Gigabyte GTX 760 2gb windoforce, pc won't boot, fan speed at 100%

Gigabyte GTX 760 2gb windoforce, pc won't boot, fan speed at 100%

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The fans spin up at 100% speed, computer won’t boot, no signal on display.

PC works perfect when using a AMD hd 7850.

PC specs;

AMD fx 6300 3.5ghz hex core

8gb DDR3 ballistics tactical ram

Gigabyte GTX 760 2gb windforce edition

Antec Neo 620W PSU 80plus certified

320gb 7200rpm sata III 6Gb/s

37 Replies to “Gigabyte GTX 760 2gb windoforce, pc won't boot, fan speed at 100%”

  1. Benedict David

    Solved the problem, make sure all the pci cables are plugged in properly. I re-plug in all my cables and now it works fine for me.

  2. Black Jaguar Entertainment

    I got same problems with my MSI GeForce GTX770 Twin Forzr 2GB. Fan Motors works fine and 2×8 Pin Connectors has been plugged in. Any ideas how to fix it?

  3. Adam Stansfield

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  4. jay greene

    Hey guys I thought I would share my resolution… I had a AMD 5770 video card that I wanted to upgrade with GTX 780.. So I Uninstalled the AMD driver… powered off the pc and swapped cards… At this time it pc booted to windows and I was albe to install the Nvidia drivers.. However after I restarted the Pc would not boot… I spent hours checking every possible thing testing things and I think the answer was one of 2 BIOS setting .. The first and I think most important was "PEG – Gen X" (this is on a Gigabyte Motherboard under Misc settings) this setting tells the motherboard what generation video card you are using… there is an AUTO setting however im pretty sure it dose not work properly with GEN 3 Cards witch the GTX780 is… or any 7 series Video card for that matter.. So make sure you set that to "Gen 3" the other setting is to disable your on board video..

  5. NOiSY

    Disable onboard grahic or it might be your pci adapter cheap try using the main one instead of that adapter if that don’t work rest your bio

  6. OTHman El haddad

    i had the same problem with my dell it was the cpu socket it not attached to the motherboard , if y want to test take off the cpu
    and turn it on and y will get the same result , — SOLUTION heat the socket with 600 degree C for 5 min , and press the best as
    and y can to re connect the pins restart ur pc and ENJOY

  7. Kotochi Ebenezer

    i had the same problem with my gtx 660 . i took the card out to blow out dust and when later i put it in , i had this problem .i opened it up kept thermal paste on the processor like part of the card thinking it was overheating , but still had no results . i think the card is dead and cant be brought back to life ,

  8. thecough


    ok, if it does the loud noice, you tilt up the card, if it stop if you tilt the backsite up, thats your fix, just try to clamp a bottle under the card. if it doesnt stop, you pull up the 6 or 8 pin connector cables, if it stops thats your fix! jsut try some tireps to lift up the cables. last fix: oush te card downwards if thats the fix put something heavy (not too heavy ur card will break!) and there's ur fix!!

  9. Rim Sama!

    So my gpu just experience the 100% fan speed without display. Im using a palit gtx jetstream 960 with asus b85 vanguard mobo, can anyone help me with this problem please? πŸ™

  10. chone nam

    Guys im new here!!!
    I recently installed a new GPU on my pc.
    the problem is after i booted the pc.
    Whenever i play videos, i noticed that the gpu fan speeds up.
    and when i dont stop the video i played in a minute the monitor will go black (cpu still running).
    then i have to reset it in order to boot again,
    Same happens when i open a game, gpu fan speeds up, and then boom! monitor goes black again. same thing!

    Pls help me. my system is,,

    Intel Core i5 2400 3.10ghz
    8gb ram
    1 tb Hdd
    PSU 600 watts true rated
    GPU is GTX 560 Ti Twin Frozr II idont know if its the OC version or not. 2gb 256bit gddr5

    Some says its the PSU not capable or short in powering my gpu.

    (NOTE: when display adapter is disabled in "device manager" or in "safe mode" the pc runs fine).

  11. kevin benitez

    guys I found a way to fix this and it worked for me but I removed the cpu fan and then I removed the processor and changed it to another one even if it was an older version it worked and pc started normally by just replacing that

  12. Adam Stansfield

    I've tried this card in another pc since and it seemed to work fine. I've kept the existing setup but now have a gtx 970 working with absolutely no problems.

    I think it's the case that not all components are compatible/ agree with certain components in the system, hence why a far more powerful card is completely stable.

    Try switching out your motherboards for a different model or try another graphics card.

    If there is anything else that I can help someone out with then please let me know.

  13. Aaron Fieldman

    I had the same issue with my GTX 760. On startup it would not boot. My solution to the problem was to reset the cmos battery. I took it out and plugged it back in. Then Wahla the damn thing came back to life. Try it would not hurt to rule out.

  14. matthewgutz

    Did you ever fix this problem? I was running 3dmark firestrike for 10 minutes and my gtx 770 got the same problem you have here. Had to take out the gpu, use the onboard video, and fix the MBR of my boot drive to get windows to work again.. Gpu still does the same thing though, no output

  15. asiff60000fx

    my card is MSI GTX 760 TwinFrozr!!! it got Military Class Components, Solid Caps, Hi-C caps, Super Ferrite Choke….My ASS!!! my card did the same thing after 1 year pc won't boot, fan speed at 100%….Military Class Components Kiss My ASS!!!

  16. puppydog Yay

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  17. puppydog Yay

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  18. Jal Ghazi

    hi i just had this problem, my gtx 760 was working fine, but this morning it decided to stop displaying on both hdmi and dvi, please if u fixed ur problem, tell me what you did thanks

  19. John johnson

    Maybe It's Β your motherboard that doesn't support 700 series. Did you try to update your motherboard Bios? If that doesn't solve the problem maybe you'll need upgrade ur Mobo.

  20. Rod Allan

    Hi there just got got this card my self and working fine,

    Try and reset the bios jumper on the motherboard for 30 secs it will set every thing to defaults its next to the bios battery hope it helps you my friend.
    One beep means all is good with pc 2 beeps there is a problem and you could take out the card and resent it or try a different card and see if that works<then you will know if its the card.

    Good luck Β  Β 

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