Get Even PC Game Review

Get Even PC Game Review

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Get Even is a first-person shooter video game developed by The Farm 51 and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It was delayed one month from its initial release date out of respect for the 2017 Manchester Arena bombing.

get even is one of the most bizarre games I've played in a long time it's labeled as a first-person shooter but that's really only in terms of the camera perspective as it's a game that favors its storytelling much more than it does its gameplay often leaving those sections of the game feeling extremely unrefined and often downright terrible it's developed by the farm 51 who are known for developing painkiller damnation and the necro vision series a bunch of games that are all about shooting things over and over and the direction they've taken with get even is practically the polar opposite of what they've pulled off in the past in terms of its story it's really hard to go into too much detail without somehow inadvertently spoiling something I mean even the gameplay footage can kind of give elements a way about the environment or characters that's best experienced in game however for all those people whose fingers are already hovering over the S button ready to complain about how much I'm spoiling things it's also worth noting that this is again that genuinely never stops giving away important plot elements so if you think you've seen something in this video that's a spoiler well I can guarantee you that it's probably not as get even is always constantly throwing some kind of new plot device into the mix and nothing is ever what it seems I understand your curiosity but there will be time for questions later mr. black please proceed at the absolute most basic level the story is about a guy simply known as black who is initially reliving some kind of memory where he was unable to save a kidnapped girl from a bomb at this point black wakes up inside what appears to be an asylum with the memory exploring Pandora device attached to his head and his actions monitored by a man named red who serves us the closest thing to an antagonist exploring the asylum black uncovers other inmates also wearing the Pandora device and he also comes across various clues and other pieces of information that begin to slowly uncover the secrets around his past with the ambiguous assistance of red along the way what the fuck is going on through reliving different memories some of which are razón others of which are formed from fragments of other people this blurry picture starts to take form involving industrial espionage corruption betrayal murder and all that kind of shit along the way you're making decisions which will have eventual consequences though it can be often hard to tell when these moments are occurring and they're hardly black or white decisions either make hard to ascertain just what the hell it is you've done please you my Caesar this world war he always was however I really think that this distorted and jawed way of telling a story is what makes the game so captivating moving through these memory blocks and uncovering these clues piece by piece in between the beds between red and black is really intriguing stuff helps by some incredible voice acting and a really impressive soundtrack the police wrote the whole thing off as a drug deal gone wrong alas not while you believe Emily is everything in life is connected mr. black the only question is how and find out shall we and I just never wanted to stop playing because I always wanted to get to that next cinematic or exchange of dialogue for the next piece of the puzzle to fall into place and then just when you thought you'd made sense of everything the board gets flicked and the pieces all get jumbled again the way the game constantly shifts between different streams of consciousness leaves you hanging on the edge of your seat and blacks frustration over the confusion to his own whereabouts and memories echoes that of the player at times as you often find yourself faced with more questions than answers but you can rest assured sunny Jim that by the end of the game you'll know exactly what's going on which i think is a real testament to the quality of the writing I mean even the end credits has dialogue that's still giving away crucial information it's a shame then that despite telling such a fantastic story that the majority of the gameplay is so horrible the most I could say is that its average at the absolute best of times blacks got a phone that puts the smart in smartphone where it can switch between a UV light a camera a heat vision and a mini map that shows locations and vision cones of enemies all of which you're going to need in some form to solve the game's basic puzzles as well as uncovering clues along the way when you're not walking around solving puzzles picking up clues by reading pieces of paper or scanning them with your smartphone you're in stealth mode crouch walking at a snail's pace to try to avoid mercenaries similar to the plot device in Inception about the subconscious being able to protect itself by manifesting resistance well the same applies in get even with certain memories having a high concentration of mercenaries as a means of the memory supposedly trying to protect the truth and whence holding game that shooting these mercenaries is a bad thing because it disrupts the memories and distorts the truth even more which is kind of hand because the combat is fucking awful once you're detected enemies can see your exact position at all times and you're killed in seconds from gunfire in fact you killed so quickly it begs the question as to why they even bothered to include combat in the first place now this would be fine if the stealth wasn't so average but it's that kind of thing we've seen a hundred times before you know where you just crouch down to activate some kind of stealth motor then you try to stay out of an enemy's line of sight as you sneak around them to reach the next checkpoint on very rare occasions you can modify the environment with your phone to add or remove certain items or objects to your advantage which is ultimately wasted potential is it just happens too infrequently an important plot device is a weapon known as the corner gun which is just a gun that aims around corners allowing the player to fight without exposing themselves and yet it's a little bit redundant because as I said we're told early on in the game that getting into gunfights is bad thing so again kind of including weapons just seems pointless close-range takedowns are available as another option you know that old gimmick where you walk up behind someone press a button and get this preset animation but there's no non-lethal means of doing this so your only option if you're trying to get the best possible outcome is to simply avoid everyone entirely which is easier said than done overall the shooting and stealth are just janky and sloppily thrown together and it's clearly an element of the game that's received the least amount of polish I'd say about two-thirds through the game there's a bit of a shift in the way combat and stealth is approached but it still hands down the weakest area of the game and it really didn't need to be more refined shooting and stealth mechanics would have made those moments in between the exposition a lot more enjoyable but as it is it's just a chore before you can get on to the next part of the story this is one of the main areas of the game I think that hints that this really hasn't been made by a huge triple-a developer along with certain aspects of the presentations now the game runs on the Unreal 4 engine and for the most part it looks decent enough some of the outside areas and a few of the areas inside the asylum and abandoned buildings genuinely kind of look photorealistic at times the character models during some of the flashback sequences look almost too realistic in fact I wouldn't be surprised if they've actually scanned in real people instead of modeling them from scratch on the flip side though you'll see environments that honestly look last-gen and some of the models for anyways look pretty horrible as well there's also some blurry text to work here and there with half-assed lighting that looks really dated I don't know if I'd say the visuals are bad but they're definitely inconsistent and inconsistent probably the best word to describe get even on the whole get even is a hard sell that story is definitely its biggest strengthen if you're the type of person who doesn't mind spending upwards of 10 or 15 minutes having plot elements divulged in great detail well then you're really going to soak the whole thing up and have a pretty good time themes the system they use when you finish the game for going back and collecting all the clues you missed I think could be a bit more intuitive and I also wish the game had a few more options for tackling stealth but all things considered I really do think the story carries the whole thing along enough that it's possible to see past some of the game's shortcomings we needs it if you're the type of person however who likes their games to have a bit more meat on the bones and is expecting lots of intense challenging stealth action gameplay well then you're going to be disappointed this is absolute bare-bones run-of-the-mill stealth slash combat that you're ever going to see in a shooting game and it really is a shame that this aspect of the gameplay is so sloppy because if it had a bit more polish it would have really propelled the game to another level and made it I think one of the best first-person shooters of 2017 as it is it's still an entertaining game but it's a classic example of style over substance but strangely enough it's one of those rare occasions when that's not actually an entirely bad thing

40 Replies to “Get Even PC Game Review”

  1. Sponge


    – Let's just find out shall we?
    – Reuben sandwich
    – Photorealistic at times
    – Sonny Jims

  2. Zachary Czech

    The Farm 51 developed the very average Deadfall Adventures. If you can review it that would be cool. I liked it quite a bit.

  3. GmodCaboose56

    I think Get Even actually runs on Unreal Engine 3. Unreal Engine 4 has a certain look to it that distinguishes itself from Unreal Engine 3, which is why it looks(as you said)last gen

  4. Chris Coma

    I quite liked the multilayered plot, but the game itself is trash. And all in all it's just falls flat and full of cliches on top of cliches. The only fresh thing about it is how they manage to tie this knot of cliches in coherent way. It keeps you wondering and pushing forward the story, but when the game ends it leaves only a bitter taste. They should wrote the book instead. Or movie. With music and dialogs like that. Because in good games gameplay is interwined into story, and in Get Even it drags the story down and ruins the overall experience.

  5. Corpseplower

    It's baffling as to how The Farm 51 has coasted along on delivering mediocre/average titles. An occasionally cool idea here and there implemented in one of their games shouldn't be cutting it when it comes to longevity in the gaming industry.


    Wow, I lost track of the review after he said SHIET. It left me in a fog, did this guy really say that or was it a sample? Guess I will have to remind and listen to it again! LOL

  7. Nuclearpoweredturtle

    What annoys me about this developer is that the settings and themes for their games are genuinely unique, like necrovision, set in WWI with its hell raiser vibes, but what lets their games down is that the shooting mechanics in all their games feels floaty and lacks real impact, where theres a real sense of a lack of polish. Its like a theme with these underdog studios where they have really unique settings and themes for their games, settings you'd wish AAA studios would have the balls to do, but is let down by bad, floaty and unimpactful shooting, I.E spark interactives "Legendary"

  8. Slith

    Great review 🙂 Big thumbs up!
    I can only disagree with one thing: game runs on heavily modified Unreal Engine 3, not UE4 unfortunately. This is one of the reasons why inconsistency is a word that fits so well in describing visuals of Get Even.

  9. Randevous with Straton

    Farm 51 was never really good to be honest, their games were at best 'average' or ok, so I'm not even surprised that this game isn't that good either.

  10. Winston Hofler

    Hey Gggmanlives. Another game you should review is killer7 for GameCube. It's very similar to get even, in the way its emphasis is on the story and not the gameplay. It's definitely a game about style over substance. Easily has one of the most complex, political, and complete mindscrew storylines I've ever played. Definitely worth checking out.

  11. Raging Raving

    story sounds interesting, but I know the "don't kill anyone, even though we force enemies on you anyway or you get the bad ending" style of gameplay would annoy the crap out of me, least with Dishonored you could still non lethal enemies

  12. Uni

    +Gggmanlives Mod Corner Idea for you: Dysthymia-6/D-6.gro


    Step 1: Click the Text that Says people народ/narod, which means People.

    Step 2: Once at Click the Button that Says Download.

    Step 3: Run the Installer, and Place the Install Location into C:Program Files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonSerious Sam Classic The Second Encounter, if you have it at least.

    Remember, All the Files must be not Placed into any Folder in the "Serious Sam The Second Encounter" Folder. Except for 119b92a8 and 119b92a8.des, which must Placed into Mods.

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