GTA 5 FIX STUTTER and FREEZE on PC *STILL WORKS 2017*- best solution working 100% works for ANY game

GTA 5 FIX STUTTER and FREEZE on PC *STILL WORKS 2017*- best solution working 100% works for ANY game

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hello guys
This worked for me. Before the game was unplayable but now i got 0% stutter.
Hope this works for everyone.

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hello guys today I'm going to show you one tutorial on how to fix daughter and freeze on GTA 5 it works for me but I don't know if this works for everyone so I had the too much disk CPU and memory usage and I fixed them so I'm going to show you how to fix go on first and type regedit click enter go to HK local machine and watch for system then control set 0 0 1 and then services and look for in and you and you will see here a start to check click on modify and this should be to you change it to 4 click ok and restart your computer this was the first step now I'm going to show you the second step the second step what we should do go to services go on search and type services click enter and look for background intelligent transfer service we must stop this disabled and stop it will stop them a plea and ok the other one is windows search look for windows search we do the same disable the set you can see I disable this and the other one is super fetch properties and disabled okay guys this should be the fix if this doesn't the right comment to see if I can help you with otherwise don't forget to Like and subscribe and share if you if this was helpful

39 Replies to “GTA 5 FIX STUTTER and FREEZE on PC *STILL WORKS 2017*- best solution working 100% works for ANY game”

  1. 卐Peter Kunz卐

    It did fix stuttering, however, i still feel that my rtx 2080 is underpowering, even after complete reinstallation of windows 10, it's still feel that it's underpowering.

  2. Herus

    itactuallyworkedin 2019 wow. i hadstutter issues and dropped frames from constant 70 to 30fps. now it fixed and my fps stays at 70 now. thank you bro.

  3. Lukas Jonikas

    I can't believe a 2 year old video solved my problem, gta used to stutter overtly once in a while and this stopped it completely

  4. Pham Hung

    Damn u man. Fucking tell me how the fuck can u be so smart and talented? Thats fucking work for me. Oh Jesus. Still working in 2019 babe!!!!

  5. Steven Hartanto

    2019 still works 🤣🤣. Yesterday i play gta v 40 fps and today staryed stuttering. I follow the video and Boom. House 80 fps outside 60 fps

  6. Kitari

    Didn't find the "Background Intelligence Transfer" thing… The other two yes but that one no, my system language is Spanish so maybe it have another name.

  7. Роман Белов

    Its not working. I still can play for 15-20 mins or so, and after that the hole system starts lagging. Its freezing. I still can hear the sound, but but both GPU and CPU are slowing down as if like someone is just turning the game on and off all the time. It is happening only in GTA 5.
    i7 7700, GTX1070, 16 gigs of ram. The game is on HDD, system is on SSD. 4 gigs of pagefile. Nothing helps.

  8. Calmus

    To all : Be carefull !! This solve the problem, okay, but when you desactivate one of the services desactivated in this video (I don't know wich one exactly, sorry), You will not be able to see softwars's Network consommation category in the task manager (it will be stuck to "0%" even if a software is using a network connection) ! That happened to me, so be carefull !

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