GameSpot Reviews - Assassin's Creed II PC Video Review

GameSpot Reviews – Assassin's Creed II PC Video Review

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The PC version of last year’s beautiful action adventure is lots of fun, but you’ll have to overcome its online-only copy protection and high price point. Read the full review:

so de mierda por ESO lo que es esto pero de piel vote la Fitte k-mer Atari spell okay bro several months after console gamers returned to the world of Assassin's Creed PC gamers now get the same opportunity where the adventure itself is concerned there aren't a whole lot of disappointments assassin's creed 2 is a fun and beautiful romp through Renaissance Italy occurring through the eyes of Ezio a charming hero with an axe to grind but other factors are in play here not only does Assassin's Creed 2 sell for a $10 premium but it requires you to be constantly connected to the Internet to play this is an awesome game but Ubisoft is asking you to make an incredible leap of faith that may not pay off in the long run but first a few words about Assassin's Creed 2 s online requirement it's really unusual for a single-player only game to require a constant internet connection this is of course ubisoft's attempt to combat piracy you need to sign up for a UV comm account and tie that account to your copy of the game every time you play you must sign in to that account even your game progress is saved online which sounds like a nice option but here it's mandatory want to play Assassin's Creed 2 on your laptop of your grandma's house did a storm knock out your internet oh well you're out of luck and even if you retain a perfect internet connection you might run into some of the same problems we did you might run into delays while the game tries to access your in-game profile containing your progress worse you may not be able to sign in to the game at all on one day we spend hours trying to sign-in only to run into connection errors that kept us from playing the game but if you can get past these inconveniences you'll be treated to a fun and lovely game that transports you to a gorgeous vision of Renaissance Italy as Ezio you leap and shimmy across roofs and towers with ease you'll visit cities like Venice and Florence which function is stunning sprawling playgrounds set up specifically for you to climb around on the animations are great make it a joy to move from place to place if you've got an Xbox 360 controller you'll find it makes for a more intuitive experience but don't worry you'll have absolutely no trouble making your way around with a mouse and keyboard now fiance will judge you for what you've done there's more to it than climbing of course missions have you assassinating key figures skirmishing with guards and blending with crowds to avoid being seen we're assassinating is concerned your best toys are the dual blades that let you solder in between two foes and sink a blade into each of them other new moves in the sequel include the ability to disarm your opponents and hanging assassinations that let you hang from a Ledge and yank your target off the roof and onto the streets below as for stealth you can now blend with random groups of citizens that is if you aren't busy stealing coins from their pockets yes there's an entire economy at work here and you can spend florins on new armor and weapons medicines smoke bombs and even on upgrades at your uncle's villa which serves as your home base there's a lot to do here from races to tombs to explore to chasing down careers to searching for secret glyphs the PC version looks gorgeous and plays well and includes the two missions released for consoles as downloadable add-ons if this doesn't seem like enough of an added value to justify a price higher than most new PC games certainly not when the value of this single-player product depends entirely on whether you maintain an uninterrupted internet connection it's too bad these frustrations are so prominent because the game hindered by them is absolutely superb and deserved better for that matter PC gamers deserved better too beautiful Bunji scoop [Applause]

45 Replies to “GameSpot Reviews – Assassin's Creed II PC Video Review”

  1. Tippy

    I'm playing this as we speak and the controls on pc are the most complex non-intuitive set of dog shit i have ever encountered in a game. They completely spoil any chance of a satisfactory gaming experience, must be better with controller but if you like to play with kb and mouse DO NOT buy this game its crap.

  2. thespacecowboy

    @Exiaification i don't know if this the right awnser but the game comes with the dlcs preinstalled and no discs are requeid to play this game only for instaling

  3. Benjamin B

    what's funny, is that by adding the whole "required internet connection" thing, not only did they lose massive amounts of buyers, but they encouraged pirating. especially since the FREE game (obviously illegal) is actually BETTER than the payed game since it loses all of those inconveniences. Kind of sad really.

  4. GreyGhost

    one question. I am thinking about getting the STEAM version of this game. i know that i still have to get a Uplay account but do i have to log in every time?? even with the steam version because i have games like mass effect that say it needs internet all the time to play according to steam, but i managed to play it with my internet completely off.
    so if anyone knows plz tell me this is the only thing preventing me from just downloading from steam Thank you

  5. sporister

    Isn't it funny that Ubisoft tried to protect the game from piracy, yet what the actually achieved is making most gamers become pirates. Thanks, Ubisoft. You turned me into a pirate!

  6. Johannes Hacker

    @Loveseekingmissile i never had problemswith my connection. i could always play it without any interruptions. the same with brotherhood.

  7. A Clever Koopa

    ahh i feel like i owe skidrow money now, thanks to him i dont need a internet connection to play and i am home free to kill and jump on roofs whenever i want.

  8. SundayRoast

    I was watching this video and the part came where they showed the part with AC2 starting up.

    My reaction:
    What the fuck?!?! What's going- Oh. *Phew*

  9. This Is Tino

    i play splinter cell conviction PC on my laptop, you need constant internet, but it wasn't a hassle for me, (you do NOT need a desktop computer) a wireless connection is just fine. if you were skeptical about that do not worry
    thumbs up for people to make sure they have the right info.
    Internet was also a reason for smoother a run, like how online MMO's use it to lessen major lag

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