GameSpot Reviews - Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition (PC)

GameSpot Reviews – Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition (PC)

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Death is just a set back in this video review for Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition.

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[Applause] last year the masterpiece Dark Souls was released on consoles now it has made its way to PC as the aptly titled Dark Souls prepare to die edition this version adds a new area and a PvP arena but ultimately this is the same incredible game that was released last year if you didn't play it then you definitely shouldn't let this opportunity go on seized you are undead struggling to fight your way through the realms of Lordran on a quest whose final purpose is anything but clear where mini-games burden you with plot and background lore Dark Souls lets the places you go tell their own kind of story one lost in time and shrouded in mystery undead from almost your earliest steps in this dangerous world you're beset by enemies and you quickly learn to never let your guard down even the most common and clumsy enemies you encounter have attacks that can make short work of you if you're not careful melee combat here is straightforward with the small assortment of attacks blocks Terri's and evasive maneuvers at your disposal the combat and Dark Souls becomes a deadly dance each of your strikes that hits its target is a small victory and each potentially devastating attack from an enemy that you narrowly evade offers a new lease on life unfortunately playing with a keyboard and mouse is much too unwieldy this game demands a controller each new area brings with it challenging new enemies as varied and memorable in their designs as they are in their techniques there's a wide variety of weapons to acquire and use and a good assortment of weapon enhancement options finding a better weapon or making your existing weapon more powerful can be the very meaningful difference between survival and failure the stakes can be high as you venture through Dark Souls making your determination to survive and persevere that much greater as you vanquish enemies you collect Souls which can be spent to level up your character or to purchase items and services from the few blacksmiths and merchants eking out an existence in certain corners of the world so long these souls are a precious commodity indeed and should you fall in battle and you will your souls fall with you however all is not immediately lost if in your next life you can make it back to the spot of your previous demise and touch your blood-stained you regain the souls you had acquired perish again without recovering them however and they disappear forever it's a crushing feeling to die knowing that it means the permanent loss of a significant number of hard-earned souls but it's precisely that danger that makes the struggle to stay alive so exciting in each realm of Dark Souls there are bonfires that offer your only real sanctuary from the constant dangers you face it's only at these locations that you can spend souls to level up and when you perish you restart from the last bonfire at which you rested because they serve as checkpoints on your journey happening upon one can bring with it a tremendous sense of relief that relief is short-lived though because you must soon press on into the unknown dangers that lie ahead there's a constant sense of trepidation that arises out of the fact that you rarely know what lies around the next corner few games offer a sense of exploration and discovery as rich and rewarding as that darksouls offers there's no hand-holding here no NPC companion or helpful sign telling you which way to go next your discoveries are yours alone and that makes them all the more gratifying however you can call on assistance in moments of need players can leave summon signs and you can summon one or two of these players to your world to help you take on the boss of an area on the other hand under certain circumstances other players can invade your world with the intention of seeking you out and defeating you it's just another example of the ways in which Dark Souls keeps you constantly alert and a little afraid unfortunately summoning an invasion are somewhat spottier on the PC than they were on consoles when attempting to summon other players to your world you may more often than not get a summoning failed message additionally the PC version is locked by default at a resolution of 1024 by 7 2000 a user created mod is available that resolves this issue however the PC version improves on its console counterparts in terms of performance where the console versions suffer from severe framerate drops in a large area called Blighttown the PC version does not most noteworthy in the prepare to die edition is the added content called artorias of the abyss like many things about Dark Souls the way in which you access artorias of the abyss is shrouded in mystery and unless you investigate the world thoroughly and pay close attention to item descriptions or just look up the instructions for accessing it online you might miss it that would be a shame as the content holds its own when added to the existing game particularly excellent is a battle with the knight artorias himself a fearsome foe even by the standards of Dark Souls challenging bosses he is frightening ly agile and powerful in vanquishing him is one of the sweetest victories to be had in a game full of rewarding challenges also in this new realm is the Battle of stoicism an arena for player-versus-player battles here you can partake in one on one two on two or deathmatch battles with nothing at stake from leaderboard glory sadly a number of issues make the arena a frustrating place it's not unusual to have to wait several minutes or more to be matched up with an opponent once you are paired up with a foe and dropped into the arena you can expect lag to plague your battle as your opponent hops around the screen without animating properly and you sometimes take damage despite the fact that your opponent didn't appear to hit you the arena's presence doesn't harm the overall game since it's entirely optional but it doesn't bring much to it either despite this minor disappointment Dark Souls remains one of the greatest games of recent years there's so much to do and to discover in its beautiful and frightening world the genius of Dark Souls isn't just in its environments or its monsters it's thrilling combat or the unusual and exciting ways in which players are connected it's in the uncompromising way that it throws conventional wisdom to the wind dropping you into its dangerous world without guidance making you fend for yourself teaching you to shrug off defeat time and time again to finally earn victory but this vast an unforgettable masterpiece is now only $40 makes the decision to play it even easier [Applause]

41 Replies to “GameSpot Reviews – Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition (PC)”

  1. Herr Denker

    Hallo zusammen, ich hätte eine Frage an Leute, die die PtD Edition haben. Wie komme ich an den Inhalt des DLC's? Sind Codes zum Eingeben dabei oder ist alles auf der CD dabei? Frage, weil ich mir das Spiel gebraucht kaufen will und meistens bei gebrauchten Spielen die Codes nicht mehr gültig sind. Danke im Voraus.

  2. 19ThatOneKid98

    You must have been running the game on a super computer because I'm running it on modern hardware 4 years later and the game struggles to maintain even 30 fps for me.

  3. Sam Goldstein

    In retrospect I would have been very frustrated if I had so much of the Artorias boss fight spoiled in the review. It's actually a very solid review, but showing this much of a late-game boss is questionable af.

  4. Must Rästas

    controller…hehe lol……i love more pc keyboard thana a controller…..ive managed more with pc keyboard……not died so many times in battle….moustly only falling down and then died ……dear players, do not be afraid of to play it with pc key board…its even better

  5. Crossbones39

    This guys fucking voice is so nasally and high pitched it's like how a very stereotypical nerd sounds. My god i'm sorry for you.

  6. MVLaufer

    i sorry but the developers are too lazy to optimise this game for a keybord and mouse becous that is standard for a pc … it shoud not be sold for a pc. I consider this a scam buying the game only to realize that i need a joystick that i never played with in my life and never play with.

  7. northmetalguy

    The reviewer is either really good at the game, or really bad. I can't decide. Using the drake sword all the way through is really stupid. It's essentially using a shit weapon on purpose. No scaling, and no way to buff with magic. That's just bad. On the other hand… he seems to have made it through the game using it.

  8. thestew56

    Just bought this for my new PC….gonna test out the steam controller. I use key and mouse for everything and like it but I dont think I'll get by like that with DS.

  9. IgnemFeram01

    After watching a few reviews and hearing what friends have said over the years, I've decided that Dark Souls isn't for me. I need something that's not as brutal.

  10. Dawid Gałęziewski

    Are YOU FUCKING KIDDING me!? This game is shit. Just got it free with tomb rider, I have played demon souls on ps3 and it was rly good. But this port is just terrible, DON"T BUY IT it's just unplayable

  11. Jon D

    I'm not normally interested in playing outdated games but after playing Dark Souls II and Bloodborne I'm forever hooked on this style of game play. I only got 10 more minutes before the game is installed on my PC. So excited!

  12. Bradley Hurd

    its 5$ on steam right now for the christmas sale should i buy it?. i have finished dark souls 2 on ps4 and it was amazing.

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