Gear 360 2017 In-Depth Review + Tutorial

Gear 360 2017 In-Depth Review + Tutorial

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After getting to know the Gear 360 2017 (#robopenis) quite intimately over the past few weeks, despite having one fatal flaw, could this turn out to be the best consumer 360 camera i’ve discovered so far in 2017?

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Do you know what this is? if you said a
robots genitalia then congratulations you're correct. If you also said the
Samsung Gear 360 2017 then you're also correct.
Samsung has just released their brand-new addition to the Gear 360 line,
the 2017 model of their famous 360 camera. And a lot of people have been
asking me about whether this is a camera worth buying. I've had it for a few weeks
now and I feel like got a really good understanding of how it works, what the
strengths and weaknesses are. I've got to say this is an amazing camera however
there is one fatal flaw which I'll get to a little later. In this video
I'll go over every strengths and weakness I can think of and show you a
bunch of footage photos and everything you need to know about Gear 360 2017. So first I want to start with their
design. It's a very cute little device, has those two big eyes on either side or
lenses and it feels really good to touch. I think the design is really good,
the lenses are closer together than the previous model. That's awesome. You'll see
that it has a USBC port there on the outside as well as a microSD port which
you can actually pull out yourself. It's very easy you don't need to open any
lectures or anything you just pull it out there. Very good design feature. Here
we have a menu button and a back button and the record button is here. The only
issue I have with the design is the record button being there because it's
practically impossible to take a photo with your thumb right there literally
one centimeter from the lens without your hand ending up huge. One of the
biggest complaints I get from people in the 360 field is they hate big hand or
Theta thumb messes. It was called the Ricoh theta camera so you don't want
your hand too close to the lens of your camera. This can be fixed by turning on
the self timer and then you just move your hand down here. Samsung did include
this little rubber ring that's supposed to stabilize the camera when you're
putting it on a table or the ground or whatever but really I mean come on this
looks like a sex toy not a camera tripod. I'm sure you can have a wild night out with
this thing and look at the bag that the camera comes in. If this isn't all the
ingredients for a wild night out then I don't know what is. This is where you'll
have to take things into your own hands to come up with other ways to keep the
camera still. You can put the camera down by itself it will stand up, it's got a
pretty solid base there. It's got a 1/4 inch tripod thread on the bottom which
is handy. If you own a previous Gear 360 you can actually detach the legs and
attach it to this one. So that's that problem there. One thing I do miss about
the previous one is this little tripod so if you own it then just transfer the
legs. Simple as that. If you don't there lots of other options. You can just
attach it to a normal tripod or by normally a big
tripod will take up too much of your photo so you want to get a mini one. I
like the little Manfrotto mini pixie tabletop tripod. This is a good one and
has a very minimal presence if you fold up the legs like that. Also I use my Manfrotto selfie stick that I've done plenty of reviews about already. This is
an amazing companion to the Gear 360 2017, definitely a worthy investment. If
you just extend it that much it's going to be pretty much invisible underneath
the camera because the blind spot's directly underneath so that there'll be no
presence of any selfie stick which is awesome. The new camera is smaller than
the last one so you can actually fit this one into your pocket. I know that's
a small thing but it makes a big difference in the grand scheme of things
because if you can put it in your pocket you can take it with you
everywhere you go and end up getting 10x as many photos
and videos so this is a huge factor and a big selling point. This is a portable
camera now. It wasn't really before without having to get its own dedicated
case and carrying it around separately. Memory and battery life
Samsung have said that the camera will last up to 130 minutes and my experience
so far I think they're more or less right. With the storage capacity you can
get up to 256 gigabytes into the microSD card that is a huge amount. I don't know
how you could ever shoot that much footage but that's really handy. That is
a lot of storage. Personally I don't see the need for any more than 64 gigabytes
of storage because I'm always backing up my footage and formatting a memory card
anyway or just using different micro SD cards so this isn't really a big factor
for me. With photo resolution the 2017 has 15 megapixels photos. I know this
is less than the previous model however if you're just shooting for social media,
for Facebook, Instagram this is plenty. I mean, we all love infinite
resolution in our 360 photos but for something so small and cheap you really
just can't expect that. If you want super high-res photos you've got to spend 10- 20x more money in getting the absolute best 360 camera out there that
can do that resolution or get a DSLR Rig. For me the resolution on this camera is
totally acceptable, it's not the best 360 photo camera out there but it does a
good job and I've been relatively happy with the results I've gotten from
posting on social media about these tiny planets and
interactive 360s. While resolution seems to be the number one thing people look
for, something that gets overlooked is dynamic range and the look of the photos.
You can have all the resolution in the world but if it's completely overexposed
and looks horrible then resolution doesn't mean anything.
So I look more for the look of the photos than resolution. With the Gear 360
2017 you have the ability to do HDR in two ways: both with one photo and three
photos combined. In this first photo I used no HDR at all and in the second
photo I've activated HDR through changing the setting within the camera
that takes three images and blends them together to get a much more balanced
exposure. And in my opinion that looks pretty done good. It's getting the
highlights and the shadows quite well, leaving lots of room for color grading
if necessary. With video resolution it does 4096×2048. This is a slight
upgrade from the previous camera however it's not that much of an upgrade is it.
So if you're looking for an upgrading video you probably want to look at 8k
360 cameras. Honestly 4k does a really good job. A lot of people complain about
video resolution but realistically you just need to remember work the
beginning of the 360 era and it's only going to get better and better and it's
evolving so quickly that soon we'll be shooting 16k videos in 360 on our
phones but that day hasn't come at the moment. 4k it produces a damn good result
so because something that fits in your pocket and at this price point I am very
happy and I think you will be too. If you saw my Gear 360 2016 vs. 2017 comparison
video, one of the main things that stood out to me was the stabilization of the
new camera, it's much improved and you can actually walk around with this
camera in your hand and it does stabilize it a little bit it feels a
tiny bit shaky but still I would feel good going out with this camera in my
hand and knowing that it's actually going to look ok later on. It's not going
to be like this, it's going to be more like this. A common issue that Gear 360
users face is that the camera overheats when shooting
4k video. I haven't had that problem personally but I've heard of many many
people who have including one person already who had an issue with this one
overheating. ne of my friends on One of my friends on Instagram told me that his Gear 360 shut
down after I think it was 15 min of recording 4k video. However this wasn't
35 degree heat and you really need to always be cautious. When you're filming
in heat no matter which kind of camera you own whether it's a 360 camera,
a DSLR a video camera it's probably going to overheat if you heat it up too
much. It's only a tiny little camera and it needs to process that huge image
and video quality as its shooting. It's going to heat up so you just need to be
careful of that and not go out and shoot an hour of 360 video content in like 40
degree heat. And setting yourself up for failure so
if you live in a hot climate and you want to use this I would suggest
shooting short clips. Don't shoot for a long time because you'll
probably going to experience this issue. Today here in Sydney it's a nice 21
degrees. I'm going to test this. I'm going to leave the Gear 360 rolling in 4k and
see how long it lasts before it shuts down, overheat or just switches off
because it's reached the limit. – And we're rolling what do we add three
minutes 54 so far so good personally I never shoot 360 video for
longer than a few minutes I just don't think it's a medium that's is that
exciting yet in the longer form it it's really tiring moving around your VR
headset or swiping around the 360 video for a long time. it's fun for a few
minutes but in my personal opinion it's better shooting short amount than longer ones.
Ten and a half minutes still going strong. 19 minutes 39 and at 26 minutes
well and truly gone past that 15 minute mark so really I guess that put that down
to the climate. It's nice and cool here, lots of airflow so the camera is able to
perform at its peak. Very good news we're at 45 minutes and still rolling
that is very very good from a tiny little penis shaped 360 camera. 48 minutes and
41 seconds so you'll notice I've got it in the shade there. I think that's
actually going to increase how long it overall record for just because it's
going to be less likely to overheat because it's not in direct sun. You just need
to think of your camera like a kid or a pet you wouldn't leave it out in the hot
Sun all day, you've got to treat it right and then it'll perform for you. big
We're at 59 58 59, 1 hour. 1 hour of recording and it's still going. . 1 hour, 13:55 second just seems too good to be true And we're done
that was just over 1 hour and 20 minutes. I'm thoroughly impressed and my guess is
it turned off because it ran out of battery and you know what it doesn't
even feel really hot either. Like that's only just warm after recording 4k for an
hour 20 it's just warm, so it didn't overheat. It was the battery that ran out and that's fair
enough any camera that records 4k video for over an hour is probably going to
run out of battery so that's very good performance. Something that often gets
looked past with the gear 360 cameras is that you can use this as a normal video
camera so you can choose to use just one lens and shoot a full HD video that's
really cool. I mean it's not going to be the best quality out of all two video
cameras out there and realistically your phone is probably going to shoot better
video but if you're a videographer or a filmmaker or a blogger it's good to know
that you've got a backup cam or a BCD cam in your pocket which was a
360 camera and then turns into a regular camera. I probably won't use
it myself but it's good to know that it does that. Okay let's try out a
time-lapse so there we go time-lapse alright so as you can see
these two numbers here the top one is the elapsed time the bottom one is the
time in the time-lapse so we've moved in rolling now for 15 seconds.
one second timers that's really helpful because it helps you get a feeling of how
long your time lapse is gonna be. I bet you weren't expecting this
the camera can record super slow-motion 120 frames per second
however this is at 1445×720 resolution which makes it so pixelated it's almost
unusable unfortunately. Look it works as a tiny planet but as an interactive 360
as you'll see on my YouTube page it's just too blurry unfortunately. It does
also shoot 60 frames per second at 2560×1280 so that won't be quite as bad.
For me personally the biggest selling point of this camera is compatibility
I've always been an iPhone user and the Gear 360 has not been compatible with
iPhone so I haven't been able to use it up until now so this is now compatible
with the most recent models of iPhone and from what I understand more than 50%
of photographers and creatives out there use iPhone so this opens up a huge new
market for Samsung. Yes there still are a lot of limitations which are very
annoying, there are still a lot of Android phones where the compatibility
has been excluded with this camera yes that's annoying but you just have to
stick to a computer workflow for now until they make your phone compatible
you know if that day will come, if not you need to acquaint yourself with a
computer workflow and not a mobile one. Okay iPhone workflow turn the camera on sometimes it takes a while for the
iPhone to recognize the camera so you do need to fiddle need to hold down menu to
connect to iOS now will the Wi-Fi work? that took about 20 seconds which isn't that bad, annoying but I can let it
slide let's see if there's any difference with the Android connectivity
camera goes on Samsung Gear 360 there it is connected instantly did not have to
do a thing camera gallery settings no live-streaming option you'll notice it's
not available for iPhone just yet it will be in the future I'm sure but not
now camera will just take you to live view mode we have control over basic
settings and you can look at the image and the video then we've got the gallery
so on iPhone it does reduce the resolution of photos to 4096×2048. I
can probably let that slide but if you do want to edit your photos
professionally you'll want to take it to your computer because you want to get
every pixel you can get. this is taken quite a while in all
fairness I am using a model of iPhone that they said wasn't compatible. I'm
using the iPhone 6 here and I think they said the 6s and onwards were the
compatible phones so I guess I can understand why it's more slow on my
phone it would be interesting to see if it's much faster on the newer ones and
most likely is that's an important fact actually because if there are big files
they need time to transfer we've got so much data and if the phone can't handle
it then it's kind of my fault for not having the computing power. It's not the
cameras or the apps. I'm using the galaxy s7 edge and clearly it just has the
computing power to transfer these big files quite quickly and wirelessly. Next
cab off the rank is live streaming. This is a feature many people are looking
forward to and the minute I tried it their cluster you know what began first
I tried using my iPhone and iPhones just aren't compatible yet next I tried my
galaxy s7 edge and while it is compatible I was having login issues
with both YouTube and Facebook were caught in an endless loop then I decided
to tether the camera to my iMac and try streaming through my computer this was
promising at first and the connection did work however it was pixelated and
glitchy as hell half the image was covered in grey I had people reporting
how choppy it was and it just didn't prove to be a workable solution then I
spoke to my friend Mick from 360 rumors and he told me that his stream worked
flawlessly I checked it out on his YouTube channel and there it was it
looked pretty good in its 1920 by 960 resolution he was streaming via his
brand new Samsung Galaxy S 8 so that may have had something to do with it
I saw another friend of mine also streamed for over three and a half hours
so that told me that live streaming is definitely workable right now I put my
values down to either my phones not being fast enough or my internet
connection not being fast enough it does require a lot of power to host a full HD
360 stream to the internet from a mobile device or computer so you will need a
really fast connection in Australia we have
okay connections but I really feel like you need something next-level like you
get in the United States as most of you know my favorite application of shooting
360 you're turning them into tiny planets and so far this has turned out
to be a good tiny planet camera I will either connect it to my Android or my
iPhone and I'll download footage and then I'll just import to SATA plus or
roll weld and I'll manipulate into a tiny planet yes you can do it in the
Samsung app but you have such a limited ability you want to take it into a
dedicated tiny planet editor and do it there so if tiny planets play a big part
in your interest in 360 then I think this is a really good tiny planet camera for both
photo and video as you saw in the previous video my all-time favorite
mobile video 360 editor is called collect it's free and it's simple and
it's amazing I'll do a quick edit of some of my footage here you just simply
choose the clips you want to use press the tick and we have a timeline down the
bottom we can easily go between all of your favorite clips click on one
individually choose a viewing point I want to start there
that's a really cool feature so this is a really good simple stylish editor I
would highly recommend at the moment it's just on Android however it is
coming to iPhone pretty soon and you can cycle through your clips very easily up
the top make edits do color grades do slow motion sped up motion great you can
add music export to YouTube and Facebook and it's super fast to respond as well
this is playing 4k 360 video instantly no lagging at all and it's just such a
smooth stylish and fun experience with the computer workflow as a Mac user I
was overjoyed to learn that Samsung have now created software to process and
stitch my footage on my iMac I'll put a download link down in the description pc
uses everything is exactly the same as before just download gear 360 action
director and that will be your weapon of choice on both platforms just simply
backup your footage stitch and then you'll need to bring the
footage into a nonlinear editor Adobe Premiere is my favorite editor but you
can also use Final Cut Pro avid anything else you like a word of warning 4k file
sizes are huge so you're going to need a computer with a lot of RAM and a fast
graphics card because it's going to take a long-ass time to render this footage
and edit it look it'll be worth it in the end which but just prepare for a lot of
waiting time ok so this does seem like a pretty perfect camera right well there
is one fatal flaw I discovered nobody else has discovered
yet that I think is going to be potentially a huge issue if it's not
resolved and that's due to stitching so you may have noticed in the examples so
far whenever I go near the stitch line it automatically adjusts so what it's
doing is it's trying to compensate given how close anything is to the seam line
and it actually changes a manipulation of the two hemispheres so although this
could be a really good feature because it's actually trying to make the stitch
better what it does is it moves the whole video file almost as if the camera
is wobbling this is a huge huge flaw I really really hope Samsung address this
because this is unusable look I've experienced it more when the camera has
been on the ground or on a tripod stationary and you walk past the same
line or there's any kind of movement at all in the same line you're going to see
that auto adjustment when you look at the two unstitched
um Spheres there's no movement at all so that's actually a very good thing so I'm
really hoping Samsung please watch this video take my advice you need to fix
this because this is unusable look it's usable it is usable if if you're on one
side and you don't cross seam line so if I I'm here and I'm saying oh welcome to
my street over there is a big van there we have a trailer there we
have gardeners road and there we have another street that's fine but if you're
actually walking around and going okay here we have a big van and here we have
another car then that's whether she's going to come when you're crossing the
same line so for now try to avoid crossing the same line if you can you
know what I have noticed with handheld video it's actually been okay in my tiny
planet Sydney footage you'll notice that it's not really a thing the footage
looks good at the moment the price point is around the two hundred and forty
dollar mark it probably will change in the near future but that's the cheapest
listing I could find on Amazon I set up a link for you guys if you do want to
check it out just go to and that will link you straight
through the Amazon page I found that's a really good price honestly for a camera
that can do so much that is an absolute bargain seriously
$240 to do almost everything you need to do yes it does have flaws no question
about that it's not a perfect camera but for 240 bucks for me this is a
no-brainer if I break this I'll buy another one tomorrow and then when I
break that a day later I'll buy it again a lot of people complain about any
individual 360 camera not being able to do everything that they wanted to do
it's not 16k resolution doesn't have any built stabilization inbuilt stitching
it's not the world's most amazing camera but they neglect to ignore the fact that
they're only paying one or two hundred dollars and you're just never going to
get the world's most amazing camera for that price point simple as that yes this
camera has flaws but for two hundred and forty dollars you should expect flaws
you need to spend thousands and thousands of dollars if you want a
top-of-the-line camera with no issues so for now you're going to have to deal
with the stitching issue honestly I think Samsung will pick up on this and
they'll upgrade their firmware so this will be a less flawed camera probably in
the near future in the next few months hopefully there's still a lot you can do
with it I'm still going to use it as my main camera I really like it I've got
almost every 360 camera that's ever been released yet this is the one I've had in
my pocket for the last month because of its diversity from a 360 camera you want
something they can do everything really well it's not that
practical bring around three or four different 360 cameras with you
everywhere you go that each cover one specific thing you want it to be all in
one and to me this camera does more or less everything I need from a 360 camera
yes it could be better in a few of them but in terms of versatility this is a
damn versatile camera and will do most of the stuff you need to do so if you're
on the fence about buying the gear 360 2017 hashtag Robo penis I would say go
ahead and do it because despite its flaws it does a lot of amazing stuff and
it's only going to get better and better they'll fix the live-streaming they'll
fix the stitching and really it's not that much of an investment compared to
like a six hundred dollar investment in a Nikon keymission which is has so many
more flaws than this so it's a relatively safe investment like I said
my favorite application for 360 photo and video is tiny planets with a camera
like this you can achieve almost anything with tiny planets I like them
so much that I wrote an e-book about them that'll teach you everything from A to Z
so just check it out and it'll teach you everything in a really short amount of
time and it'll really help you get the most of a camera like this if you have
any questions leave them in the box below and I'll do my best to answer them
I feel like a really good understanding of this camera by now so I know its
strengths and weaknesses I'll do my best to help you out hope this review was
helpful this is Ben and Robo peepee signing out. Don't forget to follow us on
YouTube Facebook Instagram and Twitter and until next time. Keep capturing your
world in 360.

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