Gamespot Classic-The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Video Review (PC)

Gamespot Classic-The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Video Review (PC)

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Greg Kasavin takes you inside The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion for the PC.

30 Replies to “Gamespot Classic-The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Video Review (PC)”

  1. Syuna

    Game is good but I prefer skyrim it’s way better more updated better combat and magic gameplay spells story mode etc I can’t see a lot of nostalgic ppl still stuck in the oblivion era in the comments though lol

  2. Jason Hudson

    First played Skyrim at 18 years old and loved it, only started playing oblivion yesterday! I’m now 26 😄 and must say it’s so much better 👍🏻

  3. Strong Independent Black Woman Who Need No Man

    so oblivion is better than morrowind according to Greg. Is there a skyrim review video?


    "If you have a super souped up PC with the latest graphics card you can play on PC" This is talking about Oblivion. Damn this is old. I still play it to this day.

  5. FerrariKangaroo

    What the F? The PS3 version is the worst version of the game. Wow. The False "Pro-Playstation" narrative existed even in the seventh gen of consoles. This review is full of sh1te. The PS3 version runs at a lower res and frame rate than the 360 version, has horrible post-process anti-aliasing, is buggy as hell and stutters like a mo-fo.

    It's like everyone wanted the PS3 to be superior at the time so they ignored what they were actually seeing.

    Unsubscribed from Gamespot om 2018 thanks to a disingenious review from 2011. Try hiring actual gamers rather than fanboys & transboys.

  6. Χάος χαίνω

    You didn't explain the end… You started by saying the start but not the end… Don't say it's a good story… Explain why it is a good story…

  7. assassin 97

    Currently playing this beauty on my laptop, the Witcher 3 on my ps4 and dragon quest 8 on my ps2!! Three games from three different eras, but still giving each other a tough competition!!

  8. Gixxer Fixxer

    Can a 2017 PC with a skylake i7 (at stock clocks), HD 530 graphics, and 8GB of RAM run this nowadays?

    I'm asking because it'll take a while before my GPU arrives.

  9. SaviorAssassin1996

    I like TES Oblivion so much. It does have a lot of flaws however. Enemies level up with you, the game has unfixed bugs (without a more powerful weapon or lowering the difficulty, common human enemies get what's supposed to be rare equipment when you reach a higher level, sneak attacking a Bandit or other human enemies will give you a point on assaults in your stats….why? Assaults are bad unless you want to be evil), and Oblivion has DLC. I want a complete game, the DLCs should be free.

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