GameSpot Reviews - Alice: Madness Returns Review (PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

GameSpot Reviews – Alice: Madness Returns Review (PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Alice and Kevin return to Wonderland in this video review for Alice: Madness Returns.

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30 Replies to “GameSpot Reviews – Alice: Madness Returns Review (PC, PS3, Xbox 360)”

  1. some1 2watch

    This was boring and platformers two decades old have done lot's of it's gameplay before and so much better. The world's were not open enough and had nothing really interesting to add to the character-world dynamics. The immersion was spoiled by how lineair it was.
    Rayman 2 had sections more unsettling than this artificial shallow thing and that's 18 years old.

  2. TobyTheWookiee

    Just got through my first gameplay. Although the game was a bit repetitive, the art design was very original and the story was great. Combined with great controls and combat mechanics, I was entertained throughout. So much better than the original, and highly recommended.

  3. stonerdemon

    Alice, Shadows Of The Damned, Mirror's Edge, Dead Space 1, Brutal Legend, Dante's Inferno… proof that EA used to deliver good single player games. Now it's a whole different story.

  4. WISPARTAN Mark 1

    Gamespot review quote:"Doesn't play as good as it looks"

    Are you Mad!!!!

    Alice Madness: Returns is the best thing to come out this past gen, I would consider this to be one of the best game all of time.

    This review does not do the game any justice, this is the kind of bad infuence and negativity that kills innovation and creativity in gaming.

     The reviewer is Madder than the Mad Hatter.

    This game should of won awards and praise and not this insulting review!!

    Go fuck yourself gamespot you do gaming in-justice with this pathetic attempt at selling an amazing game and experience for others.

    Believe me people the graphics in this game because it does do the game justice some reason or another people cannot see the work of Art in front of them, unless it is  Call of fucking Duty!!!

  5. JonjoCynic

    Y'know, it's funny. One of the main reasons many people hated this was because it was, despite the style and some of the more creative sections, it was largely a very standard 3D platformer, even cliche'd.

    That's kinda why I like it. I grew up on 90s 3D platformers of the PS1. Crash, Croc, Spyro…this feels like a current gen throwback to those games, albeit with more mature themes. It carries a nostalgic charm to me, especially as you just don't see that many 3D platformers anymore, especially not ones with such high production values.

  6. Dylan Ginther

    I seriously dislike both ign and gamespots opionion on this game he can't say its not creative n thn say 2 mins later thrs so much to see

  7. Barbie Reputation

    Like the original book and many adaptions, the primary aspect it serves as is eye-candy. Which is not a bad thing; by the beginning of the third chapter, when everything is destroyed and gross, this is when you start to care about what you are doing. Things are better in Wonderland, and you dont want to see it destroyed. But the battles and arsenals are creative, the controls are refreshingly floaty, and the enemies are fun to kill. I also like that it isnt a typical dark Wonderland scenario.

  8. ScratchBobItchPants

    Excellent game, loved it from start to finish. Love this game a lot, however, I really hated the collecting without any guide, and I really hated American McGees Alice game…

  9. DonutsRYummy

    Its a great game a breath of fresh air from your everyday same ol shooters etc… Even though he says its all bland find switch then find another, thats what platforming is, use your imagination to take out enemies and break blocks etc, but after you full upgraded teeth doesnt become a necesity and becomes faster. Theres not a whole lot of games out there that comes close to the look and creativity of Malice. He says its all the same and the shrinking and sensing of invisible platforms to see couldve been done more creative? Seems creative to me, and as far as the issues he stated i havnt had texture pop in, pixilated explosions, audio glitches, etc. A.Mcgee is one of my favorite designers coming from the Doom and id software franchise what more could you expect? And Malice: Otherland is in production i pledged 5k and i have to say it looks great in pre pro. ( i like to call her Malice ) you can pledge $5-10k

  10. Zylice Liddell

    A fair review for a GREAT game! Well done Gamespot! And yes, I agree about American McGee's Alice being better than madness returns. I still absoloutley love them both nonetheless! XD *^_^*

  11. Alec S

    I might just do that if I can find a copy of it new, probably wont find it locally though. I'd have to order it online. Sad to see good games not get the recognition they deserve, yet games like COD get ridiculously good ratings even though it's the same recycled garbage.

  12. NerdySabbath

    Just bought a copy new from amazon for 20$. Not to be preachy, but I recommend buy it new to support the creators/ studio. Typically unique games like this don't sell well

  13. Alec S

    Aside from my rant to the ignoramus, I've seen people play this before and it looks awesome. I can never seem to find a used copy anywhere, so maybe I can get a copy off ebay. Does anyone know if a new copy for PS3 (If I were to find a new copy) comes with a port to the original game like the guy in the video mentioned? Thanks

  14. Alec S

    Hey dipshit, you do realize the whole story of Alice in Wonderland was wrote by a guy who was allegedly taking large amounts of mushrooms and was into young girls right? LOL not so sunshine and rainbows anymore is it? Disney ripped off the story, the actual story itself was pretty dark. Disney is a corrupted company putting subliminal messages in their media for children, brainwashing the young people. So you are what's wrong with society if you still don't get the points I'm trying to make -_-

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