Get to know Screen Time for parents on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch — Apple Support

Get to know Screen Time for parents on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch — Apple Support

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Set limits for how much time your child spends on their iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, and monitor how they use their devices with parental controls.

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With Screen Time,
you can keep an eye on how your children spend time
on their devices and set limits to help them
get the right balance. To use Screen Time
with your child's device, they need to have
their own Apple ID, and you both need to be
part of the same family group in Family Sharing. You also need
to turn on Screen Time for your child's device, which you can do
from your iPhone or iPad, and add a Screen Time passcode
to access certain features. This passcode used to be called
the restrictions passcode, and it should be different from
your main device passcode. Check the links
in the description if you need help getting set up. Now on your device,
open Settings and tap Screen Time. ♪ Music playing ♪ Then tap your child's name
and select their device. Here, you'll see
their activity summary, which shows you
how much time they've spent using different types
of apps today, or over the last seven days. If you scroll down, you'll also see
which apps they use the most, how many times
they pick up their device, and which apps are sending
the most notifications. Tap your child's name
to go back when you're done. Want to limit how much time your child spends
in certain apps like games? Tap App Limits, enter your Screen Time passcode, then tap Add Limit. Next, select the app category
you'd like to limit and tap Next. From here,
set a daily time limit. You can also customize
app limits for specific days of the week and block the app for the day
once the limit expires. When you're done
making changes, tap Add and then
tap your child's name to return to their summary page. If you don't want your child
using their device during certain times of the day
like bedtime or when they're doing homework,
tap Downtime, enter your Screen Time passcode, and tap the switch
to turn it on. Then choose
a start and end time. During Downtime,
all of your child's apps and notifications
will be blocked, but they'll still have
access to phone calls and the apps you select
on their Allowed Apps list. We'll set our Downtime
to start a bit before bedtime. ♪ Tap your child's name
when you're done. Next, tap Always Allowed. Here, you'll see
a list of important apps that your child can still use
during Downtime like Phone, Messages,
FaceTime, and Maps. To add an app, scroll down
and tap the green plus sign next to the app
you'd like to allow. If you want to remove one
from the list, tap the red button. Tap Back when you're done
making changes to your list. Now, when your child
is using an app and they're about to reach
their limit, they'll get a notification that
they have five minutes left. When they've
reached the limit, this screen will appear
and lock them out of the app. Your child will have the option
to ask for more time, and you will receive
a notification on your device. To let your child use the app
a little longer, swipe down on the notification, and then you can approve
the app use for an extra 15 minutes,
an hour, or for the rest of the day. Or tap Don't Approve
to keep the app locked. And now with these guidelines
in place, you can help your family
make the most of the time they spend on their devices. To learn more
about Screen Time and other iPhone
and iPad features, check out
the Apple Support channel for more helpful videos. ♪

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  1. Dan Willis

    Do you guys plan to close the loophole that allows instagram and similar apps with FaceTime like features to bypass the limits and call through?

  2. Steve Seidl

    I do hope that you will add a series of How-To videos for Family Sharing. How to Set up Family Sharing. What can be shared, and what cannot. How to add an adult or a child (with our without an Apple ID). How to leave or switch parent accounts. How to use it with or without an iCloud Storage plan. The order of payments, Shared Family purchases, Approving child purchases, etc.

  3. nick leese

    my parents found out ab this and it causes me sooo much anxiety trying not to “use my limits” and if I get locked out of an app like Snapchat, it randomly opens snaps and people think I’m leaving them on read and i hate it

  4. LightingAesthetcs l̲̅i̲̅g̲̅h̲̅t̲̅n̲̅i̲̅n̲̅g̲̅

    One time, I was in Screen Time, my mom put me in it, I disabled it and kept playing.

    No not Fortnite, it sucks

  5. Lucy Goosie

    I was able to set up screen time on my daughters phone but for some reason her phone doesn’t show up on my screen time. And I have her on family sharing. HELP PLEASE

  6. Blader Krazy

    Just pointing this out, if you have screen time set up and 'block when screen time is over' is at set, there is a bypass bug where if you have YouTube for iMessage, you can still watch YouTube even if you are out of screen time. If you go into an iMessage chat, tap the YouTube icon, tap the three dots next to any video, and select play, the video will play normally through iMessage. Even though I'm a kid with screen time set, I kind of want to see this patched. Hope you see this Apple Support!

  7. Permam Mohammed Amin

    My parents know nothing about smartphones, so I have added them to the family member and have control over their phones😂😂😂

  8. احمدمحمدعبدالله الحداد فرحه الأطفال

    النت عندي يبحث عن كلام غير صحيح ع السعوديه ليش حلو مشكله

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