Good drone videos editing software for beginners

Good drone videos editing software for beginners

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1:38 – Today’s question
4:02 – Paul answers today’s question
4:23 – Learning editing skills based on program of choice
4:43 – Windows OS Options
5:00 – Mac OS Options
5:23 – Entry level platform for beginners
6:23 – Mac vs Windows and switching between them
7:56 – Mac for Media and Video Editing
8:34 – What video editing is all about
9:33 – Tips and Tricks for video editing (Things for beginner editors)
11:20 – Rob summarizes Paul’s answer to Tips and Tricks
11:53 – Windows Media Player and understanding process of video editing

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you're listening to the ask droning podcast you ask we answer your drone questions whether you're here to turn your passion into profit when you simply fly for fun we're a community of wares and teachers who aspire to achieve greatness we are oh yeah hey everyone welcome to another awesome episode of ask a drone you my name is Paul and I'm Robin this is episode number 440 thank you guys for hanging out with us we appreciate it very much we definitely do appreciate it again thank you for the reviews the shares especially that one episode if you know what I'm talking about it really does make a difference for us today's question is brought to you by drone you live we're doing another live class if you want to turn your passion and profit you want to make some money with drones and go commercial we're going to teach you everything you need to know to get your license and then put you inside the community where you can get all the other training so you can become a world-class pilot and truly get your business off of the ground so make sure you check out drone u right now there's only so many spots available and we'll be holding these classes in Denver Colorado and Austin Texas so if you are near those two locations you are not going to want to miss this also a little secret I may or may not be offering some in-person hands-on training some cinematography training so if you're interested in that just let us know we're saving a day to make all that possible for you guys that's a nice little bonus it is a nice little bonus yeah what happens there yeah let's so let's get right in this question it's an interesting one we're going to talk today about if you're just getting into video editing what's the best way to do it hello guys my name is Kevin Flynn I'm from a small town in Iowa kind of new to the drone world I've been flying a phantom 3 for about 6 or 8 months now and I'm wanting to get into the video editing portion of flying and I didn't know if you guys would have any suggestions on some good entry-level software and maybe some tips and tricks on video editing I love the podcast and keep up the good work thanks Kevin thank you very much that's it is a good question and we know that we've got a lot of people out there that this question is for lack of a better way to say it below I mean but we also know that there's a lot of people that are just getting into this and for them I think this is very very relevant how do they get started in editing today's question is brought to you by videoblocks have you ever needed stock video or images for products or productions and you just couldn't find what you were looking for then you've got to check out video blocks comm video blocks is an affordable subscription-based stock media website that offers unlimited access to premium stock footage with over a hundred and fifteen thousand HD videos motion graphics After Effects templates and so much more to choose from video box has exactly what you're looking for even stock music video blocks comm is offering ask drone you listeners a year subscription for only $99 that's $50 off the usual price now think about that guys $99 for one year a hundred and fifteen thousand HD clips get your yearly subscription for $99 at videoblocks comm forward slash drone that's VI de o BL o ck s comm /d ro n e now guys I've been around this site and I have to say whether you're uploading your own aerial footage or you're buying stock footage this website is so fast and convenient and what you can find on it is incredible it's truly an amazing library for just one low annual fee check it out video blocks comm forward slash drone big question sit down put your seatbelt on cuz you're gonna need it Wow but video editing is one of those things that it takes a long time to learn there's a very long learning curve to it you could try to create a two minute long real estate video at the beginning of that and it takes two days or fifteen hours and then six months down the line that same two minute video could take you 45 minutes to edit right and it's a huge learning curve but there's a couple key points here I just want to want to hit for you guys you should try to learn on a program that will set you up and set the right foundation for the program you intend to use in time on the platform you intend to use in time for example if you're a Windows guy you're probably going to want to get into Adobe Premiere Pro if that's the case just go into Creative Cloud and buy Premiere Pro and just start going through tutorials on YouTube or wherever and start learning them if you're a Mac user you can learn so much with iMovie it's an unbelievable and iMovie and Final Cut Pro are made by the same people so if you learn iMovie you learn the intricacies the nuances and what not a lot of that information is going to transition over to Final Cut Pro I would say another really good program for people who are just getting started with video editing is the GoPro studio it does a lot of cool stuff it can make time lapses for you you can blade and clip footage put it in a timeline they've got a music library like it's a really good entry-level platform only issue is you know a lot of that a lot of the same features uses and nuances are not going to be the same in Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro or avid which is pretty much your three choices for video editing when you get into the professional level that being said I video edit I've got Final Cut on every single computer I own and I'm still learning things every day yeah absolutely and so you're in the midst of a learning curve that is just an ongoing learning curve it's always ongoing with video because there's new transitions coming out there's new titles IMing out there's new plugins coming out transitions at everything and like you said learning it on the the Mac base one of them that's quite a bit different than learning it on the Windows 100% different so making that switch when you if and when you get to the point where you decide to make a switch for whatever reason that's going to be a big deal so you want to make that kind of a switch as early in your life cycle as possible and I do want to say something you know people argue all the time windows versus Mac Windows versus Mac there is one very definitive statistic here when it comes to video editing and media video editing software photo editing software the adobe line of products the final cut line of products statistically run 6 to 7 times faster on a Mac computer simply based on the infrastructure of the hardware and the operating system itself ok so and I just learned this like in a PC magazine the other day they're like this is one of the only legitimate arguments against PC right now is that number one has security but number two when it comes to 2 media Mac is faster even if you have the same hardware just because of how the computer works it's faster so I this was an independent objective perspective PC Mag yep um and therefore PCs so there must have been really independent if they were saying what they were saying but anyway that being said I made the switch from Windows to Mac three or four years ago I still have the same first Mac computer I bought I still use it every day and it runs just as fast as our brand-new 5k Mac yeah no it's absolutely amazing it really isn't I think I think with the exception of those diehard windows people it's relatively well-known that the Mac is what's been sort of the standard for video editing videos yeah yeah you're not a Mac user no I'm not a Mac user and I haven't tested that I haven't actually done any editing my sells a stock owner but not a hardware owner but that's true that's very true but I say what's happening in the market so it's pretty clear to me but anyways hello um anyways sorry yeah so that's I just think that's something that's been pretty well known over the years and it seems to be continuing along that rope yeah no absolutely and when it comes to video editing you're really learning a couple key things you're taking snippets of video that you want to put together you're trying to tell a story and the clips that you're putting together your putting transitions in between some of those clips to display different visual themes like if you're fading to black it's normally a change in time if you dissolve it's kind of the same scene but maybe a change in mentality you know different transitions represent different things and that's why you see a lot of television now just using straight jump cuts what's one scene to the next scene to the next scene to the next scene there's no transition but there are places for transitions you'll learn about titles and then you'll learn about masks but essentially what you're going to do is take clips of video put it in a timeline put music over it try to tell a story with those different clips of footage and output it voila that is the basis of video editing sound so easy no which leads me actually to sort of the tail end of his question and that is tips and tricks and so obviously that's a very very broad question and we could probably spend hours talking about that and really getting into that but just a couple of main main points something like keep it simple when you're getting started don't try to over complicate things any ideas like that for a beginning editor that they want to incorporate into their editing I would say try to try to edit one particular style video like real estate videos where it's an exterior transition segue shot interior transition segue shot back to exterior video ends that way you learn like a system of video editing I think that would be really helpful also you shot the footage you have an idea of how it should look the best tip and trick I can give you is learn to organize your footage via time codes right now what do I mean open up an excel sheet the first column video file name name description' what you see in the video timecode at what time in the video is the particular shot that you want and then the last item you can say like maybe where you want it in the video so go through all of your clips and grab the timecode which means if I've got a great time lapse on my GoPro and it's GPRO four five six mp4 and I love second five two second 15 that's what's going to be in there the name what is it it's time-lapse what timecode do I want that way when you're putting together your timeline which is your timeline is all of your clips put together you know exactly what you want to see so you can systematically go through the footage because the way that these different video editing machines organize your footage could overwhelm a new guy immediately so what I hear you saying number one is to be organized yes and number two is to spend a little bit of time planning out your video yes as opposed to just jumping in because I think you're going to end up frustrated if you do that particularly as a beginner it's worth a few minutes if not several minutes before you ever start your editing process of really thinking through what you want the final product to look like it's true so do that hundred percent true 100 percent true so I movie is a good place to start for someone who's Mac you mentioned that what about a windows person somebody's going to start on a window side to be a hundred percent honest the very first video I ever edited ever before drone you before drones before media anything was Windows Media Player and I taught myself and I made a video for my travels to Prague with my friends okay um and turned out pretty good it was all photos though there was no actual video clips that's the funny thing so it's a video of photos so is that the same thing as Windows Movie Maker or is that different so I think maybe that's that's it but but for someone who's brand-new I mean to figure out if you even like it because editing can be tedious right yeah but windows media maker doesn't make it easier know what my point is just it's going to at least give you a feel for the process oh yeah right and so you're going to be able to get in there and not spend any money on it and figure out do I even like this process is it something that I want to do because to get good at it's going to take a lot of time is and when you can hire someone for $15 an hour to get it done in a few hours you're going to learn why video editing is outsourced in most businesses yeah that said like as far as I'm concerned any business in any facet of your business within reason the more you understand what you're having somebody else do the better you're going to be able to monitor the product they're giving you so there is that side of the editing as well that is so true anyways anyway I think that is going to do it for us don't forget if you're ready to turn your passion and profit check out drone u that's going to it for us today my name is Paul I'm Rob this is ask drone you

34 Replies to “Good drone videos editing software for beginners”

  1. Steven Jefferies

    Macs arent faster either, because of intel shortcomings and apple wanting it to look cool over being cool, long renders take longer on the macs because of thermal trottling – especially in the newer macs.

    It used to be true of macs, but not so much these days..

  2. toxin911

    im looking for something free for now..doesnt make sense to spend that kinda cash for something one may not take to or like

  3. Scott R

    I hate them damn Mac computers, it's like using a damn Iphone to work with. It's like a locked down linux machine. All the Mac fan boys love them, but I'm not at all sold on them. Id rather install linux, and just use their open source.

  4. Jennifer Glass

    Just so you know, women fly drones and shoot/edit videos as well. I'm saying this because you said, "If you are a Windows guy…" Just something to think about. Don't exclude us females. 😉

  5. gliderrider

    Editing software for beginners. Then they talk about adobe. A beginner isn’t going to spend the time and money on that.

  6. owl420

    Sorry for the newbie question… when I shoot video with my Phantom 4 Pro… omg it looks soo good on the SD card, but anytime I bring it to Adobe or anything else… when I am done, the end result is it looks gross.. flarie I guess … I understand frame rates and etc… can you point me to help since you all know it all and are the best?!

  7. KulaFachi

    The dji one is free very easy straight forward and fast. Like 10 mins to edit a video BUUUUTTT IT DOESN'T SUPPORT 4K! AHHHHH!!!!!

  8. RoyceIsrael Recio Deadline Force

    Last but not least, Do you have to pay to download a particular Music on any of the Editing software or does its include the package as well?

  9. RoyceIsrael Recio Deadline Force

    Wonderful Video, But I would like to ask you wonderful gents a few questions.
    1- Does this applies too all Drones like for an Example. The 3DR Solo Drone?
    2- I am a former Iraqi & Afghanistan Vet, and Now I am in a AirSoft team, However I would like to edited some videos here in And on You tube, I would like to download some Music on my editing music like for example,.Music from call duty, ect.
    3- I've do have an I Mac but how should I download some graphics and music?
    However I've don't have a computer I have I-Mac,I pods, and one Note 5 Galaxy Note 5 phone.

  10. Will_. ford

    could suggest a good software that i can convert my footage from my DJI spark from 1080 to 4k please any help would be great _ i'm new to this

  11. Michael Murray

    Adobe's entry level "Elements" products will do just about everything a beginner needs and even 80% of what a pro needs. Even as a pro, unless you have specific needs beyond typical editing, enjoy pushing the envelope and/or delivering products to high paying clients, the entry level Elements products will suite your needs. Also, the good thing about the Elements products are everything you learn will carry over to Adobe's pro products. There is a sharp learning curve in video editing and going directly to a pro product can be overwhelming for a beginner.

  12. toby russell

    Have to say this is the first time I came across yalls videos but first thing I noticed is your audio voice quality is on point. Good job guys

  13. Dylan Weyer

    Wondershare Filmora is good for something cheap ($30-$50), and covers most (if not all) editing needs. It supports hundreds of video formats, works with Mac and Windows, and the founders are constantly coming out with updates to make it even better. You can make a professional looking video with it if you stick some time into it.

  14. callline

    Adobe has their "Elements" line that are consumer level products for both Photoshop and Premiere Pro. They do most of the things that a beginner and intermediate level user needs to do, sometimes even better than the professional level products. They are Premiere Elements, and Photoshop Elements, together as a bundle around $150 dollars, or individually around $80. I have used them for over 10 years at home through several versions, and have used the professional products at work. They provide a good basis to start out with and build on if you decide you need the profession versions.

  15. rj934

    Better video. You stayed on message more than most of your videos. Constructive suggestion; don't act bored and disinterested a play with a Far/Aim on the table while making a video on editing. It's a distraction.

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