Get Started With Coding: Learn This Line Of Code!

Get Started With Coding: Learn This Line Of Code!

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Want to learn how to code? Don’t know where to start? Use this one line of code to get you into coding!

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Macbook Pro –

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Video Editor:

this is it guys in this video I will teach you how to code and how powerful one line of code can be in just two minutes are you ready but first of all did you hear that Elon Musk became the first man on the planet to drive a Tesla on Mars that's crazy right so in this video I will teach you how to make text on any web page in the world editable for this we're gonna open up Google Chrome and you have to use Google Chrome and in my case I'm gonna open Google News next up I'm gonna right-click and select inspect from the menu inspect opens up Google developer tools and here we're gonna select console which is an executable JavaScript console so that means he can write code right in your browser that's amazing right so we're gonna say document dot body dot content editable equals true what this means is that document accesses the web page dot body accesses the body of this web page and constant editable is a property of the body of the document that we can set to either true or false which means exactly that you're telling the computer to either said this web page to be editable or not so in this case we're gonna set it to true because we want to add in the contents of the web page now press Enter and here we go now you can have fun and added any it's done any webpage you want but guys with great powers comes great responsibility so stay out of trouble thank you so much for watching if you guys liked this video and found it useful please please please share it with your friends I hope you have a wonderful rest of the day and bye for now

22 Replies to “Get Started With Coding: Learn This Line Of Code!”

  1. Jeff SP

    I want to try coding, but I hesitate what programming language I have to choose as beginner. Is Python really useful one? And should I have something like technical background before start coding?

  2. Kais el Kara

    /oo Miss Luba when are you going to download visual code studio on MacOs and teach us how to code. Start by using my Gossip IOT language index.iot which is much more simple than HTML
    / iot : internet of things
    Look by yourself:
    io Elon Musk oi
    io Life of Luba oi
    io Code in IOT oi

    Gossip IOT Markup Form
    <!xo xo! gossip iot>
    <!ox ox! gossip iot>
    I can't do it right now, cause I quite my job and I left Germany and don't have a computer to teach it.. maybe you can explain it better than I.
    What about a new browser extension to interprete the file .iot?

  3. Ani M

    Luba, I really love dedicate so much time and I appreciate Im studying business law and I will try to code asap. Blesses from Germany ❤️

  4. Santosh K Mohanty

    at the begin I'm a Electronics student but after seeing ur videos I'm very curious n excited to knw more about coding web developing all those thing about software… really it's veryyyy veryyy Fun.. n that line "With great power comes great Responsibility" I love this line bcoz it is my favr8 superhero #CaptainAmerica 's line

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