what we're going to do instead is we got a saw through this thing you ready grace yep figure out a good place to saw you got metal and stuff but maybe we'll cut them through the bottom right here yeah let's try this you ready yep here we go remember stairs always be careful when using power tools you ready great Freddy boom whoa out the bottom first okay we got a fresh cut through the bottom this is gonna be easy grace you ready for this yeah we're gonna solve the bottom completely you got it you gotta fit with the side stairs we went in through the bottom what is that yeah and a lot of stuff is wet grace check this stuff out look ready what is this that's like a granite outdoors round snap one floats what fishing thing that's so weird the mystery monster that was in the pond oh wait this is rude boy there's a lot of these fishing things Oh what is that oh my goodness it's like an ant oh whoa with the key oh my most like for the jail so that we had whoa that is so weird [Applause] whoa maybe they caught this nigga put it in there hold on let's put this thing out oh gosh you ready yeah yeah look there's another one here that's so weird whoa books on it this is so weird that's so weird wait there's a phone Oh a phone out of all those things that's crazy wait what is this a phone what is this thing I don't know it says what was that Thunder the storms picking up kind of business I don't know it's very big it's the phone I've ever seen maybe it's a tracker there's a serial code on here model bv9 500 what does that mean this is really weird shares common you ever seen a phone like this yeah it looks like maybe it's a tracker or one thing do you see this book there's a red light on that phone ready wait for do you see that yes and there's a camera right there oh boy this battery power this film must be waterproof oh it has to be waterproof look how wet it is wet and dirty it is right now yeah and it was just in the pond alright hang on let's figure out how to turn this thing on shows if any of you know how to use this phone comment down below hang on sure let's think about this for a second this box might be the game masters like fishing box or something because it had all these stuff in it too like fishing like catch something so I'm wondering he purposely put that mystery monster in the pond wait you're right grace because think about it when we try to get this box out of the water in last vlog remember it started moving on us yeah all this bait and stuff was in here so maybe all this stuff maybe the game master was fishing for that mystery monster in the pond and had something to do with that yeah maybe we're not supposed to find this box I don't know it's a game masters fishing box maybe the game master is after the mystery monster in the pond I'm not sure let's make any sense like there aren't tons of fishing stuff in here but I just don't understand what I got it working you did I got this fun working oh yes they some type of Android phone hang on it's got 5% battery left it doesn't how much battery yeah hurry see the screen okay yeah yeah sure how much you are familiar with the system swipe to unlock okay swipe it's unlocked but now what I don't know what's this what is all that what is all this stuff hang on it definitely looks like a phone hang on greetings Steven share of viewers we are project Zoar girl we have successfully taken over Steven sharers channel by the end of today we will have complete control of you will only be able to watch the videos we allow you to watch the only way to stop us is if 1 million people type the special passcode into the youtube comment section wait a second Gracie in that video did you see that yeah yeah and we saw Chad wild clay backpack merged attacked let's share the love bug that one day when we got trapped in his game Esther's in jail yeah in the middle of the woods we didn't drive it there and chat while clay has been to her house before for the 4th of July party where he was swimming in do you know what this needs yeah shares I think we got to go pay Chad wild clay a little visit

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    Stephen! Yes, come visit me and I can prove I'm innocent. I'm one of the good guys. And we need to save your channel. Project Zorgo is trying take control. Zorgo Diffuse 09:01

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